Eye of Winter

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Ken goes out for a few minutes in the snow then comes back in. He soon realised he left his purse out. He decided to back out. Following his very own footprints, he soon discovered they lead to a different direction...

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

It was a wintery December morning. Ken had a terrible fight with wife, Maria. Maria was a nurse at a clinic while Ken was a project manager. After being married for three years, Ken and Maria welcomed their first child, Clara. Clara was about four when Leo was born. They all lived together in their home in New Orleans. Maria had always been a nagging wife and would often claim that she was always busy. That was her silly excuse for not doing house chores and cooking. Ken who was lucky to have been trained by his mum while he was growing up to do some house chores will always do the chores after work each day but never complained.

He worked seven hours each day while Maria worked ten so, it will normally seem fair for him to do most of the work but Maria would often nag him on how poorly he performed the chores. One day, Ken decidedto quit his job. He told Maria about it. She broke lose in rage as she showered a lot of insults on poor Ken. She called him incompetent and lazy. He of course wanted to pursue teaching since he had always wanted to be a teacher. Ken left the house and that was how his journey into what was soon called the unknown began...

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