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There’s thousands of theories that run through someone’s head when a person goes missing. Our Country’s citizens seem to think it was the government who mysteriously abducted 16 teenage girls from their beds. Me? I’m just a 22 year old with a mastermind theory. One that gets me locked up with the crazies, but a theory nonetheless.

Mystery / Scifi
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“Good morning America! It’s Suzanne Brinks here with the morning news. I actually just got this news late last night and there seems to be another disappearance in Montgomery. Hayley Simone, eighteen, was not in her bed yesterday morning when her mother went to wake her for school. Hayley seems to be the third teenager from Montgomery to have seemingly vanished into thin air this week!” The blonde lady looks above the camera, making it obvious someone is talking to her. Her mouth opens and she nods, her eyes going back to the camera. “We just now have reports of another missing teenager, which will make four this week. Madison Lawson went missing Monday, Taryn Hart Tuesday, Hayley yesterday and..” she pauses looking up from the camera again, “Hanna Jenkins was been reported missing this morning. We also have reports on missing teenagers from three other states and the authorities are keeping a close eye on all the families affected. Bless their hearts.” Another pause. I can tell she’s getting a bit shaken up as she dabs her eyes and sniffles. She takes a sip from her coffee and slowly reads her paper in front of her. Hmm... She seems to be stalling. “My deepest condolences go out to every family out there looking for their missing children. I find it very peculiar that four teenagers from four different states have gone missing in the span of four days. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but it seems to be causing an outbreak of riots all over America. Now I’ve got live footage from a reporter right now in Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the cities of four states who have gone through these disappearances in the past four days.”

The screen then turns to the live footage, where a lady with the fakest smile is standing in front of what seems like a bonfire. Civilians are in the back chanting and rioting and holding up signs. She finally speaks. “We are currently standing outside of the County building in Salt Lake City, Utah, where at least fifty, if not more, angry and upset townspeople have gathered to speak their minds about this strange occurrence. I’ve got a very eager gentleman here to speak with us about this certain riot, now can you look into the camera and tell us about what is going on behind us and why?”

The grey bearded man nods slowly and then takes the microphone out of the reporters hands. “I’ll speak for all the rioters.” He stops to cough, his dirtied hands and fingerless gloves covered his toothless mouth. He looks into the camera and smiles. “The aliens are taking our children, and the government is letting it happen.”
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