Foul Play

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{Incomplete} Raymond Kenneth, a 20 years-old who recently join the Mayflower Police Deparment (MPD) under the class of detective. His partner, David Cole Phillips, a 25 years-old who is known by his coworkers as "The Deadman" because of his crazy and reckless tasks that were given by his chief. The first task of Raymond was to investigate a car crash but a lot of clues were left behind. As time passes, more clues have been left and connected the other clues. Until they saw a selling illegal drugs activity behind the alleyway. Will they be able to stop the gang from selling drugs or will it turn into a bloodbath? ~~NOTE~~ This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Mystery / Thriller
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Mayflower, 1947 January 2nd

"Finally, after two years of pain in the butt training, I can be the real detective!" Raymond went inside the police station looking very confused and worried while lifting a heavy box. "Oh crap, I forgot what my trainer said!".

Then, an officer came to him and said "May I help you, sir?".

Raymond nervously trying to remember the chief name "I'm looking for someone named Mr. st-st-Strauss."

"Oh!, Chief Edgar Strauss. Follow me sir" The officer knocked on the door and said "Chief, there is a young man wanted to see you"

"Come in" the officer opens the door and let him inside. "Oh, you must be the new detective Raymond Kenneth" Raymond nodded. "Come with me" Strauss lead him to the detective side "Welcome to the detective side, this is your office." Raymond went inside and put down his heavy box. "Oh yeah, let me introduce you to your partner" Chief Strauss walking quickly to the waiting room and called someone. They both went inside. "Raymond, this your partner David Cole Phillps. And David, this your new partner Raymond Kenneth"

They shaked hand and smile "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too".

Chief happily said "And Welcome to Mayflower Police Deparment!". He went to Raymond's left ear and whispered "Good Luck" and leave the office with a tap on his shoulder.

David took a deep breath and said " Welcome to Mayflower Police Deparment or MPD for short. Hope we can be cooperated and friendly. Oh!, it's lunch time now, want to go with me?" Raymond nodded. "Alright then, I'll drive." They went inside and started driving to the nearest restaurant. "Here your Glock, chief told me to give you"."Thanks" Raymond said. "So, do you have a short name or a nickname? Mine Dave." Dave asked

"My friends called me Roy"

"Roy hmm, much easier. You know sometimes detective can also be police, but in undercover way." Upon arrival, Dave spotted a suspicious man, he stopped Roy and pointed to the man. They stopped and squinted their eyes, the man started dashing to old woman and snatched her purse from her hand and running quickly so they began chased the man. Roy ran straight for him, but Dave went to the narrow alleyway went much faster than the robber. And the end of the alleyway he began running faster than before and takedown the robber. Dave panting heavily and said to Roy "Called the cops now!" Roy quickly went to the telephone booth and began dialling the police.

Minutes after that, the police arrived and arrest the man, Roy picks up the purse and gave it back to the old lady.

Dave explained "Lesson 1: always predict where your enemy will appear, lesson 2: always check people around you and lesson 3: takedown your enemy with your hands, legs or do what I just did, don't use gun first only use it when the enemy is armed" After that, they had lunch and head straight back to the station

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