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Welcome to True Mystery A collection of short Whodunits and puzzles ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Answers to these stories will be found in the comments section of my book Cutpurse Academy Read and enjoy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Always welcome to hear suggestions for new stories and puzzles to enter here. Email me at [email protected]

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Murder of Conjecture Chapter 1

Murder of Conjecture

Chapter 1

Loosely based on the real-life Murder of Isidor Fink

The Doctor shook his newsprint at his companion S.H. who was sitting in his armchair across the room, obviously bored, as he dolefully smoked his pipe!

“S.H. Here is a mystery that I doubt even you can solve!”

S.H., taking his pipe from his mouth, looks over at his roommate…

“Proceed, doctor, read on!”

The Doctor clears his throat…

“The authorities are stumped by the murder of tobacco merchant Ima Gross who was found dead in his shop yesterday. Mr. Gross had been shot at close range by a pistol shot. There were signs of a struggle and robbery, Mr. Gross’s empty wallet lay beside him. The landlady heard the struggling noises, then a shot and police constables arrived within fifteen minutes. Mr. Gross was found dead inside, alone! There was no sign of an assailant or the pistol!

What has baffled the authorities is that both doors were locked and barred from the inside, the store window had a metal frame pulled down and also locked from the inside. There was no cellar or any entrance to the apartment above the store. Police are asking for assistance from witnesses to this locked room mystery…”

The Doctor looks over his paper at S.H. who had already risen, grabbed his cape and cap, and was by the door.

“Come, Doctor, let’s give them their assistance!”


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