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Unholy Justice

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Show me your friends and I'll tell you the kind of person you are. Kelvin Alan meissner and his friends learnt this the hard way as a sole from their past soughts revenge. Who is this? Why are they doing this? And who is helping them? They say leave the past to the past but sometimes the past wants to meet the present

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

"Babe come see this" "what?" "This man he was killed and his man hood chopped off"

Meisner and Ella,his wife, had just finished taking their breakfast. The eight am briefing had caught their attention.

"The police have no lead yet to who may have done this. The body was found in the lawn naked with a note saying, 'You should have listened to your mother when she told you avoid bad company'...

"That's so messed up." Ella said clearing the table. "Did they say his name?" Meisner asked getting ready to leave for work. "Yeah, I think it is Tevin. Didn't get the last one. Meisner had a feeling of deja Vu which quickly faded when his phone rang in his pocket.

"Hello... Who. Are you serious. Then what was with the note. Yeah that's so sick. Okay keep me posted."

"What was that about?" Ella asked helping him with his coat. "I knew him" "knew who?" Ella confused. "The guy on the news. We went to campus together. Tevin Maina."

Meisner had an important business meeting that day with a potential business partner. Hey put Tevin's death at the back of his mind and wore his usual Jolly face. After kissing his reactant wife goodbye he got into his Royal blue SUV and drove off to work.

Meisner couldn't help but think how much he'd changed , since campus. Had his degree and Masters in businesses management and was currently working on his PhD. He got a company of his own, six cars a beautiful mansion to call home and a lawyer wife. He was basically living his teenage dream.

At work his guests arrived an hour and half after he did. Just enough to gather all he needed for the meeting.

"Sir, your guests are waiting in the conference room."his secretary informed him. "Thank you. Will be there in a second."he replied not really looking at her. "Do you need me in there, sir?" Clearly trying to be metaphorical. "No thanks. You can leave now." Meisner dismissed her.

On his way to the conference room he gave a thought to his secretary. Although he had tried his best to ignore, he couldn't help but notice her relentless efforts to please him. He however brushed off the thought.

"Good morning gentlemen..."he greeted as he entered the conference room. "Oh, my God, Meisner!"one of the men, seemed to be the boss. Meisner took a few seconds to recognize the face. It was Samuel. They had been friends since highschool. "Samuel? Aagh long time man." Meisner said with a lot of ecstacy. The rest of his men were mostly confused

"Oh, pardon our manners. This man here is Meisner. We run far back to highschool days. We also went to campus together. From then we took our different paths. Who would have known the paths would bring us together."Samuel decided to bring the rest out of the dark. The meeting went on.

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