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It is said that old is gold, well when the gold get’s literally old, it carries many secrets, many lies, many deceits. Some also carry a curse, one which is inescapable, one which can destroy that everything that come’s into it’s way. Robert Carter is a dedicated archeologist, claiming many important and the oldest discoveries under his name, he has successfully become the world’s best archeologist. He never believed in the curses, thinking of them to only keep thief’s from stealing them. Like every time , he found a strange coin while searching the cave infamously known to be the chief center of magical rituals of NEPATHYS the goddess of DEATH. The coin would give answers to many mysteries and to prove the curse wrong , Carter decided to work on it. Will Carter find the secret of the coin Or, Will the curse of the coin find him.

Mystery / Thriller
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It's been almost three months we have been searching for any kind of evidence we would find on the types of rituals performed in this cave, though this is not the only cave where there are a total of 99 caves here other than the one we are searching in now.

It is said that the Egyptian queen of death Anubis performed her magical rituals here which mostly consisted of black magic, the dark magic or the black magic, which is considered the most dangerous for the one on whom it is performed and even the one who performs it, the amount of sacrifices it needs to be performed and the simple mistake in the process which can ruin entire population because not only it kills anyone who comes in between to stop it, it gives the most slow and painful death, and these caves are the spectators of what happened here, of what went wrong here, and how the whole kingdom of this abandoned land became cursed, none and I mean none of the people who once lived here survived of the wrath of what happened here, the stories though of what happened did spread in the surroundin villages but each person has a different story, one which makes us question our beliefs, our ethics, stories which are passed on be generations, who knows how much every generation has modified it and now the story which was told by the head of the nearest village . Could it be true, can we rely on this story and continue our search?

The main part of the story were these caves, the challenge for us here was the number of caves we had to search since no one knew which was the exact cave where the last ritual was performed, we now are searching in the last cave, hope we find something useful here, otherwise, we will have to head back to States because the weather reports have clearly said that there would soon be a storm here, let's see what future beholds for us.

"Dad, where are you, it's soo dark here, where are you dad, it's getting cold here, I can't breathe properly, please get me out of here dad", what the heck, it's my daughter's voice, why is she here, how the hell did she reach here, " dad save us, I can't see anything, " what the hell is going on here, my son and my daughter are both here, and I looked around if anyone else has heard them or it's just me hearing things, that's when my eyes met Rick's wide eyes, I got up and started running deeper into the cave, as the voices were coming from there only,

"Emily, Allan where are you, how did you come here, where is your mother" I was so fucking angry with Melissa right now how did she not know about kids leaving, did she get soo busy with the new boy toy that she fuckin forgot that she has kids also to take care of.

"Dad we are here, behind this door, it's a large iron gate dad, it is soo creepy, please help us dad". What the fuck, action gate, in this cave, I looked at Nick questioning, " I swear boss I checked the whole cave with five other men till the very last, there was not iron gate here, "

"What do you mean to say that my girl is lying, you stupid idiot, you didn't look here I am sure of it, " he was gritting his teeth, I know I had no right to be angry at him because places like this often had secret places but still my kids were there how was I supposed to keep myself calm, he didn't in the eye, I sighed and started running again, and soon we reached the end of the cave, I looked around frantically examining every corner for any clue for the iron gate, suddenly we heard a loud scream from the entrance of the cave followed by a whisper "dad you took too long to find us, he is taking us with him, I hate you dad, who didn't you save us?"

What the hell who is taking them away, I started running towards the entrance of the cave, one of my men from behind me yelled,

"Boss do you really think it is not some trap for us, I mean we know these caves are cursed so it could be all fake, and you know right we cannot hear anything from the entrance of the cave if we are at the end of it not even if we yell, so how the hell did we hear the whisper, it ddoesn'tmake sense" I knew he was right but if my children were here and in danger, I cannot focus in the logic, as we neared the entrance of the cave, we heard hushed voices as if someone was saying something, more like chanting something, as we neared to the figure from whom the voice was coming. I froze when I saw the face of the person standing there, blood was oozing from the eyes, mouth was full of disgusting worms and falling on the cave floor with every syllable she pronounced, with every word she spoke my world came tumbling down, I was no longer able to breathe, was this the punishment of mine for revealing the darl world to the world, were all the curses which I thought I had successfully avoided fallen upon me, was I supposed too die here seeing my whole world taken away from me, but then someone behind me gasped at something he saw and when I looked at what he was seeing, the floor under my legs started shaking, there was the head of my son with empty eye sockets, broken jaw and agonized expression on his face, while other part of his body was in the other hand with limbs almost torn apart, and intestines oozing out from his body, I never once In my life imagined that I would have to see such a day where my sweet daughter would be looking so horrible and my son dead in her hands.

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