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Chapter 1

Exhausted, I looked up at the wall clock which now reads 6 pm. Wow it’s already been 3 hours, since the meeting started; I thought to myself. Smiling vaguely at my colleagues, I gave them my final thought on the project we’re about to invest on. Trust me when I say this will be the biggest achievement for this company if we manage to convince the clients and would take the Celemont business to another level. I can see my father looking at me proudly, proving him that his little girl was not always just a pretty face.

Shortly after, everybody started leaving and exchanged pleasantries. Sighing, I got up and started walking towards my office. The sky was in various shades of orange and lavender as I looked from my floor to ceiling windows. I stood there, watching people hurrying home from a long day of work to their loved ones, who probably waited for them. I always used to picture myself getting married by now, to the man of my life and have little kids running around the household… but alas you don’t always get what you wish for. Or maybe you could’ve if had he not cheated on you, I thought to myself.

Frustrated, started walking towards my desk, situated in the middle of the fairly large room. There were a few picture frames on it, out of which one was missing... the one which had his picture in it… him… I wonder what he’s doing now. Probably strangling some bitch between his third leg. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in”

Ela pops her head in.

Enaya Morriese, my long time high school best friend. There’s not much I can say about her but she’s the only person beside Harry and Nans who’ve kept me sane. Her blue eyes and blond hairs might make you think of the famous phrase, “Blondes are dumb”, no offence but I think quite the opposite of it. She’s the most humble person and very smart too. She was in states because her father is on the death bed, stage four cancer, and she wanted to be close to him during his last days. This is why I offered her the job, not only because she needed it but I can trust her with a blind eye.

“Miss Celemont, is there anything you want me to do? I was kind of hoping to leave early if that’s okay with you?” Ela asked.

“Yes please do carry on. I still have to go through the contract papers for tomorrow’s conference.”, I smiled

“Alright… good night mam”

“Oh and Ela?"


“Please call me Lucrecia when we’re alone”

“Bye Lu”, she laughs and leaves.

I open my drawer and took out the brown folder which contained the Ambrosia & co.’s contract papers. I have to get this deal at any costs. Not only it will expand the Celemont business overseas but it’ll also result in fifty percent more annual turnover. I open them and take a look, until something catches my interest… Ezra Ambrosia, CEO and Director of Ambrosia & co. Ezra? Wasn’t he the notorious womanizer and the only heir of Cleone Ambrosia? Hmm interesting.

Out of curiosity, I search for Ezra Ambrosia and there… comes the notorious player himself. He had a reputation of a bad teenager who did illegal things for mere fun, I wonder if he is serious with the company work. But to what I’ve gathered online… Ezra Ambrosia is someone I don’t want my paths to cross with. I’ve already have had enough of boy drama that would last me a few years and I don’t need a new one to get on my nerves. All I could now do is hope that Ezra wouldn’t be the one to attend the conference tomorrow.

Feeling done for the day, I packed my things and left my office. On my way to the elevator, I went through my mails and messages on my phone and when the elevator opened I was greeted by my chauffeur Theo.

“Good evening, where to mam?”

“To the penthouse Theo”, I smiled lazily.

The drive to my place was merely fifteen minutes. I escalated towards my private elevator that leads to the penthouse. Onto reaching, I was greeted with the coldness of my place. Not that I complain, because this is what I’ve become. Cold and distant.

Walking towards the kitchen, I set my purse on the counter top and made myself some dinner with some leftover lasagna I made yesterday. Removing my shoes, I made my way towards the balcony, and got seated in one of the arm chairs with my dinner. This is the point when I think of all the ‘what-ifs’, I admit it is frustrating but can you really help it? There would always be one moment throughout your day when you crumble at your lowest, having all your walls down, leaving you vulnerable for everyone to see and mock you.

On feeling to have enough of those thoughts, I quickly finished my dinner and lazily made my way towards my bedroom preparing myself for a hot bath. Stripping then and there, I moved towards the sink, slowly taking in my appearance, I saw the damage he had made. The shallow person he made of me, seemed to look mature beyond my age. My caramel brown hairs have grown past my hips, my big black eyes were dull… I wonder what he has ever liked in them. I looked at my body, I wasn’t petite but was more of a curvy girl and I still wonder what he ever saw it in her and not in me.

Pushing his thoughts aside, I turned on the warm water filling the bath, preparing myself for some peaceful me-time. Taking my phone, I started playing, ‘I only have my eyes for you’ by The Flamingos and then closed my eyes. Losing the track of time, I realized I’ve accidentally slept for what seems like 20 minutes and my music has been playing on the loop. Coming out of the bath I wrapped a robe around my body and went into my walk-in-closet. I found an old school jumper and pulled it over my head, making my way towards my bed. As soon as my head hit the pillows, sleep engulfed me with thoughts of him.

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