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Chapter 2

Morning rolled in quickly than I expect. Not that I've slept much, it's like sleep didn't occur to me and has become my second nature. I kept staring at the ceilings until 2 in the morning and have managed to sleep for a good four hours, looking at how it's barely 6 and I have to be at office not until 9 for the Ambrosia conference. Not wanted to sleep in anymore, I make my way towards my closet and come out wearing some shorts and sports bra. Taking my time with tying my hairs back in a bun, I cascade down towards my gym and start working out.

It's been 2 hours now that I've been working out, when I hear my phone ringing. I looked up at the caller and pick up the call.

"Hey Lu, Morning", Ela chirped.

"Good Morning."

"I know this is quite on short notice and they have not given us any head-start until 5 minutes before. I even know that you'll be angry and you feel it's quite unprofessional on their part to make last minute changes when billions are on stake, but I ...", she continued rambling.

Ela had this habit of rambling whenever she was nervous and that made me shake my head at her silliness.


"...but their assistant just called me right now..."


"...and how am I supposed to make last minute changes..."

"ENAYA!", I started to get frustrated "Come to the point now will you".

"Oh? Oh sorry for rambling...", she sighed, "You know how I get when I'm nervous and I start rambling nonsense..."

There we go again. I pinched the bridge of my nose until I counted till 3.


"You don't mean that", she said in disbelief.

"You know how much I am capable of doing that so please don't tempt me and tell me why you have called me in the first place.", I paused, "what is it?"

"Mr. Cleone has called in sick and..."

"And? Is the deal off?", I feel anger radiating off of me.

"No someone else is filling in for him"

"Excuse me? Filling in? Who?"

"Ezra Ambrosia...", there was a slight pause, "... his son you know".

Great just great. Why can't I have it simple in my life?, "Fuck me". It took me a few seconds to realise that I've mirrored my thoughts out aloud.

"Oh is it what you want now Luuuu....?", I could picture her smirking.

"No all I want you to do whatever that is required now that we can't do anything about this situation. We can't mess this deal up, it's as you said 'billion on stakes' situation".

"Yes Mam", she said as though she was in military camp, "alright see you in 55 minutes Miss Celemont".

"Don't disappoint me Morriese".

"And stop drooling at Jr. Ambrosia", now it was my turn to smirk.

"How did you..."

"Know?", I laughed, "Oh honey I hope you remember that besides being your boss, I'm your best friend".

"Fuck off", saying she hung up.

I couldn't help but laugh at her childishness.

Glancing at my clock, I realized that I only have 45 minutes to be for the conference. I practically ran towards my room, straight into the bathroom for a quick shower. At exactly 8:35, I was ready and was already having my morning coffee. Taking my phone, I called Theo to get my car ready.

On my way towards the elevator, I glanced at my reflection. The white bodycon dress I'm wearing had a square neckline that highlighted my collarbones. The dress reached somewhere past my mid-thigh, with which I've paired a belt. I only had my favourite red lipstick on with some mascara that complimented my black eyes. My long hairs were pinned into a sleek ponytail. I looked good and to say, that dress did wonders it hugged and enhanced my curves perfectly. Only catch that I have is not spilling anything on it.

Theo didn't disappoint me when I asked him to drive a little faster and now I have a good 15 minutes to spare and prepare myself for the conference as well as for the devil.

It was as though my thoughts were heard by the universe; just as I made my way out of the car, I collided into something as hard as a wall. But it was not what has startled me rather something wet dripping down my dress. Few moments after finally coming to my senses, I've realized that someone dropped their coffee on me and boy I was beyond pissed.

Be thankful that it wasn't hot you idiot.

Shut up.

My white dress is ruined and I'm going to scream.

Breaking my internal battle of thoughts, the owner of the latte spoke, "I am so sorry mam, I didn't see..."

I counted till 3... 2... 1...

"... and I didn't mean to..."


"I am really sorry miss", he sounded a bit hesitant.


"I... me...", he started to shutter.

I smirked internally. You made him nervous. Good he deserved it.

"What is taking you so long Reign?"

We both turned towards the owner of that voice, it was silky but also had an demanding tone in it... quite dangerous tone.

"Sir, I accidently dropped your latte on this lady here"

"Never mind about that. We'll be late"

They conversed as though I'm not even here. Feeling irritation seeping through my veins, I said, "Maybe you hire someone who's not clumsy then we wouldn't have to get worried about being late."

As the words leave my mouth, his eyes turned to me and it held such intensity that would make any weak person go shit himself. But I wasn't the one who was bothered by him. Maybe I was, a little, because merely looking at him I felt something that was foreign to me. I think I've known him from somewhere, but I couldn't pin point from where. The way he was looking, it held so much domination and so much power as though he is used to people bending their knees in front of him and not talking back to him, like if they did then that meant they had a death wish or something.

After a few moments, which now felt like eternity as we stared at each other's eyes, he smirked and threw me a few dollar bills.

"Go buy a new dress and please keep the change as an apology for ruining your present one"

If being angry was an understatement, then you should've seen me. I wanted to strangle him right then and there. How dare him!

"You don't know who you are talking to Mister", I hissed in clear anger.

"Oh please enlighten me sweetheart", his smirked grew wider, "Or maybe I can kiss you to make up for the damage that I've caused you".

That's it. If it weren't for my meeting that is about to start precisely in 8 minutes, I would've shown him who he is messing up with. Taking my cue to leave as I couldn't let a stranger cut off me from having my deal, I kept the bills for making up for the time he wasted and turned around practically running towards my building.

It is for situations like these that I'm glad for my preparedness came in handy. With the help of my friends, I have managed to set up a small wardrobe , filled with my clothes, at the far end of the bathroom that's already attached to my office. Now don't get me wrong but there are few times when I need to leave for the meetings, or galas straight from the office, so I liked to be prepared for any situation that calls in. And like always, it came in handy.

I took a tight black dress that reached past my knees and had a V-neckline that showed a bit of a chest and paired it with a red blazer to look quite professional.

It was 2 minutes until the meeting starts and I get the deal that was going to change my life forever.

If only I knew that how much of an understatement it was until I opened the door and saw the person sitting in front of the E. Ambrosia name.

Can I have something easy in my life?

Ah the hero is here.. or is he the villain I wonder?

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