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Chapter 3

A/n: most of the chapters will be in Lúcrecia's POV. If it changes then the character's name would be mentioned well ahead. Enjoy reading. Xo.


The phone in my hand started buzzing, I looked up and saw it was my dad.

“Dad? Is everything alright?”

“Ah yes son. Everything is fine here”, there was a slight pause, “I called you… to talk about that contract”.

“Yes dad I know, I’m here on time and this meeting will start anytime soon”.

“That I know son and I don’t even doubt your capabilities in business…”.

“Then what is it dad?”

“… It’s just, you know son… me and Xavier practically grew up together. We had built up these empires for you children. I never doubted any of your decisions but…”

“But what?”, I started getting impatient

“…this isn’t just regular business that we do, this is about family. Ours and Xavier’s; so please take this into consideration before taking any harsh decisions.”, He continued, “don’t disappoint me son, not that you’ve ever did but make sure this deal stays in family… and…”


“Oh nothing. Good luck son”, he hung up.

Why do I feel like there’s more to what he was saying? And also why suddenly he’s keen on doing family-business? I thought he believed that personal and professional relations should be kept separated. Ugh this is already giving me headache, I wish I had my coffee. But no that clumsy girl had to take it on upon her dress.

Speaking of her… who was she? Never saw someone stood firm on their ground when I got angry but no she talked back at me. And not to forget her dress, with coffee dripping from her chest… down her hips… those curves made me lose my mind. Surely I would’ve kissed her senselessly if she wouldn't have stopped talking. Woah where did these thoughts come from?!

I need to focus on business and her… heiress of the Celemont Empire. I have not much heard about her, but the only thing I know and made me want to eagerly meet her is her passion for business. Not to mention she’s a powerful business woman in states. But there’s this thing which I find weird about her, that why a once a bubbly girl, which the media mentions her to be, turned into this ruthless workaholic woman? What makes her so dense? These thoughts didn’t let me sleep. I just hope meeting her would be worth a while. Who knows maybe I can unfold her mystery.

On arriving the designated floor, we were greeted by Miss. Celemont’s P.A. She guided us towards the conference room where everybody is already seated and waited for their boss’s arrival. Two minutes to 9, the cabin door opens and comes in the lady in power, Lucrecia Celemont.

To say I was awestruck by her beauty would’ve been a huge understatement, because boy she was HOT! There was she, carrying herself screaming power. The black dress she’s wearing was so modest but shows that she gets what she wants even without trying. Even that red blazer made her looked like an powerful authority. The closer she came, I got a better view of her, until I finally get to see her face and… wait what? She’s frowning? Why?

*clears throat*

“Umm sir?”, says Reign.

“Huh?”, breaking my thoughts, “what?”, I asked not taking eyes off her. She seemed angry about something.

“Sir, she’s the lady on whom I’ve accidently dropped your coffee this morning”, Reign whispered.

“Are you sure about that?” saying I took a clear look on her face… ah indeed she is. Those pitch black eyes, sharp face cut and full red lips. If only she allows me to taste her lips. Okay I need to stop. This girl here is corrupting my thoughts.

“Yes sir absolutely”.

Ah yes that explains her back talking to me. She seems to have caught me checking her out and it’s kind of cute to see her being angry. Just like a lion’s cub. Fuck stop. Focus. Business.

The moment she comes and stands in front of me, I take her right hand in my hand and plant a kiss on it. This was enough to make her angrier than she already is. I couldn’t help but smirk, “Miss. Celemont, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

“Likewise”, her lips pursued in a thin line, “shall we get down to business Mister Ambrosia?”

“Very well”

The meeting started and I’ve set down my clauses as and when required. But mostly I found myself looking at her. The passionate look she had on her face showed her immense hard work she had done in this company. Though her employees feared her but they also respected every decision she made. There was the feeling in me of wanting to know her, to unfold her layers and see the real person that she’s hiding behind.

On completion of the conference, her P.A. approached us saying we need to sign off the remaining documents of the deal in her boss’ office. No sooner did Miss Celemont got up, we followed her towards the elevator. It was me and her with our P.A.s and throughout this whole time she didn’t make any eye-contact with me.

I took out my phone and texted Reign, to engage Miss. Ela in some work when I carry on with Miss. Celemont. I mean don’t get me wrong but it seems my first impression on her was quite horrendous. And that too when I threw the dollar bills at her was the ultimate cherry on the cake. I wouldn’t be surprised to be called the biggest ass for the stunt that I’ve pulled off. *laughs*

The moment we both entered her office, I closed the door behind us.

“Look I know you probably think of me as an A-grade Asshole but I’m sorry about the morning. I didn’t knew you were…”

“You didn’t knew what Mister Ambrosia?”, she hissed in annoyance, “Take it or I’ll kiss you? Who do you take me as? A hooker?”

“Let me make it up for you…”, I smirked, “Let’s have dinner tonight… just you and me. And the maybe I can change your views about me”.

“You and me?”, she says pointing between us, “Are never gonna happen”.

She turns around, “Oh and Mister Ambrosia...”, I uplift my eyebrow, “I hope you remember your way out because the DEAL’S OFF”.

I was stunned. I did not expect her to do that. Dad told me not to mess up and now she’s calling off the deal? Who does she think she is? Ezra isn’t a dirt for her to throw aside. Now all I see is red.

I see her walking away from me when I forcefully grabbed her arm and made her face me, looking in her eyes I said, “Look here sweetheart, this isn’t some doll business which you can call off whenever you wish. When I set my eyes for something, I get it no matter what.”

She started wiggling, “LEAVE ME”

“Or what?”, I laugh and trail my finger from her cheek to her lips, “There’s no way out from this deal and…”

I felt the pain. She fucking hit my balls and that. Too. Very. Hard. She started to release from my grip when I held her again, now her back is touching my front and I slowly whispered, nibbling on her ear lobe, “The stunt you pulled right now is enough to make sure that you won’t find a way out of this mess you’ve created.”

I start leaving trails of kisses down her neck and nibbling on her sensitive skin on her neck. She moans which makes me smile at my first victory over her.

“It’s about time I claim you MINE sweetheart.”

I kiss her ear and whisper, “YOU BELONG TO ME”

Saying I left.


Ahhh! The sexual tension is so dense.

Hope you like this chapter.


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