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Chapter 4

"You belong to me"; his words kept ringing in my ears.

'I belong to him'... him? That freaking egg head! Who does he think of me huh? Am I a doll who could be passed on and on for ownership?! He's so delusional!

But don't forget the effect he had on you.

Effect? My ass. That was just...

Was just?

Being caught up in the moment. Yes that's that... I was caught up in the heated moment. Nope his steel gray eyes and chiseled face didn't bothered me. Nope nada. And I am freaking angry.

My inner self battle was interrupted by Ela knocking on the door.

"Hey", she said


"Is everything okay? I mean I saw Mister Ambrosia storming out and calling someone to change a few clauses in the deal?"

"HE WHAT?", I was stunned. I guess I told him in the clear words that the deal is off, didn't I?, "Forget about it. The deals off" I paused, "we shouldn't care about the changes now"

"Why? Did something happen between you two?"


"And Ela? If dad calls, then don't tell this to him. I'll personally tell him everything over dinner."

"Oh okay?", she began to leave.

"One more thing. Clear my schedule for the day, I think I might need to blow off my steam".

She nodded and left.

Packing up my stuff, I called Theo and asked him to drop me at the penthouse. Onto reaching, I quickly changed my clothes and went into the gym. Wearing my boxing gloves, I began screaming and punching the punching bag. It's times like this when I couldn't control my anger and I become a mad person. Thankfully it was my therapist Zoe's idea, for me to take up boxing as that might work well in cooling off in situations like this.

After senselessly punching and tiring myself, I looked up at time and it clearly showed 3 pm. Having done, I strolled towards the bedroom, readying myself for a cold shower. Cleaning off, I made something to eat and went into my study to finish off the remaining work that was due for the day.

Around quarter to 7, my phone started ringing. Looking up to the caller, it was my mom.

"Mother", I trailed off.

"Hello love"

"Actually I was about to call you... I was planning on coming in few..."

"Oh you silly girl... we know", she chirped happily.

"Huh? You do", I asked her cluelessly.

"Oh yes we do dear. I mean you never did anything that's irrational and me and your dad we support your decision..."

"You do?", Wow. I thought mom would chew off my head knowing that I cancelled the deal. But hey I am not complaining. "Thanks for understanding me mother. You know I would never do anything to bring shame onto you and dad".

"We know sweety", she paused for a moment, "Okay now hurry up. I called you because you're doing dinner with us. We're expecting some guests over?"

"guests?", I continued after a moment of silence, "Why the celebration?".

"Ah you'll know...", she paused, "dress classy"

"Wouldn't have the other way mother... bye", saying I hung up.

To say I was a little confused by my mother's behaviour. I mean, I literally traded billions and let them slip off my hands and she isn't giving me a piece of her mind? Instead she's throwing a party?! That's new indeed. But again I won't find out what is she upto unless I personally go and see.

Working on for a little while, I thought of getting dressed for the dinner. I opted for a brown backless bodycon spaghetti strap dress that had angels printed on it. It gave me a feeling of renaissance painting. With them I wore some brown strappy heels and took my Jacquemus.

I pulled up at my parents' place, when I saw a few cars lined up at the entrance. I wonder what the occasion for the party is. I made my way towards the front door when my mother, on seeing me came and hugged me suddenly. Now don't get me wrong, I love my mother but her affection when I did something totally opposite of what she expected, startled me a little.

"Oh sweetie you have no idea how much happy you've made us", she cried.

"Mom why are you...", I was cut off by a middle aged woman; "Is it her? Oh my my she's just perfect... honey she's here"

They rushed me to the living room, where a guy of my age, my father and wait... is that Cleone Ambrosia? What is he doing here? Wasn't he sick?

"Ah my daughter, I am so happy for you", my dad said, "I mean me and Cleone have thought about it but I didn't knew you two have already decided everything beforehand..."

"Stop", I was clueless, "Decided what? Can somebody explain me what's going on?!"

"The contract sweetheart", someone said.

I turned around to the owner of the voice and there he stands... Ezra-freaking-Ambrosia! Looking like a Greek God, sporting his goods in black shirt and slacks. That shirt held him like his second skin. He rolled up his sleeves till his elbows where one could catch a glimpse of his inked canvases.

"Ezra, son we approve", the middle aged woman which I presume to be Mrs. Ambrosia says, "She's perfect to be caring our name"

"Excuse me?", boy I was shocked, "what name?"

"There's nothing to hide now darling, I told them everything", saying, Ezra snakes up his arm around my waist, pulling me closer.

"What did you tell them?", I whispered-yell in his ears.

"That we're marrying each other"


"And we're merging our companies instead of having 50% of shares"


Before I could say something, my dad came to me and he wiped off his tear saying, "I am so proud of my daughter. You've made me the happiest man."

He then turns to Ezra, "Treat her right will you?"

"Yes sir. She's too precious for me and we love each other so much" Love huh?!


Nah you don't want to do that honey

It sounds tempting. I think I'll consider doing it

To burn his goods, you have to touch his goods... And ahh his goods.. just imagine... Him and...


"Don't we darling?"

"Huh? You talking to me?"

"Why of course love", and he kissed me on my forehead.

Okay this was too much. I don't know what is he up to but boy he's going to regret doing this. I mean playing with my parents emotions... not done. Guess he'll need another lesson because he has certainly forgotten the one I gave him in the morning.

"Hey, can we talk? In private?", I said rather sweetly.

"Eager to do deeds already?", he smirked.

I stormed off from the room, knowing he's following me.

You'll regret this Ezra and I'll make sure of it.

Ah that's an unexpected turn. What'd you think Lucrecia will do now?

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