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Chapter 5

The moment this guy enters my life, everything is falling apart. Not only did I lose the deal, but also I’m having to deal with the perfect fairytale that our parents are dreading about, presuming with their grandchildren too. I mean I am not the idea of against the marriage, or maybe I am, because of him, that’s story for another time; but marrying this ego centric Ezra guy? Nope nada nein danke. His presence is enough to make me run for hills and he has his mind struck up in his ass… uh la la what an ass he has! Shut up!

He’s an ass.

I reach my dad’s study on the ground floor and open the door wide for us to enter. Securing the door shut, I began taking deep breaths as I’m facing him the other way. Breathing out, I make myself ready to punch him square at his nose, when he catches my fist in midair. He’s got reflex girl.

"Is that a way to treat your husband… darling?”, saying he twisted my hand around my back with my fist still in his hand. Smirking, he forcefully pulled me closer to him and the very gap between our chests was vanished. I took a sharp breath at our close proximity while pain starting to build up in my arm.

Sensing my uneasiness, he said, “Is this bothering you sweetheart?”, he paused, “Am I too close for your liking?”

His other hand made its way into my hairs and he tugged them forcefully, making me look into his emotionless eyes. When I refused to make an eye contact with him, he pulled my hairs a little more than my liking, making my scalp hurt a little more. The moment, I finally looked up to him, I saw his eyes weren’t usual gray colored but rather they were hooded with an unknown emotion which I could not comprehend.

That was the moment when I actually had a close look to his face. He had that chiseled shaped face, his jawline was so sharp and sleek as though it was hand craved by some artists. He had a little stumble of beard and thick brows and full lashes that any girl could be jealous about. His hairs were rather a messy piece of abstract art which he certainly pulled off by running his hands over and over it. And last but certainly not the least, his lips, they were so pink and full, that if I had met him under different circumstances rather than him being my ‘so called potential husband' then I would’ve kissed him senselessly if had he not being an ass to me right now.

“Let go of me Ezra!”, I struggled getting out of his grip but he held me more tightly.

“Ah! My name sounds so sexy rolling of your tongue”

“Wouldn’t it be sexier if I just cut off your tongue and feed to the crows?”, I said rather sweetly.

“You’re definitely a feisty one”, he leaned in and kissed the corner of my mouth, “and that is the only reason why I want you to be mine.”

“And also because feisty ones make good subs”, he whispered.

“LET G…”, before I could complete my sentence, he released me and made his way towards my father’s desk.

“I don’t know what sick games you are playing…”, I started, “but you need to stop.”

“And why do you think I would do that?”

“Because whatever feud we have is between us. Don’t drag our families into this mess.”

“What gave you an idea that these are the petty little games of mine?”

“Oh aren’t they?”, I took a step forward in his direction, “Tell me Mister Ambrosia, is me hurting your manhood made you take this decision? Because if it’s about that, then I will be pleased to repeat it again”

He looked at me for a good minute and then burst out laughing as if I have cracked some A grade joke. He sobered up after a few moments and said something that shattered my life forever.

“Remember the other day, when my P.A. has sent you a revised copy of the contract?”

I nodded.

He continued, “ Well there was a slight change in the contract under clause 5B, stating that, my company can change any of the terms of the deal whenever we please and you will have no say in it, once you have signed the contract papers.”

“But… but I have read them thoroughly and I’m quite sure I didn’t miss this important detail…”

“Yes that is the exact thing I thought of.” He looked at me with… pity? “Later that day when I received the papers, I could not believe that you had already signed it when I expected the opposite of it”.

“No this isn’t true. YOU ARE LYING”

“I knew you will throw a fit”, he smiled at me, “That is why I brought the contract papers with me.”

He passed me the papers, and I quickly searched for Clause 5B and… there it was. It was written exactly what Ezra told me. How can I be so stupid! I literally traded my life with the devil himself. I never thought my carelessness will end me up like this.

“You know…”, he said, “I thought about going easy on you, but… when you pulled off that stunt in your office this morning, I was dead set on ruining you in order to take revenge. When I left your office, I asked Reign to make changes in Clause 3F stating that, if you don’t marry me then not only you will lose the deal but all the other shares that you have invested in my company in past which will bring you and your sweet family on road.” He paused for a few moments, “but if you do, then we’ll merge our businesses together and become super power of the business world.”




“I SAID FUCKING LOWER YOUR VOICE!!!”, saying he slammed his fist on the desk.

I flinched and that was enough to make me realize I was in deep trouble. I knew all about him and his shady side businesses. He was merciless and he didn’t care about anyone but himself. How am I supposed to love him? Let alone marry him?

My concept of love was completely shattered by him… but at least I had hopes that sometime soon, I’ll fall in love again and marry that one guy… my soul-mate and happily ever after. But guess what? Fairytales are bull-shit. Real life sucks far more. I mean look at me, my one clumsy mistake ended me up with the beast himself.

He came up to me and held my chin, making me look at him, “I just wanted to let you know that there aren’t any loopholes that’ll make you escape this. As I said, you are mine now, so I expect you to behave yourself and not do anything that would make me pissed at you.”

I looked dead into his eyes without any emotions.

“Now I want you to wear this ring and put on your best smile when we go out of this room.” I nodded. “Remember, I have my eyes on you, Lucrecia. One mistake and you’ll regret everything”

I had to try hard to stop my tears from flowing. I cannot be weak, I need to find my way out of this mess.

It was at that moment, when I saw Ezra going onto his knees, holding a black velvet box in his hand. I was confused at his bipolar behaviour. A moment ago he was threatening me and now he’s proposing me? Is he sane at mind?

It was as if he sensed my thoughts, he said, “Don’t look so surprised. I know things didn’t go as you expected but the least I could do is propose you on my knees. But yeah don’t expect some ‘Sense and Sensibility’ type of romantic line because I am not good at that department and for you… you don’t really have any choice other than saying yes.”

He forcefully took my left hand, in his hand and slipped on that ring. And to my surprise it fit perfectly as if he knew I would agree on this. Under any other circumstances, I would not have stop gushing about how beautiful this ring is. But right now this ring is doing nothing but suffocating me. He stood up and linked both of our arms together and pulled me towards the room where our family members are seated.

With that, I’m set on starting a very dreadful chapter of my life with the devil himself and a big gorgeous ring on my hand which screamed, “I BELONG TO HIM”.

Ah the drama enfolds. What'd you think now Lucrecia will do?

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