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Chapter 6

I wasn’t in the mood for any dinner and had left shortly after I and Mister Ambrosia made our appearance in front of our families. They seemed happy and started discussing the wedding details shortly after, Ezra’s younger brother Leon, mentioned that his brother had successfully popped ‘the question’ and brought everyone’s attention to the massive ring on my finger.

Ezra’s eyes followed my every move as if they were taunting me to make a slip up and make a mistake. Frankly, it was too much to take in for the night which is why I decided to ditch the dinner and call it a night. Ezra knew why was I acting this way but he didn’t bother me and in a way I am glad that he didn’t. I guess he knows what ‘personal space’ means; but my mother was a total different case. She kept on bugging me to stay and spent time with my ‘in-laws’ but I told her I have something really important that needs my attention.

Shortly after exchanging the pleasantries, I left my parents’ house. On my way home, I picked up 3 pizza boxes and called an emergency girls night. In moments like these, I could only rely on these goofs and I am quite sure they’ll help me save my ass from the situation I have landed myself into.

When I reached my penthouse, I kept the pizza boxes on the kitchen countertop and went into my bedroom and changed myself into some pajamas. Just when I finished up my night routine, the front door started banging. As always they’re on time. I went over to them and pulled them in a group hug.

This feels home- Noemy and Harvey. My ride and die.

I still remember that day of freshman year, when we were paired up for a project and we’ve been together ever since then. Yes we had our share of ups and downs but we find ourselves beside each other when in need.

I look up at both of them, they still haven’t changed a bit. Though it’s been a whole month now that we’ve seen each other because both of them had some businesses to attend to.

“I smell food…”, said Harry (Harvey’s nickname) closing her eyes. She made her way towards the kitchen and sat down on the stools and started eating the pizza. For a serious corporate lawyer she indeed has a bubbly persona.

Ever since she was young, she wanted to make her career in music. But things changed in high school and one thing led to the other which in turn made her take corporate studies that made music just a mere hobby for her. But that didn’t mean she doesn’t give us a fair bit of concert with her too good to be true singing skills. But who am I complaining? Her law major worked in my favour and it turns out I am one of her full time clients.

I see her wobbling down a slice in two go. The way her dark brown eyes sparkle when someone mentions food is incredible. I bet Edward doesn’t have to go all out for date ideas. She can be simply pleased with the variety of foods and she won’t be complaining.

“Did you cut your hair?”, I examine her freshly cut hairs in the form of steps and notice a few colored streaks on the lower parts of her deep brown hairs.

“Yes, I was bored so thought I might as well get a makeover”, she laughs.

“I agree. You needed much of a makeover after Ed tried to be your hairdresser…”, saying Nans joined us in the kitchen and seated herself next to harry.

“He what? Why?”, I was horrified.

Harry’s boyfriend Edward is a successful journalist but that never keeps him away from trying new things. I still recall that day when he tattooed himself with a miniature butt on his forearms. He thought it was hilarious to piss Harry off but in the end he didn’t end up liking it and still regrets it till this date. I swear we all remind him of this until this day.

“Oh nothing. The other day we were watching ‘The little Mermaid’ and I don’t know from where he got that idea but he insisted on transforming into the real life Ariel and Eric. Turns out he prepared it well ahead and had already bought black and blue hair dyes. It was all good until he colored his blond hairs into black but then he wanted to do my hairs in all shades of greens, blues and purples.”, She scoffed

“You should have seen her... she looked like a disastrous mixture of slime with her colored hairs”, Nans said laughing.

“Oh shut up”, Harry flipped a bird at us

“And that is why I had to book an emergency appointment and get this fixed”

“Don’t worry, it looks good,” I said.

After talking for an hour and finishing our dinner, we made our way towards the balcony with some white wine and sat there feeling the summer breeze. This has to be our ultimate happy place; whenever we have something going on in our lives, we take some time for ourselves to be at peace amidst the chaos around us.

I vividly recall the day when he tried to kill me because I didn’t agree on moving in with him. It was times like these when I thank my stars for sending Nans and Harry that night. After which Nans made sure that he was sent behind the bars and made a strong case against him, when she hacked into his computer and found some illegal data regarding human trafficking.

Nans aka Noemy Parker is an ethical hacker and she works for the CBI. She had her mind in computers and codes ever since she first started schooling. She took care of everything regarding this case. And as it was coming from the CBI officer herself, the police needed not to be told twice. They did what she asked them to. Later after that day, Nans insisted on getting me into a secured network which she prepared for the three of us and made sure that no one could hack into our systems and our data is secured.

“I need to get away from here…”, I sighed, “…just for a day or two but take me somewhere. Away from all these responsibilities.”

“You okay?”, Nans whispered softly.

“Yeah. Just want to take my mind off certain things”, I mumbled.

It was at that very moment when Harry picked up her phone to call someone;


“Yes… for 2 nights”

“Oh no... Tomorrow and the day after…”

“Yes, the best hotel you could possibly find. No compromises”

“Alright. And yes take these two days off”, saying she hung up. And looked at us smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“What?”, she asked.

“Why are you smiling so creepily?”, said Nans arching her right eyebrow.

“I may have…”, Harry trailed off.


“I may have booked us a hotel for two days at Vegas starting tomorrow”

“WHAT?”, we shouted in unison.

“What, you didn’t like the location? I can change it… but I thought you wanted to take your mind off work and Vegas seemed to be fitting…”, she already took up her phone dialing someone, probably to cancel this trip

I ran to her, “Why of course we will go. Thank you so much”, I said, hugging her.

That’s it. We were set for our trip away from this circus that had Ezra Ambrosia as the ringmaster.

Thankfully now I can think of my way out of this mess.

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