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Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Harvey and Noemy left about an hour later to pack for tomorrow’s trip. We decided to leave at 5 in the morning by my private jet, everything else was taken care of by Harry’s P.A.

I made my way towards my closet and picked out a few outfits and swim wear. Harry did not tell us what we are going to do but I assume that we’ll just be partying in clubs or gamble in the casinos.

Having packed my clothes in a medium sized suitcase, I walk into the bathroom to pack my makeup and toiletries. Just when I was about to grab my tooth brush, something catches my eye… my engagement ring. That big diamond was mocking me and reminding me about my horrible fate; As if it was daring me to find a way out of it. Sighing, I sit down on the edge of the bath-tub, thinking about how everything just flipped to 180°. I don’t know how well Harry and Nans will take this news. I couldn’t gather courage to tell them tonight because I needed some time to think about it; which is why I removed the ring and placed it beside the sink before they came.

It is times like this, when I am not even sure what I should do. A part of me wants to leave this ring here and enjoy my freedom until it lasts, but on the other hand, I think about the haunting words of Mister Ambrosia. After all, my family’s fate is in his hands. I cannot trade my family name merely for my happiness. You might think I’m acting like a baby about this situation but imagine being in my shoes. If there’s any chance for me to do something selflessly for my parents then this is it. Even if that costs my happiness.

Having an internal battle of thoughts on all the ‘what-ifs’, I decided to bring the ring with me to the trip. I placed the ring into a velvet box and shoved it to the bottom of my suitcase. On finishing my packing, I made my way towards my bed and set an alarm for 3 am.

Sleep didn’t come to me easily and I kept on tossing and turning the whole night. When my alarm rang, I quickly brushed my teeth and went into the gym for my workout. After what felt like an hour later, I came back into my room and showered.

I decided to wear a long sleeved yellow satin romper with a plunging v-neckline and paired it with some white trainers and layered dainty necklaces. Not wanting to keep my hairs open, I parted them in the middle and secured them in a clean bun. I then finished off my makeup with some mascara and red lipstick. Being satisfied with my look, I look up at the clock which reads 4:23am. Having enough time on my hands, I walk into the kitchen and made a strawberry smoothie. I was halfway through drinking it, when my phone started ringing.


“We are leaving for the airport and will reach shortly”, Nans said.

“Cool. I’ll meet you guys in 20”

“Kay”, saying she hung up.

Precisely at 4:50, Theo dropped me off at the airport where I met Harry and Nans. After hugging each other, we made our way towards the security deck and then proceeded towards the jet. On getting seated, the air hostess rushed to us with some drinks and breakfast.

“Welcome on board Miss Celemont”, I nodded.

“Hope you enjoy your flight. If you need anything then we’re here to help you”, saying she left.

I looked up to see what my best-friends were doing and found Nans reading a book on some software coding, while Harry is smiling like a fool looking at her phone… she’s probably texting Edward. I recall her calling me at night shortly after she left, asking if Edward could join us. Look, I hold nothing against these two but hey it’s a girls’ trip and that precisely means that 'no guys allowed’ even when they give the best poker face which is exactly what Ed was doing at that moment.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me we are sporting satin on denim today?”, I ask, making them look up from whatever they were doing.

I eye both of their outfits. Harry wore a long sleeved satin leopard print wrap-around shirt with jean shorts. On the other hand, Nans sported white satin oversized shirt and tugged it into a jean skirt. Both of them wore dainty necklaces like the ones I have. They looked at each other and started laughing,

“That was a pure co-incident”, Harry said between the laughs, “I think we both should point fingers at each other like those two Spider-Man in that meme”

We all burst out laughing looking at the recreation of the meme.

After sobering up, we ate our breakfast and slept, looking at how tired we all were as we only managed to get a few hours of sleep. No sooner did we land, we saw a Rolls Royce waiting for us.

“I see you went all out for this trip”, Nans commented looking at the luxurious beauty.

“Wanted nothing but the best for my girls”, Harry smiled.

Onto loading our luggage into the car, we soon reached our hotel. It was one of the finest hotels in Vegas.

Making our way towards the reception desk, Harry intervened, “booking under the name Harvey Montaris”

The receptionist checked our booking and said, “Miss Montaris, welcome to La Patrian. Here is your card to the President En-suite.” She said handing the card to Harry, “I’ll get the bellboy to get your luggage in your room. Enjoy your stay mam”

“Thank you”, Harry smiled.

We then made our way towards the elevator and reached the last second floor that led to our room. And boy if that wasn’t the luxurious room I’ve ever seen. I mean I did see some pretty rooms with big landscapes and the ones that screamed luxury, but this was over the top. It had like 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, a kitchen and a bar. All of them consisted of floor to ceiling windows that showcased the beauty of Vegas.

I looked up to my best-friends, sensing exactly what they were thinking. A knowing smirk formed on our faces, and we ran towards the biggest of the three rooms to claim ours. I was legit bad at sports but due to constant workout I managed to get the biggest of the three rooms. I was awestruck by the beauty of it. it had a king sized bed, a sitting area and two chandeliers hanging over both of those room spots. This room gave me a feeling of that ancient French couture but with a bit of a modern touch with its industrial dresser and bathroom.

After settling in and placing our things in the provided closets, we all decided to hang around the bar of our room; having Nans pour us some champagne. We raised our glasses to toast,

“To us”, said Nans.

“To us”.

“So what have you planned for us Harry?”, I asked while sipping my drink.

“Nothing actually. I thought maybe you both can decide hereafter”, she shrugged.

“Want to go clubbing?”, Nans asked.

“Nah, I’m in no mood for clubbing tonight”, I sighed, “I wanted to do something that gives us thrill, something illegal maybe?”

They started laughing, “Babe did you forget that we are accompanied by a CBI officer herself?”, Harry said laughing.

“I know that but why not live a little… just like the old times?”, I made a puppy dog face. I am sure they couldn’t resist me now, “also if we’re caught or anything of that sort happens, then I am sure Nans will help us out?”

I look up at Nans, “right babe?”

“Ugh! Things I do for you guys”

I ran up to her and gave her the tightest hug, “Okay then, let’s get some rest and have dinner”

“And what about thrill? Is sleeping and eating your thrill now?”

“Nah, after dinner, wear a full black outfit and some trainers…”

...we’re going spray painting the streets of Vegas

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