The Flaw a Thousand Years Ago

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Two different time eras collide as a boy grows suspicious with his family background when a historian appears in his life. A tragedy that remains deep in the family's darkest secrets. Unraveling the fault that changed his whole well being.

Mystery / Fantasy
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The Uncanny Beginning

"Allieeeee~ come with me to the wedding please? " My girlfriend cutely pouted while looking at me with her chocolate eyes. I hate crowded places, and certainly, a wedding was too much pressure. The clothes you have to make effort of, the gifts and the amount of patience to make it through the day, surely she thought of that. My mind was going crazy!But the way voice sounded so sincere, and her cute gestures she makes as she hugs me tight, its just too much to handle! This is the first time she's being so persistent. I love her and would do anything for her. I sigh, regretting my choice after 24 hours. "okay, okay, I'll go." She jumped in joy, giggling while repeating her thanks and looking at me with sparkling eyes. She's really cute when she's happy.

~Time skip~

We're at the mall now, rushingly searching for the items and clothes we need, "Aileen, the wedding is in three days, why are we rushing?" I asked while sitting down with frustration."God Allie, is this your first time? Its a wedding. A WEDDING, it'll take so much time to prepare for a really big milestone in life!" She said in disbelief. How could you not care about a wedding? Only a boring person who has nothing to do in life would not give a damn about it. " We've been doing this for hours Aileen, can we please grab something to eat atleast? " I sacrificed my breakfast and lunch just for this. This woman should give me a break! "Go grab some yourself, I'll follow you in a while okay?" she assured me while going to the next store with her handbag. "I'll call you!"Making the call signal with her hand. Well then, food here I come!

I rushed through the elevator." Good, no one was inside" I thought while entering it with a smile. The ramen restaurant was on the main floor, Aileen and I were at the very top, it'll take a while for me to reach there. I stopped at the 2nd floor, a woman with brown locks entered. She stared at me as if she knew me, hesitant to come inside. Maybe she thought im a pervert? Geez, women judge to quickly. "I can take off if you feel uncomfortable sharing the same space with me." I offered, breaking her train of thoughts, she apologized and bowed like crazy! "No sir, it's alright! I apologize for giving such a rude expression." She said while entering the elevator. It was awkward and I took a glimpse every once in a while. "I feel like I've seen her face before.. A picture of some kind. This feeling made me uneasy." Our eyes met. Her eyes were looking at me with fear, like I've done something terrible to her. The elevator opened. None of us realizing a few seconds later that it was opened. 5..10..a few minutes later she was back to reality, realizing our little stare contest, she ran out of the elevator. "Weird." I blurted. "The ramen restaurant!" I said, completely forgetting the incident that just happened a minute ago.

~The Wedding~

It was the day I've longed to finish quickly. The wedding was held at a chapel. Men and Women gathered there with exquisite clothing. My my, I was in complete aw when I saw the decorations. It was dashing! The procedure of the wedding took so long! I was tapping my feet really quickly as I felt really bored and frustrated. That brunette girl was on my mind lately, I had this string feeling of seeing her have somewhere. My long train of thoughts led me to the advantage of not realizing the vows were finished. It took me a second to catch up at what was happening as the people around me started cheering and clapping. "Guess its done now." I whispered to Aileen with pure excitement. I was ready to feel at home again. "Dont forget the after party Allie! That's the best part of the wedding" she said while cheering her friend on.What a party pooper. Now I'll have to regain my long hard work of gathering my patience.

The after party was crazy! Everyone was at their wildest state. I saw as Aileen chatted with her friends. I sat there and looked at the people interact. Left.. Right.. Its alm party here and there. Then strangely, out of no where, I saw the brunette again. This time, it was her I caught staring at me. Her presence sprouted a thousand questions, one includes why she's here. She gestured me to go outside. "I guess she wants to chat" I followed her and ended up in a garden. "Are you Kyle Hunter?" She asked. "The one and only. But please, do call me Allie. "I replied while reaching to shake her hand. She shook it very quickly and now an awkward silence arose." What do you know of me?" I asked her, sparking a new conversation." I am Katherine Rinestone. I am a historian, and it appears that your family background has caught my attention." She said while looking at me straight in the eye. This time, a serious look. My family had made quite a story, famous for its discovery of majority of earth's countries. A history made during the time of the vikings, a peculiar moment rose a million questions though. No fossils of my ancestors. "My, I'm flattered to know you've caught interest in the Hunters." I said with confidence. "Your family made me raise an eyebrow, Kyle, I've come here to access information from the bloodline." She said as I felt something pinch me..slowly everything went black.

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