Alive At 17

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Faith is just a normal vampire business. What happens when an old friend comes with unexpected news? That her evil master is alive and coming back for revenge. Now, she needs to reassemble her team and get back the traitor. At this journey, will she finally find her mate? Or will she accept the fact that she doesn't have a mate.

Mystery / Thriller
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That Day

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was the morning of the 22nd of November 1722. I was preparing the table with my mum. Today I am turning 17, and in the village that age was the golden age. After the table was set, my family and I started to eat. We heard a faint knock on the door, but we didn’t bother ourselves by opening because maybe it was an animal or one of the village’s children.

However, after a few seconds the door went flying. “Jake Wallace. It’s time to pay your debts,” said the stranger that just knocked down our door and barged into our humble shed. “I told you, I will bring it by next week,” pleaded my father. “Why, so you can run away with your little family again?” asked the stranger. We have been to a lot of villages, my mother and I didn’t ask why we move but father always said ‘new work with better money’. However, the truth was slowly uncovering bit by bit and I wondered if there are more secrets that my father was hiding.

“No I sea…” said my father. “ENOUGH!” shouted the stranger. “Father, what’s happening?” I whispered. “Daughter, stay out of this,” said father. “Oh, what do we have here? A new blood, I love new bloods,” said the stranger as he came with inhuman speed and touched my chin with his dry finger. “You smell funny little one.” “Jake. You have two options right now. Either pay up the money right now or you give me your daughter,” said the stranger as he smirked at me.

WHAT! No, I wouldn’t do that. Take me instead,” pleaded my father. “Well, if I wanted you I could’ve taken you from the first day. But let me tell you this, wait how can I say it. Ah, you’re too old but don’t take personal. It’s just by a tiny bit,” said the stranger. “Jake, you can’t let them take our daughter,” pleaded my mother. “Jake. The clock is ticking. Tick tock tick tock.” “Father I can go. If it means that you and mother live well, then I’ll go,” I said while the tears stung my eyes. I could sense that if I didn’t go with that man, some serious consciences are going to happen.

“Ok, it’s settled then. Let’s go,” said the stranger as he clapped his hands. I took one look at my beloved parents, wished them the best and left. That man looked scary up close. His skin was blemishing white, his eyes were black, and his figure was thin. I wonder how can someone be that pale or thin and be healthy. “Come on little one, we don’t have all day, get in the carriage.”

When I entered the carriage I found another boy sitting inside. He may looked like he was in his early twenties. “What’s your name?” asked the man. I didn’t want to answer him, he just kidnapped me from my parents and threatened my father. Now he expects me to talk. It’s not going to happen. “Ok, giving me the silent treatment. You know that I know everything about you Faith.” I stopped breathing for a second, fear crept my back. How did he know my name? I could recall that my father didn’t say my name, so how did he know it? “You don’t have to know how I knew your name.” Ok now there’s definitely something wrong, but I didn’t ask him about how he knew my name.

After some time, we finally arrive to the stranger’s mansion. “Alex will take you to your room. Go on,” said the man from the carriage. “Come on, let’s go,” said Alex. Somehow I felt drawn to Alex like his scent, that earthy scent. His build, broad shoulders, tall figure. He had it all. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen him since the last time I was at the mansion. It turns out that the man who was Ambrogio, the first vampire. He turned me and an awful amount of other people. Alex was already turned. My turning took the longest from the others. Theirs took about a day, day and a half while mine took 3 days. It was hell really.

I had pictures running through my mind that 3 days. I saw skulls splattered everywhere with blood dripping on them, I didn’t know the meaning of it so I set it aside. We lived with the master for a few centuries. When we found his true intentions that he wanted a vampire empire to wipe all existence of humans and rule the world with only vampires and no other creature. We turned on him and killed him.

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