Queen of heaven

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When Heaven was born, everyone was very happy. They had made a party for her but little does she know, she is the daughter of Crystal, the Queen of Heaven. When Demon Dark, the king of Hell had found out, he wanted to kill the baby. The Queen of Heaven only had few more years to live, after all she is still human. Demon wanted to take the advantage of taking her crown, that way he can rule both Kingdom's. Since Crystal had Heaven, she was going to be the next Queen and to stop her, Demon has to kill her. The Queen of Heaven saw it coming, she send Heaven to the human world along with her son Angel, who had to change their names to their middle names. From Heaven to Star and Angel to Brandon. He and his sister went to an orphanage by that time, Angel was only 8 years old. He couldn't take care of her by himself. Then a friendly couple adopted them and their lives started from there....

Mystery / Drama
Natasha Trenado
Age Rating:

Introducing Myself

Monday, September 18

Hi, I'm Star blade. I turned 13, five months ago. I'll be going to Downhill middle school. Its my last year, woo-hoo! I'm kind of nervous to be honest, I move every year and I don't know why. It's a little hard to make friends but I mean maybe this year will change. On my first day of school, I wore something simple. Rip jeans, a white shirt from Hollister and my air force's. I wore my new backpack that I bought from Pink and personally, I would LIVE there. I checked the weather, 96°F. Ha, Im going to be fried Chicken😣. Since it was to hot, I made myself a ponytail. I got to school five minutes early, I was a little anxious to.

I waited outside their doors, then the door buzzed. The teachers looked at me, as if I was crazy. The person who had buzzed the door told me to get in, so I did. One of the teachers asked

"Why were you standing outside?" - she asked.

"I was waiting for school to start, since i got here five minutes early" - I explained to her.

"Hun, shool started twenty mimutes ago" -she told me.

I couldn't believe what she had said.

"Your joking right?"- I asked nervously.

After ten seconds of silence, I knew she wasn't lying. I started panicking,

"So, I got to school late?"- I asked.

"Mhm" - she said.

OH-NO, well im screwed.

"Well miss, Im new at this school and as you can see, I don't know what time school starts so..." - I said as I was thinking.

I bet she's going to call my mom and let her know I came to school late. I can't let that happen, not if its my mom! What if I ask, if I can use the restroom, run back home and say there was no school or I can go to the teacher's computer, without her noticing and delete the phone call (Grin).

"Yes darling?" - the teacher interrupted my thinking.

"Huh? Oh um... Nevermind, can you help me get to my classes?"- I asked.

"Yes, I'll get you someone. Give me a second" -she said

"Ok"- I said to her.

I waited patiently in the office. Five minutes later, I see this FINE as GUY come in. He has Hazel eyes, Brown shaggy hair, hes light skin and he's tall. I would say around 5'7.

"Ms.Blade this is Jack Shell, he will be helping you get to your classes." - the assistant told me.


That guy, is going to be my helper?!

"O-ok" - I responded in disbelief.

"Hi, how are you?"- he asked

Oh.My.God, he has such a nice voice and he even opened the door for me 😝, such a gentleman.

"Im good, how about you?" - I ask Shyly.

"Good"- he smiled.

As he read my schedule, he said "Oh, we have five classes together. 1st hour, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th".

"Wow, five classes" - I said excited.

"Yeah, it's going to be fun. Trust me😁" - he said joyful.

"Ok" - I smiled. I guess my day is getting better.

We enter to our first class, which was History. Jack opened the door but I guess he opened it for himself because I was right behind him and he shut the door in my face😐, I guess I spoke to soon.

"Oh... Sorry" - Jack said.

Sorry my ASS😤.

"It's okay" - I told him

"Alright students listen up, today we have a new student. Her name is Star, she should be here any minute" - My teacher said.

I entered the door. The class got silent, you could almost hear a pin drop. Then everyone's eye ball were glaring at me, they were all shocked. Everyone started whispering, was it about me?

I could almost hear what they were saying. Some of the comments were, " oh my god, she is so pretty" or " There's another thot in the room" but I mean, I really don't care what they say.

" Hi, Im Mrs.K your History teacher, please feel welcome" - Mrs.K said with a smile on her face.

"Hi, Im Star- Star Blade."- I smiled back.

"Everyone this is Star. Can you all say, Hi star?" - she asked.

"HI STAR"- The classed yelled.

"Please make her feel welcome" - Mrs.K said worried.

"You can sit right next to Ilizjah. Ilizjah please raise your hand, that way she knows who you are." - Mrs.K Told him.

As I approached to my desk, I noticed Ilizjah has Brown eyes, Curly light brown hair and he's tall too. Atleast to me, I'm 5'3. According to my calculations, Ilizjah is around 5'5 or 5'6.

The time past and soon it was 4th hour, I had math with Mr.R. I sat right next to someone named Seylie Wall. She's very pretty, she has long Brown Curly hair and blue eyes.

"Your the new kid right?" - She aked

"Yea... I am" - I said with a big sigh.

"What's the matter?" - She asked

"Oh, it's nothing." - I said

"You can trust me😊" - she said.

" Okay, well it's nothing bad but it's just hard for me to make friends." - I said sadly.

" Well, we can be friends."- She said with Joy.

"REALLY?"- I asked.

"Yeah, I mean I knew friends"- she giggled

"Well, Im Seylie. What's your name?" - she asked.

"Im Star"- I said confident.

When the bell rang, we were heading to lunch. I didn't know who to sit with.

"Hey,Girl"- Seylie said while going up to my locker.

"Hey"- I said.

"Who are you going to sit with and lunch?"- She asked.

"I-I don't know"- I answered.

"You can sit with me in lunch, if you want."- She offered.

"Ok, Thank you."- I said relieved.

"No problem"- She said.

When we got to lunch, it was really loud and crowded. Seylie's table was all the way at the back in the corner of the room. I sat right next to Seylie.

"Hey guys! This is Star- Star this is Veronica, Anthony, Cristal and Ilizjah."- Seylie said.

"Hey"- Cristal said.

"Sup"- Anthony nodded his head.

"Hi"- Veronica said straight foward.

"I have her in my History. We just haven't talked"- Ilizjah told Seylie.

I see Jack coming over to my table. Jack and Saylie started to lean in. The next thing I knew they both gave each other a big fat kiss, almost as if that cast meant everything.I was in shock, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe my eyes, that just happened right in front of my face!WOW!

"Get use to it"- Cristal said,"They always do this".

Always? The Fu-

"Oh.. I'm sorry."- Seylie said after that big kiss she just gaved.

"This is Jack my boyfriend"- She smiled happily.

No dip sh*t, Sherlock.

"Oh.. Really?!"- I said sarcastically, " I didn't realize".

"Oh we already met"- Jack said, "Im helpimg her get to her classes"- he smiled.

"Oh! That's great Star, you already know some people"- Seylie said happy.

"Yeah, I guess it is"- I said.

My luck is sure not getting any better.

Soon school ended, everyone left and so did I. My mom picked me up then said

"How was school?"- she asked.

"It was alright"- I responded with a big sigh.

"Well what happened?"- She asked worried and curious.

"Well..Theirs this cute guy...."-I said

"O-my- God"- my mom said interrupting me.

"What?"- I said whining, "Anyways as I was saying, theirs this cute guy. He is so nice and he's such a gentleman, well atleast I still think he is. During lucnh he and this girl leaned in and kissed right in front of my face"- I said annoyed.

"HAHAHA"- my little brother appeared out of nowhere and laugh as if it was that funny.😑

"Where did you came from?- I said horrified.

"From my mom...."- he answered trying to be funny.

"Ugh- that's not what I ment IDIOT!"- I said really annoyed😒.

"Hey! Watch it missy"- my mom said warning me, "Well Star, you shouldn't be feeling down for a guy you just met"- my mom said.

"Yeah, I know"- I said.

My mom is my bestfriend. She's always there for me, when ever I need her or when I need someone to hear me out.

She's the best mom ever.

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