Flames of the Mind

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Emma Stone and her partner own a small coffee shop in West London. Her life is being torn apart by a recurring nightmare. Is it a dream or an actual memory? Soon Emma finds her whole identity is being called into question. Her whole past has been fabricated. She intends to find out why and by who before it wrecks what she holds dear and any future plans that she may have.

Mystery / Thriller
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Fire swirls around her body as the flames lick her face and arms. Her clothes smoulder as the heat surrounding her intensifies. She starts to choke as the acidic smoke fills her throat and lungs. Her streaming eyes strain to see through the smoke-filled room for a way out, but she can see no escape. The flames have enveloped the room’s walls and doors, shooting red arrows across the ceiling. The room’s windows, wherever they may be, are lost in a place that she cannot reach. She knows she will die here if she doesn’t escape. She sinks to the floor, her will to live ebbing away. The oxygen in her body evaporates as the searing hot air grips the insides of her lungs. The floor, hot to her touch, burns her skin. The smell of her burning hair reaches her nostrils. The noise in the room has now become a deafening roar as the building structure succumbs to its fate. Intense pain sweeps over her body in waves as her internal systems start to shut down. She looks down at her fingers as the skin peels away, nails melting with the heat as the white of her bones starts to show beneath.

She suddenly wakes up from her nightmare, screaming. She feels like she is falling through the air as she wakes up with a jolt, bathed in sweat. She is confronted with nothingness. The bedroom is silent and dark. There are no flames or smoke. She is not dying.

Slowly her racing heartbeat comes under control. She prays that when she falls asleep again she will not fall back into the heat of the fire again.

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