Lost Girl of Willow River

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How do you fall in love with a ghost? 17 year old Anthony Delgato meets murdered 16 year old Luna Martin. In the search of finding her killer he falls in love with her spirit. Does Anthony bring justice to his lost lover's killer or does he suffer the same fate?

Mystery / Romance
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The river, always a peaceful place. It was a place of happiness and joy where the children played. The trees danced in the wind; the water glistening in the sunlight. It was my most favorable place to lurk away when all seemed lost. At least until I became just a faint memory of what once was. It is no longer the beautiful place where love once blossomed; it is a place of pain, sorrow, and forgotten memories. The trees are all dead, the river dry and dirty, and the children no longer come to visit.

It's cold most days. No sunlight enters this cursed abyss. Walking aimlessly, waiting,never knowing what to do. It's lonely here, but there is a boy that waltzes past my foggy home. He is tall and dark; almost mysterious. His dark, shaggy hair hangs in his face. I bet he's beautiful. I often think to myself. Some days he stops and glares into the fog almost as if he can see my silhouette slumped over the river bank. He only ever stays a few moments before rushing off.

" Hello?" I hear a hushed voice of a boy call from behind a thick patch of fog.

It's not like he will hear me, but who else could he be talking to? Thinking for a moment before speaking trying to comprehend if the boy is talking to me. "Hi?" I call back. The figure of a boy appears through the fog inching closer minute by minute.

"Are you okay?" He asks nervously. The shaggy haired boy I had been thinking about was now right in front of me. He is beautiful, his hair a dark brown, and his eyes look like honey. He is tall as well, and muscular built. Staring into his glowing eyes I fell in a trance. The boy looked away and cleared his throat; that was enough to bring me back.

" Yes " I replied shortly. Thinking for a moment I asked " You can see me?" He looked puzzled. I knew he would be taken off guard by the question, but I had to ask.

" Of course I can see you!" He exclaimed. "You're the missing girl from school. Where have you been?" I stared at him not knowing what to say. How do I tell this beautiful boy I'm dead? Do I tell him what happened to me? Will he run away? Millions of questions run through my head while trying to come up with an answer. "Come with me, please? I want to help."

Months of being tired of staring at this empty fog and now all I want to do is disappear in it. I back away towards the river slowly, feeling the water rise up my legs and soak my torn dress.

"No, please, I'm sorry. Come back! I won't hurt you!" He called after me. As much as I wanted to speak to him I was afraid. Submerging myself into the water I felt vibrations; then suddenly it stopped and the boy was gone.

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