ABIGALE GENTRY: CIVIL WAR SPY "mysteryt at Chain Bridge"

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recruited by The Richmond Underground, Abigale Gentry, an ex slave, was recruited to be a cuourier and a spy by the very woman who had bought her slave papers and had given her, her freedom, as well as 500 dollars to move on with her life. To repay her savior, Abigale agreed to become a courier and spy for her benefactor. Posing as a personal assistant to her benefactor allowed her certain discretions not afforded ex slaves at the time. She uses this to her advantage, gaining vital information and sending coded messages across the Chain Bridge to Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard was quoted as saying that her courageous acts as a spy and courier had helped the confederacy win its first wars in the early stages of the civil war. The main weakness of Abigale though is she is a romantic and does tend to fall in love easily, but her intellect allows her to fight thru her emotions.

Mystery / Romance
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Resting my head on his chest, I reminisced of the night before. His strong, but child like fumbling hands as he helped undress me. The softness of his touch on my skin sent electrifying shivers through my body. Gently, he ran his hands up and down my naked body, exploring, touching, licking, and eventually finding his way to the wetness between my awaiting thighs. Pinching my breasts as his tongue explored the inner regions of my loins, sending rushes of heat waves to my moistness. Remembering how I was rocked to orgasmic bliss I suddenly found myself awakened from daydreaming by the rustle of Lovers body rolling on his side to face me.

"I must be going," I said to him quietly. "I have things to do and I must get ready for the party tonight."

"Must you?" He replied. "The evening was so wonderful that I would love to spend some more time with you Abigale. Must you leave right away?"

Giggling slightly, "yes, I must be going shortly. If I do not, I will never get anything accomplished in the day."

"So be it," he replied. "I will ring for the maiden and have her run a bath for you as well as the morning meal and a carriage to carry you back to your hotel."

Ringing the bell on the nightstand next to the bed I sat up and put a silky gown on, ruby red in color. The maid entered the door, a tray of fresh fruit and coffee.

"Please," Lover said, "Try the coffee. I had it imported from a region in Africa. It is very delicious with cows cream and a bit of sugar."

The maiden led me down the hallway to the guest bathroom as she handed me the coffee and offered a bite of fruit. I must admit, the coffee was extremely tasty, like nothing I had tasted before. As we entered the bathroom, the maiden placed the tray on the table in the middle of the room. This bathroom was very large. Over to the left of the door was the bathtub. A large circular tub, I swear four or five people could fit in that. Two silver standing towel racks, one on each side of the tub, with what looked to be very lush towels. The maiden had already filled the tub, so I took off my gown, the maiden hands out ready to receive, and stepped gently into the tub. I could feel the warmth of the water and bubbles washing over my body, soothing my skin as I relaxed my head against the side of the tub.

Lovers home was an old continental southern home on a small plantation, handed down thru the many years of family loyalty. He was well known in West Virginia, but not positioned for any influence in his life. He was very ambitious, and aspired to be in politics, eager to rise in more elitist society to attain more power. Oh, he was nice, gentle enough, manly in a lot of mannerisms, polite, as well as very handsome. I could see why I enjoyed his company. But there was also an evil in him, an aura that she could sense, hidden from the outside world. It was wise to always trust my instincts around him, she thought to herself.

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