Unknown to Me

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Set in the early 1800's Cilia Ravelind is caught in the middle of a robbery. While her father the earl of St. Davids will be in trouble if the documents stolen are leaked to anyone. Stuck in the middle of this robbery without anyone truly knowing it, can Cilia solve the mystery while evading her fathers plans to have her married to Jacob Vrindel duke of Cambridgeshire?

Mystery / Romance
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In the middle of the night Cilia heard a great clamor coming from inside the house. Unknown to her that there was robbery, instead of the noise being one of her familys many servants she stayed in bed. The noise went on for quite some time before she heard shouts. Ignoring the rational side of her mind Cilia got of out bed and in a rush adorned one of her many robes. During the trek down the halls of her family home the noises quieted. Even though the need to see what was going on quelled with the noises she still continued on in her search for the cause of the ruckus.

Just as the tips of her slippers touched the downstairs flooring a shadow came near. This unknown shadow crept with the quietness of a mouse, only frightening Cilia further. Just as she opened her mouth to scream the shadow spoke in a demanding voice, “don’t scream. You will tell your servants that it was you trying to get something to eat from the kitchens.” Just as her mouth opened he once again spoke, “here, take this and don’t tell anyone of our encounter.”

The shadow of a man ran off into the darkness of the house just as a small band of servants came to see what the noise was. Cilia was quick to speak up, “it was just me. I was hungry and didn’t want to wake anyone. I’m sorry for the ruckus I have caused.” A new servant that Cilia had yet to see spoke up, “we are here to serve you miss, if you had rung the bell we would have brought something up to you,” “yes well, I will keep that in mind, good night.”

Climbing up the stairs was nothing short of worrying. Just the thought of the shadow of a man coming back brought goosebumps upon her skin. Her room came upon her painstakingly slow. Eventually she came upon her familiar oak door. Quickly entering the room that has been called hers for longer than she can remember, the reality of the situation hit her in the head like a rock. Slumping against the door her head hit her hands and sobs racked her body. The adrenaline from the night ran empty. Removing the robe she had adorned, she let her head hit the bed. As the quietness of the night lulled her to sleep.

* I hoped you enjoyed the prologue of my first book Unknown to Me. I plan on posting once a week on Fridays. I would love to hear any thought on this prologue and any following chapter especially since this is my first book. *

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