To the midnight moon

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Chapter 1

"Happy birthday mom!" Ray yelled, Vasudha woke up being startled wanting to shout Ray, she always does this but she didn't want to spoil the moment. She hugged her twelve year old daughter tightly and got out of her bed. No one was found around, as usual, only Ray had remembered. When Vasudha turned back Ray wasn't there too. Huh? have I began to see hallucinations too, it is time that I took that medicine. Vasudha walked to her huge wardrobe and picked the dress for today. Quickly brushed her teeth,took a bath and wore her brand new turquoise sari (Ravi always thought that she looked good in that color). She looked at herself in the mirror, yes! he was right, her fair tone and brown eyes matched the color. She tied her hair to a neat bun and put on her eye makeup that made her look twenty years less. She was planning to go to the temple which she did for everyone's birthday even though her family did not believe in it. Vasudha walked down the long stairs as on a usual day still keeping her mind fixed to the decision that no one would remember her birthday. "Woooaahhh!!" The huge living room was decorated with yellow and white balloons. Her favorite color. The wall was decorated with her photos and banners wishing her. The curtains pulled down and the lights turned off. Vasudha silently freaked for a minute but seconds later.... "Surprise!" The party poppers bursted and the lights flashed back her whole family was standing right in front of her, Ray holding a huge cake in the middle which had 'Happy birthday Mom" written on red. There was a huge smile fixed on everyone's face. "Happy birthday sweetheart!' her husband wished. Vasudha squeaked in joy. She never thought in her dreams that they would remember and wish. Both of her sons hugged her tightly. She will never forget this day. What all happened next was pretty quick. They cut the cake, handed over gifts, clicked pictures and she went to the temple. She knew none of them would come with her but didn't mind for today.
How fast yesterday got over. Ravi thought the next day while he picked up the MUMBAI TIMES. It was there, right in the front page. Him and his family. He was standing in the center with his blue suit and red tie, showing off his sharp jawline and perfect hair and grinning slightly which makes him feel proud of himself. Ray as usual was smiling bright with her teeth. She was wearing her brand new yellow dress that matched her cat eyes and light brown very well. Vasudha was wearing a red sari and next to Vasudha was Karan his hands Vasudha's shoulders. Karan in his blue shirt and black pants looked smart. Ravi believed that one day Karan would surely fulfill his dream and take over Ravi's position as the world's richest businessman. Keith holding Ray looked like a very young college boy in his 'Keep calm and live life' red shirt and white pants. He always wears that no matter how many times Vasudha tells him not to. Below the picture a huge title INDIA'S ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS AND RICH BUSINESSMAN AND HIS FAMILY ON CLOUD 9 AFTER THE HAPPY NEWS WAS BROKEN
Mr. Ravi Mathew and his five member ed family on Cloud 9 after the money chain market broke the happy news of Mr. Ravi Mathew being the second richest businessman in money chain business. "It is due to my husband's sheer hard work and luck that made him reach to greater heights, I am really excited by the news" says Mrs. Ravi to the reporter. Mr Ravi Mathew has two sons and an energetic twelve year old daughter. Mr. Ravi's eldest son Karan the owner and the chief editor of Mumbai's famous family magazine INARAA is also going successful as his father. Mr Ravi's second son Keith who is a third year senior in Mumbai university also states how happy he his for his daddy. Fast forward to Mr Ravi's flashback on how he became from a furniture shop worker to the owner of petrol pumps, shopping malls, schools and colleges. He tells to MUMBAI TIMES that the path to success is always honesty and hard work. He also conveys the useful and famous message to all the young businessmen in India that 'Where there is a will there is a way", Mr. Ravi displays us the importance of honesty and hard work through his life which goes through many ups and downs and also tells us to believe in us always..............

"Ugh! How much more can this day get worse?" Keith complains to himself as he stands under the hot sun in his shades. His black Rolce-Roy which he calls little malto had broken down right in the middle of the traffic. He was about to go for his best friend Meghan's graduation party and was pretty much excited about it. Why did I even wear this white T-shirt with yellow-blue hoodie. So hot! Keith dialed Meghan and told her that he would be late. He decided to call a cab and walked over to the main road.Ding! He looked at his phone and a spam notification. He is literally done seeing them every day. As he was deleting them he forgot that the lights turned green and the cars rushed past him. A second after he realized that he found himself on the road and looked to his left to find a scooty rush past him. Keith freaked out and screamed and closed his eyes. After a minute or so, he asked Did I reach heaven? "No you haven't you are still on earth, in front of my scooty" was replied. He looked to his left and found the prettiest girl he has never seen in his entire life. Her maroon dyed hair flew open as she removed her helmet, her coffee brown eyes looked right into Keith's eyes sharply. Her perfect lips were with the darkest shade of red lipstick moved slightly and her black turtleneck with black jeggings made her look way more prettier. Keith then thought to himself whatever happens he will make her his, but little did he know that his life would never be the same again....
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