War infinite: The Chosen Twelves

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The Chosen Twelves is a novel inspired by the Acts of Apostles and the gospels. An average young man, Apollos is called by God for a difficult mission, and the mission is for him to find 'The Chosen Twelves' for the destruction of Satan's conspiracies. He goes from places to places to find the gifted Twelve before Death overtakes the entire world. Get ready to join Apollos and The Chosen Twelves in the journey of saving souls from Death through a Zombie app.

Mystery / Action
Sarah Badimuke
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Prologue: Chosen Apollos




Gruesome demon with horns was enough to be a nightmare.

A young lad is shaking rapidly on his confined bed, sweat drenching from his face, his curly black hair soaks from the sweat. It was as if the bed was made from heat and his white vast moistened.

A horrendous dream invaded in his sleep, and his spirit is emblazoned in it, unable to wake up. He stirs his head side to side rapidly, fighting to awake his soul from the nightmare. There was no escape. He clutched the sheets into his fist, his legs shuddering aggressively.

He is fighting a wicked man, man with double horns, both in the fire.

As soon as the gruseome demon raised its Axe to cut off his head, he jolts up from his haunted dream, his eyes flickers open, his heart pounding as if he was from running a marathon.

He roamed his eyes around the room, and thank God it was only a dream. He clutched his hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat. He swore his heart is about to blast out of his chest. The whole thing seems real.

When he reached to get off his bed, a pang of pain sting his back.

"Ouch!" He cried, shoving himself back on the bed.

When he felt the pain gone, he stroll towards his bathroom, took off his clothes and stared at his naked body in the mirror. The scars are still there on his back and his face looked like he was beaten with many blows.

He was born this way.

After changing into comfortable clothes, he troll downstairs limping at his one leg, and finds himself in the living room.

"I was about to come wake you up, Apollos," his mother, Rashida utters. She has a plate of porridge in her hands. "Breakfast is ready, and the time for church is ticking. Come on now hurry, your father is waiting for you."

I am twenty, and my parents are in their late sixties. She gave birth to me when she was forty years old and they call me a miracle child for I was their happiness in their old age.

Many have heard of women who can't give birth, or by God's grace they give birth in their old age. In those days, it was hard for my parents. My Mom had about ten miscarriages. I was the lucky one that survived and I was their only son but born with scars all over my body.

When I woke up from that horrific dream, I felt a new person growing in me and the demon was after my life. It was a strange feeling, and I need speak to the priest after the service.

Apollos limps into the breakfast room, Rashida worriedly stops him with her hand after planting a plate of porridge on the small rounded table. "Son, you're not okay. What happen to your legs? I need to call the doctor."

"No, I am alright Mom."

Yes I was okay, I didn't want her to worry about me.

I had a strange dream, and it looked real. My leg is painful because in my dream the demon used an Axe stabbing my leg and I am not telling my parents anything about it. I lied that I only trample on the stairs on my way down and she quite believed.

My father came down in his brown suit, he was one of the deacons in church and my mother was an intercessor.

I ate my breakfast and got ready for the service. I brushed my curly black hair back. After I was dressed, my parents and I headed to church.

It was a congregation of more than five hundred people.

Priest Donne was on the pulpit preaching his sermons to the people. He spoke about the life of Christianity, and the unity of love among our brethren. His message healed the soul of many, but something happened to him on the altar. It was something different that completely changed his sermon. He looked straight at me, his eyes goggled in awe. I wondered what was wrong with me or what was wrong with him.

"Just like John the baptist, as so is man, who shall be made a witness of the Light, " The priest says, as he is filled with the Holy spirit. His spiritual eyes has been opened and he sees great blue light hovering above Apollos's head. "That all through him, many might believe, and through him, disciples shall be born." The priest continues, as he stroll down from the pulpit into the auditorium.

Everyone follows priest Donne's gaze and all eyes is on Apollos.

"Surely the Lord will pour his spirit in the last days, sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams, and young men shall see visions. For the day of the Lord is coming, a day of darkness, and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains."

I was surprised when the priest walked past everyone and came standing in front of me. I was kinda scared. I didn't know what he was seeing.

What's going on? Why was he looking at me?

"You!" He pointed his index at me. I swallowed hard.

"You Apollos has been sent to bear a witness to the Light!" He says.

As soon as the words left the priest's lips, a strong power of the Holy spirit falls on Apollos. The wind blows on his face causing him to fall off his chair. He is crying and speaking in a language he doesn't understand.

That's what happened. The last thing I remembered was the feet of a man in gold sandals and with a long white garment surrounding me and then I blacked out.

Both Apollos' parents sits in a chatroom with the priest as they wait for their son to wake up. The priest explains what he saw during the service about Apollos' calling and his parents understood that God spoke through the priest.

Apollos wakes up from his nap on a bed, and his eyes roam around. He is in a room he has never seen. Everything that happen comes running back to his mind. The priest saying something about him been a witness to the light.

There was something different in my body. I feel like something had left my body and that I was a new being. I entered into the lavatory that was in the room, and looked at myself in the mirror.

No, no, what happened to my real face?

The person I saw in the mirror wasn't me. My face was transfigured into another man.

I had short curly black hair with no beards and there was scars on my face but the new me has cheared beards like a mossy bush and shoulder-length black hair. And there was no scars on my face or my body.

This was another person with no scars!

My body feels new. I was a slim tall man, but now I am broad, and a bit muscular. The man was handsome.

No, will anyone notice me? This can't be happening. Why did I change into another different man? Will the people I know notice me?

Apollos ran out of the lavatory, and looked himself in another mirror plastered on the wall but still his new face was attached to him.

What is he going to tell his parents or anyone?

"Apollos, are you awake?!" Rashida knocks on the door, startling Apollos.

No, his parents can't see him this way.

He runs to the door and turn the key into the lock.

The doorknob turns. Apollos stands unmoved. The door isn't opened.

"Apollos, open up. We have something to tell you!" Priest Donne states.

Apollos isn't allowing anyone to see him this way. He looks to his side, and sees a window. He has no choice but to do what he wanted to do.

"I'm sorry mom and dad." He mutters to himself.

He runs towards the window and pushed himself out of it.


He hears his mom calling him. No, he has to leave this place. He has to go far from everyone he knew.

A part of me wanted stay and the other wanted to go far away. I couldn't let people discriminate me about my new looks. Many will think of it strange or perhaps call me a human shapeshifter.

I ran down the streets of Egypt to wherever I didn't know. Since then I haven't turn back, or ever seen my parents ever again. The new being me wanted me far from Egypt, I didn't know where I was running too. I slept on streets, I looked for shelter, some people received me and gave me food.

Some helped me with clothes, I didn't know where the Spirit was leading me or taking me.

I find myself in the desert for forty days and continued without water, and eaten nothing. My body stinked for I haven't bath for many days. Throughout my journey, the Spirit showed me things I have never seen and things that were unknown to humans. And on this, I journeyed through the seas, and entered a ship of Deuretus, they put to sea and sailed along coasts of Asia. When they landed the next day, the Spirit led me to sail under the shelter of the Pakistani'.

It was on this journey, the Spirit opened my eyes to see His Light, and the purpose in my life and it was in this journey I knew I was called and chosen by God to preach the gospel and to be his martyr.

I was elected to find the chosen twelve, and bring them into the martyrdom. It was a journey of two years, and something changed in me as I found myself in Cyprus at the temple of God.

I am destined to find the chosen twelves in the last days and to win many great souls for Christ before He comes back the second time.

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