Vibing Shorts

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These are little ideas that come to mind, but are not detailed enough or long enough, for me to get the urge to make it into a full story, yet alone a novel.

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Bunny Goddess
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Vibing shorts are based around and about nothing and everything, they never have names, or faces or personalities.
You can like them, you can hate them, you can love them, you can feel whatever you want towards them, whether they respond or not, you will just have to see.
Each short has it its own story, its own background, its own characters, but you will only ever hear a small part of those stories.
Sometimes it will be a sentence, sometimes it will last up to two lines, and sometimes up to four or five lines.
But that will only ever be what you see, these will not be evolving into some story, they will only stay as shorts.
Unless there is a part/parts of this book that you wanted turned into a story, whether it be a short story, a one shot, or a full blown story.
This book and I hope you enjoy reading it, now let the stories begin...

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