Vibing Shorts

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Tangling herself further into the sheets of her partners bed, the only noise heard in the room was light breaths and content sighs, aside from that. Silence.

The only time she had ever felt safe in her life, was right now, all because she was being held by him, in his arms.

She felt truly alone in that moment, locked in this room, forced to watch all those people outside as her source of “entertainment”, with only the hot streams of tears rolling down her cheeks.

They said she looked like she was covered in glitter, well at least after they had finished with her, the only problem was the “glitter” was spit, tears, spilled food and drinks, and anything else that they thought were “shiny”.

She felt braindead, and in a sense, she was, she only ever thought of pleasing her master, maybe that was why master called her his “dumb little bitch in heat”, maybe, but she only wanted to please master, so it didn’t matter.

She woke up to sunrays covering her naked form in a golden shine, its soft heat encasing her in its warmth, at least on the front half of her body, her back was being heated by something entirely different, her lover, her one and only, and her soulmate.

She finally understood why he hadn’t been the one to push her away, she had done the job for him. That also being the reason he never had to push those girls away from him, even when they flirted with him. She had always been possessive. Even now, when they both locked eyes, except this time she wasn’t able to push those girls off him, but he was daring her too...

She had always been my love, my baby, my partner in crime. Today had been a test for that, I was so close to losing her. But she stayed, stayed home in my arms, instead of moving home to another’s.

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