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When a teenager commits suicide on an early morning in the cold. When the cops start investigating if this was a murder or suicide the other children, even the husband told the cops about how the mother, Lara was abusing the kids. The mother finally understood how wrong she was. She finally understood the quote ‘You never know what you lost until you are alone.’ After finishing her jail sentence she wants to make amends with her husband and the kids. She starts finding it difficult when the husband had a new wife and the kids and the father all have restraining orders on her. After only being able to talk on the phone with her youngest, Cassidy she finally feels how her oldest child must have felt. Not being able to take the guilt she try’s to commit suicide but fails. She has no idea the horrors she committed in her last life. What will happen when she starts finding out what happened in her old life? Will it be for the better or worst?

Mystery / Thriller
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The snow struck me in the face. My eyes wandered up as the gloomy sky was gazing down at me. I groaned while banging my blistered eyes shut. My left hand clasped on to the base part of the blade. Today was the day, I was finally going to be released. Twisting my head around I glanced to see if one of my more naive siblings or parents were outside. My left hand’s muscles began to relax as the blade became more visible. As I took a deep sigh white fog left my nose. I moved my left hand up and the blade gently pressed against the middle of my neck. I counted in my head to three as I placed the knife firmly on the left side of my neck. Counting down from two I firmly pressed the knife in my palm straining it across my throat. Blood flowed down my throat, down my attire, to the pearl white snow. My head began pulsating as my eyesight became blurry. My pupils started expanding as my vision became more blurry. The blade was consumed in blood. The blood was all over my feet, I couldn’t see a thing as I fell on the vibrate red snow.

I smirked as black dots started appearing. I continued to grin as my foresight turned entirely black. I am released.

Cassidy’s POV

I glanced at the window to try and scan for Melody. I didn’t see her and started getting worried. She always remembered to stay close to my window. If she didn’t Clarke and I always knew something’s horrible happened. I rushed out of my room not caring that I almost broke the door down. Running as I’ve never run before I reached the bottom of the stairs. Not caring that I was out of breath I continued running until I reached the backyard. My hand reached out to the shiny handle to pull it to the right side. After opening it I rushed to the area I could see from my room. I saw nothing it looked that same as usual. My teeth clenched together as my hands started rubbing shoulders to get precious heat. I slowed my run into a jog as I noticed vibrate red snow and blood on what I think are feet. When I noticed the feet weren’t moving I started running again like my life was on the line. I came closer to the feet taking sharp long breaths. My eyes widen as I realize who it is.

I rushed on the floor and placed my index finger and my middle finger on her neck. I tried to check for a pulse as tears streamed on my checks. My hair was frizzled like it wasn’t washed for a month, and to be honest it wasn’t. After not feeling a pulse more tears threatened to fall. Not believing what was happening I placed my hands on her stomach and pushed down two times. Tears came like a waterfall as I imagined my eyes her bloodshot red. After what felt like an hour of doing chest compressions a voice in my mind whispered that she finally got what she wanted. She was finally released.

I felt guilty that I wanted her to come for another life abused just because I didn’t want her to leave. I fell from her stomach on my side next here. I didn’t try to fight the tears. I let them come as the backyard filled with tears and more tears in the air. Now I knew my eyes were bloodshot red. I tried to think about the good times I had with her but I couldn’t remember any. This life, this awful mother stripped the happiness from her and turned her into a robot. What felt like all-day I counited to sob over my dead sister. I couldn’t, no wouldn’t leave after my mother threatened me that I would be next if I didn’t go inside and started cleaning.

That ruthless woman I thought to myself angrily later that night. She doesn’t even care her firstborn is dead. I even heard her laughing over a poem she made about Mel’s time in hell. I wanted to get a nail gun and nail her to a walk to understand what she put Mel, me, Danielle, and Viccy through. How we would feel every night going to sleep. Terrified that she might come in the middle of the night and choke us until we were black and blue.

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