Agent X

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The love of his life was assassinated, so he felt he had no purpose anymore. But the syndicate found him. Meet agent X

Mystery / Romance
Rosie wednesday
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Syndicate one

"Your family, your friends, every person you've ever met, you will no longer remember" his deep voice explained over the loudspeakers "do you understand?"

"Yes sir" i let out as tears left my eyes "do it" i whispered before i felt a sharp object plunge into the back of neck causing me to fall to my knees in complete darkness

"Soldier" a voice rang out as my eyes began to focus

"Ready to comply" i said back

"Your first target is a girl" he paused looking deep into my eyes "she's stolen something very important to us, and we need it back" he handed a golden folder over to me "she'll be attending a party tonight, meaning so will you"

I opened the folder

"Do you know her?" he asked

"No sir"

"Excellent soldier... Agent X?" i turned to face the man

"You will be rewarded greatly" he exclaimed with a slight smile

"All for the Sydicate sir " i nodded off getting ready for the lovely party

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