Mask Truth

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Adam is a 16 year old boy who believes he's a psychopath, then he meets a girl who may be more of a pychopath than him.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

"I'm Adam... And I'm pretty sure I'm a psychopath. It all started when my dad died, ever since that night I tend to not feel things." "What about your mom, Adam?" What happen to her." the therapist asked." She was the one who killed him. They was in an argument about money, we were going to lose the house. Mom was mad dad didn't tell her sooner about us getting evicted, he didn't want her to worry. And he stormed out of the house, mom followed.

Whenever they got in a argument dad goes to a hotel and mom think he cheats. She followed him out and picked up a rock that was on the ground, and hit him in the back of his head. She bashed his head in until you couldn't even see his face, only blood. "Adam says not showing any emotion."

You must be trammatize by seeing that. "the therapist said." It happen over 7 years ago. I moved on from that. " Adam says and gets up." Is my session over now, I'm tired. ""okay well I'll see next Wednesday and by the way, you have a home here in this orphanage. You can always come to me." There are people here that care about you. "the therapist say.

Adam leaves the orphanage therapist and goes to his room. There's 2 bunk beds in each room. Adam goes to his top bunk. 20 minutes later. John comes in the room, John gets what he wants because he's bigger than the rest of the kids." Hey!" John yells while entering, waking Adam up. "You deaf kid? Get up I want that bed." Adam looks at John and lay down

"Hey! Get up Now. Or you're going to be getting a beating."John say angry. "No." Adam say. John whistles*two buff 17 year Olds appear. "Last chance!"Adam does not move. John pulls Adam down from the top bed onto the solid hard floor. The two guys pulls Adam up and hold him back as John punches him, first in the nose twice then blood drips and John punches him In his stomach. Adam kick John in his groin. And runs out of the room blood on his shirt. "I'm going to kill you!" John yells as they run after Mark.

Adam takes two left turns and bumps into someone. He falls and look up to see two people they look like a couple. "Mark."the manager say through clenched teeth angrily."Its okay he's just being a kid and running around." the woman say. The man offer his hand to help Adam up. Adam looks at it but ignore it and get up on his own. "Don't be rude Adam say hello." the manager said. "Hi."Adam say as John an d his two friends show up. Out of breath."

What is with you kids today running. "the manager say." Go on now, I have a tour to show this lovely couple to see if they will adopt. "John runs away and John and the guy run after him." Kids, they play. Anyway have anyone caught your eye. "the couple look at each other, smile and the woman say," That boy, Adam was it. "the manager was surprised."

Are you sure that Adam is the one. There are others so your options aren't limited. "the manager say." Excuse me. "the woman say." He's just hard to handle I mean because of his background. His mom killed his dad in front of him and his mom is serving life. "the manager say." Oh my God. That is horrible I feel sad for him. "

" He's just gone through so much, I just don't want you to give him up after you take him in. "the manager say." How many times did he get adopted? "the man ask." About 5 times. ""What happened?" they ask. "He killed some of their pets and hid their stuff. That's what I think happened at least, they say that the cats just ran away. But that just don't make any sense, the cat had a loving family and shelter. He is a child straight from Satan himself." they couple gasp* by her words and they were not happy.

You can tell the woman wanted to smack the manager but the guy stood in front of her and said," We think that you're wrong, hes just a kid! And we'll like to adopt him. "The manager showed them to her office to get the paperwork. Adam ran and hid in the janitor closet." You can't hid forever Kid! "John yells walking. Adam notice a crowbar and grabbed it as John stops in front of the janitor closet. John place his hand on the doorknob and Adam tightens his grip on the crowbar." Hey? John have you seen Adam. "

" No I haven't seen him, sorry. "" What are you doing trying to get in the janitor closet. "the manager say." looking for cleaning supplies. "John say." Go somewhere get out of the hallway. "the manager say. John and his friend leave the hallway and the Manger goes. Adam opens the door and sets the crowbar in the janitor closet.

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