Undesirable Sanity

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Dimitris’ laugh echoed throughout the Household Trial room.

“Welcome all to the third Household Trial! Today you’ll all be unraveling the truth behind Seto’s death!”

Nate noticed two more black and white portraits with red X’s through them; one of Peter and one of Seto.

“It seems that we’ve got two mysteries to solve this time,” Brayden said. “We also need to find out who attacked Nate. Of course, they can’t be executed, but they can definitely be posed as a threat from now on.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“So, we should start with Nate’s case first, because it could lead to clues as to who killed Seto,” Bruce suggested. Thomas nodded. “The culprits are probably the same person, right?”

Randy frowned. “I don’t think so, actually. The culprit for Nate’s attack might not have wanted to take risks. Anyways, let’s just start with Nate’s mystery first.”

Mike turned to face Nate. “So what can you tell us right before you were attacked?”

Nate looked around at the circle of curious faces. “Well, I was sitting in the Living Room on the second floor, just...thinking about everything that’s been happening lately. I started to hear footsteps behind me, so I went to turn around to see who was there, but I felt something hit me in the head, hard. It was obviously the person knocking me out, and that’s all I remember. I never saw the culprit or the weapon.”

Brayden frowned. “Hm. So what time was that around?”

“Uh, sometime in the afternoon, after lunch. I left the Dining Hall after Seto, and I didn’t see anyone else as I was walking to the Living Room, or when I was in the Living Room,” Nate replied.

Bruce tilted his head. “Could the culprit have already been in the Living Room, hiding, perhaps?”

Nate shook his head. “I don’t...think so. I think I would have seen if they were already there.”

Bruce looked thoughtful. “They could have been hiding somewhere in the hallway, right? In the bathroom or the Study Room?”

Brayden nodded. “That makes sense...”

Leroy’s eyes widened. “Could that have something to do with why Seto was found in the Study Room, and not the Alchemy Room?”

Mike leaned forward eagerly. “We were all down at the Dining Room when Nate left except for Seto. Nobody saw Seto go down to the Alchemy Room, right? He could have been waiting in the Study Room the whole time, waiting for someone like Nate to come down.”

Randy nodded. “He could have even just been there, noticed Nate, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try and kill him.”

Mark frowned. “Then how do you think Seto was murdered? It was obviously after Nate, so he’s still a suspect, but who could have killed him after?”

Everyone went quiet, thinking.

“Wait!” Nate exclaimed. “Wasn’t Seto’s knife bloody? What if...what if he slit his own throat with it?”

Everyone’s eyes widened. “The blood on the knife definitely shows that blood had been drawn with it...and the way we found Seto’s body, and the wound inflicted, it makes sense,” Thomas pointed out with a nod.

“You’re saying Seto killed himself?!” Casey exclaimed.

Bruce shook his head. “I don’t think so. First of all, why would Seto kill himself in the first place? Seto was smart; it couldn’t have been something stupid like guilt or anything.”

“Seto was found dead after Nate was found alive,” Mike pointed out. “He might have been afraid we would have found out he was the true culprit and didn’t want to be treated with suspicion and caution when we found out...”

“Wait, that doesn’t make sense though,” Josh interjected. “The way we found Seto...it looked like he had died right then and there, right? Then why was there a bloody rag hidden in the bathroom across the hall?”

Everyone thought about this for a moment. Brayden sighed. “I’m not sure about that, but we should be focusing on Nate’s attack.”

Greg spoke up. “But...we can confirm that it was Seto who hit Nate with the crowbar, right?” he asked nervously.

Nate nodded his head but paused. He exchanged a look with Josh.

“Greg,” Nate said slowly. “How did you know the weapon was a crowbar?”

Greg jumped in surprise. “I-I...!”

Mark frowned. “Was he just guessing?”

Josh shook his head. “No, Nate, and I found a bloody crowbar in the closet on the third floor. It was obviously the weapon used on Nate.”

Leroy looked over at Greg in shock. “Greg, you were the one who tried to kill Nate, weren’t you?!”

Greg seemed speechless, and he was visibly shaking. Thomas narrowed his eyes. “You might as well admit it. You won’t be punished, because Nate isn’t dead...unless, did you kill Seto, too, then?”

Everyone stared at Greg. “Speak up, already!” Mike demanded.

Greg shook his head shakily. “N-no...I would never t-try to hurt Nate...”

“Then how’d you know about the crowbar when only Josh and Nate had seen it?” Casey asked with a look of shock and disgust on his face. “Don’t say you found it when investigating. You wouldn’t have sounded so sure the weapon was the crowbar unless you had known for a fact that it was the murder weapon!”

Greg looked around, shaking violently. “B-Because...it was Mark! M-Mark was the one who found the crowbar in the first place!” he exclaimed, pointing to Mark.

“Blaming Mark for no reason? That’s just low,” Leroy muttered. Nate looked over at Mark, who had only tilted his head to the side with a calm expression. Shouldn’t he be a bit more worried? Nate thought.

To everyone’s surprise, Mark just gave a small chuckle. “And why do you suspect me, Greg?”

Greg glared at Mark, gripping the sides of his podium. “Because...Y-You were there!”

Mark blinked. “Can you prove it?”

Greg looked down. “N...no...”

Mark gave a lighthearted chuckle and a small smile. “Then you’re shamelessly trying to blame me, with no specific evidence to support you,” he replied calmly.

How is this guy so calm?!, Nate asked himself.

“So...Greg, you were obviously the one who attacked Nate, then, right?” Mike asked.

Greg was silent.

“Greg?” Randy asked.

Greg was silent.

Greg!” Thomas demanded.

Greg looked down at the ground, gripping the sides of his podium. He suddenly stopped shaking, a clam expression suddenly appearing on his face. Slowly, one hand rose to his face and removed his 3D red and blue glasses. With a simple flick, he turned the glasses inside out. Nate noticed with a pang of uneasiness that on this side, both lenses were red as Greg slowly put the glasses back on and raised his head to face everyone again.

When Nate saw his face, his eyes widened. Greg was now wearing a large, unnatural, almost insane smile.

“Ahahahaha! I guess you caught me! Boo-Hoo!” Greg exclaimed, raising his hands and tilting his head to the right as he said ‘Boo’ and to the left as he said ‘Hoo’.

“Greg, what are you doing?” Bruce asked with a frown.

“So you’re admitting?” Thomas asked, raising an eyebrow.

Greg glared at Bruce. “Don’t call me that! That’s not my name.”

Randy frowned. “Pretty sure it is.”

Greg glared at everyone. “I’m not Greg! I’m Suiko! Suiko the Basher, to be exact!”

“Greg, what’s gotten into you?” Casey asked with a frightened and confused expression.

Greg gritted his teeth. “I said, don’t call me that! I’m Suiko!

Brayden folded his arms. “Alright then, Suiko, what are you doing?”

Greg or “Suiko” laughed loudly. “I thought it was time to shed that terrified little idiot Greg’s skin and show you all me for once!”

Leroy’s eyes widened. “This...this is the real you? Greg was just an act?”

Suiko shook his head with a smug smile. “No, no, no! Greg is real! I’m real too! We just have split personalities!”

Casey took a step back. “You mean...Greg has multiple personalities?”

Suiko smiled, a terrifying smile. “Not multiple. Just me. The two of us. Nothing more!”

Brayden frowned. “So...Greg had a second personality...what are you, exactly, then?”

The red lenses in Suiko’s glasses glinted. “I told you, fish! I’m Suiko the Basher! I’m a killer who bashes people!”

Everyone stared at him in shock and fear.

“Then hitting Nate on the head with a crowbar sounds exactly like something you’d do!” Josh exclaimed.

Suiko chuckled. “Well, duh! That’s because I did it! I attacked Nate. It was obvious! But you can’t kill me for it, Nah-Nah!” he tormented childishly.

“Oh? Who said you didn’t kill Seto, too?” Mike asked.

Suiko laughed. “Don’t you idiots listen to anything I say? I’m a basher, not a slasher. If I was gonna kill Seto, I would’ve given him a nice old thwack on the head with something. A big book, maybe.”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “You’re still under suspicion.”

Nate looked over at Suiko. “So...if you attacked me, and not Greg, then how did Greg know all that stuff?”

Suiko laughed again. “Sometimes, our memories get a bit mixed up! We might remember bits and pieces of something the other was present for, and that’s what happened with Greg! He knew about the crowbar and Mark, but the poor soul didn’t know why!”

Bruce frowned. “Wait, so then Mark was there?” Suiko nodded. “Yep! He was being a sneaky one, trying to get Greg to attack Nate. He saw the perfect opportunity! However, all that talk triggered me instead. How lucky for him!”

Casey looked over at Mark. “Mark, is this true?”

To everyone’s surprise, Mark gave a small laugh and smiled. “Yep. I tried to prompt Greg to kill you. Then, I realized that he had another personality! It was fascinating! He said his name was Suiko, and Suiko generously offered to kill Nate instead.”

Everyone stared at Mark. “Mark...why would you do that?!” Nate demanded.

Mark laughed, a bit louder than his quiet, lighthearted chuckle. “I wanted to test Greg’s hope. Greg seemed the most nervous out of anyone, the one to most easily fall to despair. So I gave him the perfect opportunity to kill and see if he really did have enough hope. And now I realize why his hope seems so weak! It’s because he has a completely different personality, overflowing with despair!”

“You’re insane...trying to get someone to kill to ‘test their hope?’ What would you have done if Nate actually died?!” Mike exclaimed.

Mark shrugged. “Well, then I would know who to watch out for. I wouldn’t be the one getting executed; I could have clearly proved to you it was Greg, or Suiko, actually.”

Nate stared at Mark in shock. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t. Mark had seemed so calm and polite and was becoming a good friend of his. Had he really gotten Suiko to try and murder him, just to “test his hope”?

And Greg! Greg, who was always quiet and nervous, had a second personality as a killer! Who else was secretly insane amongst the Superhumans?

“Mark...” Bruce said slowly. “So if it was you and Suiko who attacked Nate all along, then which one of you killed Seto?”

Everyone turned to look at the two.

Suiko shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I just did what I was told, and that was to bash Nate.”

“Mark?” Leroy asked.

Mark gave his signature calm, small smile. “I wish I could tell you. Really, I do. You all seem to have a fair amount of hope. However, I don’t know who killed Seto. It was neither me, nor Greg, nor Suiko.”

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