Undesirable Sanity

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Nate awoke with a startled gasp, lying on his back in a bed.

He sat up, panting. What was he so worried about? Suddenly, he remembered that today was a very special day; the day that he had he’d been chosen to tour the new Dimitris house.

As he got up from his bed and reached for his glasses on his nightstand, he paused.

Hadn’t he already gone to the mansion?

Why didn’t he remember going inside?

He put on his glasses, big, chunky, nerdy glasses, that may have looked weird, but he liked them, and looked around, startled. This was not his room.

It was a nice, large, open-spaced room, with a plain empty wooden desk with drawers and a wooden chair in one corner. The walls were bright, elegant red with a faint floral pattern, and the bed he had just aroused from was plain and white.

There were two closed doors on the far wall.

On his nightstand next to the bed, where his glasses had mysteriously been placed, was a note on a plain white piece of paper.

He cautiously picked up the note, adjusted his glasses, and read what was scribbled in quick writing: “Welcome to Dimitris’ Mansion of Despair. Please head directly to the Dining Hall.”

Below the note were directions to this “Dining Hall’.

Nate slowly crumpled the paper up, put it in his pocket, and went to the two doors. One door was closer to him since the wall jutted out there. He opened this door to only find a plain bathroom. He closed the door and tried the second one, which was farther back.

Behind this door was a long shadowy hallway that went as far as he could see. He pulled the note out of his pocket and followed the directions scribbled down on the paper.

Nate pushed open the large door that stood before him, the door the directions had led him to.

When he opened it, he was taken aback by what was inside. The Dining Room was a large, long, and high-roofed room with deep brown walls illuminated by flickering lamps. There were long tables on either side of the room, but the middle was empty for one to walk down. Past the tables was an open area with a stage-like area, with two large TV screens on the walls behind.

Gathered around the stage were fifteen other people, all murmuring and chatting amongst themselves.

“Hey! There’s another!” some guy with short dark brown hair, facial hair, and bright red shades called from the crowd as Nate walked towards them. He was dressed casually in black pants and a black vest with a white undershirt.

“Did you wake up in a room, too?” a purple-cloaked guy with wide brown eyes asked.

“Yeah...what is this place?” Nate asked.

“Well, we don’t know, but we think this is Dimitris’ Mansion,” a guy in a Batman costume explained.

“Dimitris’ Mansion? I was supposed to go there today!” Nate exclaimed.

“We all were,” a blue fishlike creature in a suit explained. “Apparently all sixteen of us were to come here, and no one knew anyone else was coming.”

“So, everyone’s finally here!” a booming voice echoed around the room.

Suddenly, a man in a black tuxedo and darker grey pants leaped out onto the stage from nowhere. He was a well-groomed man, probably between the ages of 30 and 40. His clean-shaven face and set jawbone instantly told the crowd that he was in charge. He carried a silver, metal walking stick with a large ruby fastened to the top, even though it was clear by the way he stood that he didn’t need it. This was Dimitris.

“Welcome, to Dimitris’ Mansion of Despair! Well, My Mansion of Despair,” the man introduced in his booming voice.

“Sorry. That must hurt your ears,” he said in a quieter that was still clearly audible.

“You’re Dimitris?” a guy with brown sideburns and headphones standing near Nate asked.

“That’s right!” Dimitris said. “And this is, indeed, my mansion!”

A guy with bright yellow-blonde hair stepped up. “Wait, is this the tour? Where do we start?” he asked. Dimitris laughed. “The tour!” He mirrored with a chuckle. “It’s simple. Actually, not really. Anyway, this is a special Mansion. You sixteen are very special people. Each of you has a special talent, a Superhuman talent, which is why I chose all of you to be here. You do not leave this tour by simply finishing, or destroying me. Anyone who tries to destroy me will suffer a painful death, by the way. The key to escaping this ‘tour’ is much, much different. To ‘win’, and escape Dimitris’ Mansion of Despair, you must kill one of your peers and get away with it!”

There was a shocked silence.

“W-what?” a melon-man in a floral-patterned shirt asked quietly.

“You heard me! To get out of here, you’ll have to kill someone and not get caught,” Dimitris repeated.

“This is some kind of joke, right?” someone from the back of the crowd asked bluntly.

Dimitris laughed. “Oh, oh you wish! But no. This is how it works; you will all live in this house together. Forever. Food will always be restocked; you will survive here. Unless someone doesn’t want to spend their entire life here and kills you. Or, if you don’t want to spend your entire life here, you can kill someone! When someone murders one of their fellows here, and once the corpse is found, a certain amount of time will pass before we have a Household Trial.”

In the Household Trial, you will all debate over whodunit. If you all can guess who the murderer was, then the murderer will be executed in a terrible, torturing way. But if you guess the wrong person as the murderer, you will ALL be executed, except for the real murderer, who gets to leave the Mansion!”

Everyone stared at Dimitris in silence. “S-so, we can only leave this place by killing’?” The blonde said quietly.

“Yep! And not getting found out,” Dimitris confirmed.

“Do we have to k-kill now?” A guy in a blue spacesuit asked, looking around at everyone fearfully.

“Ahahah! Of course not. Murder them however you want, whenever you want. I don’t care if you stuff an apple down their throat or drown them in the toilet, as long as you aren’t caught!” Dimitris exclaimed.

“This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real...” a bacca in a suit muttered to himself, kneeling to the floor and putting his paws over his head, shaking.

“Oh, but it is. I’ve explained the rules to all of you. You can rot here, or kill and escape...hopefully. Or, y’know, you could always BE killed yourselves! Ahahaha!” Dimitris laughed.

“Why are you doing this?! What kind of sick Mansion are we living in?!” a guy with shades, short brown hair, and a purple and yellow amulet exclaimed.

“Well, it is a Mansion of Despair,” Dimitris said with a chuckle. “Now, I fear it is time I must go. Good luck with your murders!” Dimitris said happily, and poof, he was gone.

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