Undesirable Sanity

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Everyone was silent, in shock. A guy with light brown hair and a black and red checkered hoodie walked over to the bacca, who was still crouched down and shaking.

“Hey. Get up. It’s all right,” he said quietly.

The bacca looked up, his teeth clenched and his eyes wide with fear. “N-no it’s not! We’re all gonna d-die if we don’t kill each other first!” he exclaimed painfully.

“Who said we had to kill each other?” robot with a red cloak pointed out, taking a step forward. “We could turn on each other, and kill to survive, or we could work together, and cooperate to find a way out of here with our lives.” Everyone was silent.

“Y-yeah!” The blonde guy chimed in. “There must be a way out of this mansion! We all need to just work together. As a team!”

The bacca slowly rose to his feet, still shaking and hugging himself. “B-but what if someone betrays us?” he asked quietly.

The checkered-hoodie guy looked around at everyone with a calm gaze. “Then they will not be cooperating. They will be picked out at the Household Trial, and... eliminated.”

Once again, a deafening silence. “Well! Why don’t we get to know each other a little better? Then we can all go explore this house together!” Blonde exclaimed. “I’m Bruce, Superhuman Artist!”

“L-Leroy, Superhuman Lumberjack,” the bacca introduced.

“Greg, Superhuman Singer,” the melon-man said.

“Thomas, Superhuman Sniper,” checkered-hoodie said.

“Mike, Superhuman Runner,” the robot said.

“I’m Seto, Superhuman Sorcerer,” the purple-cloaked guy introduced.

“Randy, Superhuman Strongman,” Batman said.

“Nate, Superhuman Actor,” Nate said.

“Casey, Superhuman Voice Actor,” the guy with the amulet introduced.

“Mark, Superhuman Acrobat,” headphones-guy said.

“Trevor, Superhuman Songwriter,” the guy with red shades introduced.

“Brayden, Superhuman Swimmer,” the amphibious humanoid creature said.

“Ivan, Superhuman Baker,” a guy that looked similar to Trevor, but with black shades, said.

“Josh, Superhuman Astronomer,” the spaceman said.

“Peter, Superhuman Fighter,” a guy with short black hair, facial hair, and an amulet that looked like Casey’s said.

“Bill, Superhuman Constructor,” someone with shades and a suit with an orange and yellow striped tie said.

“Well, why don’t we go and explore the mansion now? See what we can find, and look for exits?” Peter suggested, and the sixteen men set off to explore Dimitris’ Mansion of Despair.

As the guys all split up (into small groups of at least three) they explored the mansion they would be trapped in forever. From what they could find, they were only on the first floor of the mansion, since stairs were leading up that were barred to prevent entry. On this first floor was a hallway with all their bedrooms, each with a plaque on the door with the name of whoever slept there.

There was also the huge Dining Hall, where they had been summoned by Dimitris, and not too far away was a large kitchen, which would be restocked daily, according to Dimitris.

Besides that, there was another room that they found rather peculiar.

As Josh, Pete, Brayden, Seto, and Nate were walking down a hall near the bedrooms, they noticed two large, stained glass windows were on one of the walls. One depicted a swamp in a pond, with many different shades of blue and green glass. The other depicted a clear blue sky with a yellow sun on the top half and a dark starry night and moon on the bottom half.

There was some sort of bright light on the other side of the windows, casting beautiful rays of color onto the mansion hallway.

“Windows? I thought all windows were blocked,” Josh asked.

“What’s on the other side of the door?” Peter asked.

“One way to find out,” Nate said and pushed open the door. On the inside was a medium-sized room with two bright lamps in either corner, providing the light they saw outside.

On all three walls, except the one with the stained glass windows, were stacks of bookshelves. In the middle of the room, there was a long table, probably eight feet long and three feet deep, with some foreign glass vials with different colored substances inside them. Probably the most outstanding of it all were the Bunsen burners. Never had Nate seen so many Bunsen burners in one place!

“No escape here. Just another room,” Brayden said disappointedly.

“They have alchemy sets here?” Seto asked interestedly.

“Yeah, I doubt they’d be any use though,” Peter pointed out, but Seto had already walked up to the table and was looking at the recipes nearby.

“Wait...are you reading that?” Josh asked.

“Yep! Alchemy Books are written in Latin,” Seto explained.

“Is there any useful information in there?” Peter asked.

“Hm... not really. Just stuff about alchemy and Dimitris, Seto said disappointedly as he read on.

“Oh well,” Brayden sighed. They had all hoped the room would be of some importance, but it was just another set in this twisted house…

“It is now ten o‘clock!” Dimitris‘ voice boomed throughout the mansion. “All houseguests should make their way to bed! Hope you survive the night... hehe!”

“Everyone exchanged fearful glances and started heading to their halls. At least everyone knew more about this mansion now.

When Nate got into his room, he looked over at the door that led into the hallway.

“Just to be safe...” he muttered to himself, grabbing the chair from his desk and putting it under the doorknob, locking it, too. He walked over to his plain bed, took off his glasses and put them on his nightstand, and eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.

The next morning, Nate walked into the Dining Hall, yawning, as some of his peers were already eating breakfast. As he walked past everyone to get to the kitchen, which was connected to the Dining Hall, he noticed something different. Josh wasn’t wearing his helmet; he was still wearing his blue spacesuit, but under his helmet, he looked like a normal guy, with short brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hey Josh, why aren’t you wearing your helmet?” Nate asked.

“Helmets aren’t allowed to be worn in the mansion,” Josh sighed, looking unhappy.

“Ugh. Dimitris has got some rules, doesn’t he?” Peter said disgustedly.

Nate went into the kitchen and snagged some bacon that one of his friends cooked up. Coming back out, he saw more people had arrived, but they were all chattering anxiously amongst themselves.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, setting the bacon down on the table.

“Trevor, Casey, and Greg aren’t here yet,” Mark explained. “Maybe they just overslept?” he suggested hopefully.

“How about three of us go check?” Nate suggested.

“I’ll go,” Mark offered.

“Me, too,” Seto offered.

The three left the Dining Hall and headed toward the bedrooms, knocking on Casey’s door first (the bedrooms were in alphabetical order).

“Casey, you in there?” Mark asked cautiously.

“Five…More…Minutes…” Casey’s muffled voice called sleepily from the other side.

“Casey, get up!” Mark said louder.

“Oh, it’s breakfast already?” Casey asked, opening the door.

“Yup. You should probably head to the Dining Hall so everyone knows you’re all right,” Nate advised. Casey nodded and headed down the hall.

Next, they knocked on Greg’s door.

“Gah! G-go away!” a high pitched voice riddled with fear called from the inside.

“Greg, calm down. It’s Nate, Mark, and Seto. We just came to call you for breakfast,” Mark said slowly.

“…Alright…” Greg said cautiously and slowly peeked his head out of the door. When he saw the three of them standing there unarmed, he instantly relaxed and came out. “Geez…this place is scary, man…” Greg sighed.

“We know…everyone’s in the Dining Hall having breakfast,” Seto told him. Greg nodded and took off towards the Dining Hall.

Lastly, they knocked on Trevor’s door. “Trevor, you in there?” Nate called. No response.

The three exchanged fearful looks.

“Trevor?” Nate asked, knocking louder. He held his ear up to the door. Silence on the other side.

Mark turned the knob on the handle, and the door swung open.

“It’s unlocked…” Mark said.

“Can’t they only be locked from the inside?” Nate asked.

“Yeah…” Mark confirmed, and the three cautiously proceeded into Trevor’s room.

His room looked exactly like Nate’s: red floral pattern walls, a bed, a desk, and a bathroom door. Nate walked over to the bathroom door and opened it slowly, but it was empty.

“Trevor?” Seto called from the front of the room. They looked everywhere, but the room was empty.

“W-where could he be?” Nate asked fearfully.

“Maybe he already went down to the Dining Hall?” Mark suggested.

“We would have seen him,” Seto said grimly, shaking his head.

“Maybe he’s in that Alchemy Room?” Nate asked.

“Let’s go check…” Seto said, and they rushed out of Trevor’s room down to the Alchemy Room.

“This doesn’t look good,” Mark said nervously as they slowed, halting in front of the door.

The window to the left of the door, the swamp one, had a large jagged hole on the bottom. Seto slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. He looked around, but something that Mark and Nate couldn’t see from the outside caught his eye, and he slowly took a step back, his mouth hanging slightly open and his already big eyes widening.

“Seto, what’s wrong?” Mark demanded as he and Nate followed him inside. When they followed Seto’s gaze, Mark jumped back, and Nate screamed.

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