Undesirable Sanity

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The trial room was silent.

The sixteen wooden stands were still neatly arranged in the wide circle they had always been in. Six were empty. Ten contained picture frames on poles, with a monochromatic portrait of a dead houseguest, a large red X through their face. The most recent one showed the face of Mark and was standing in the place of Bill’s stand. On Mark’s stand now was a picture of Bill.

A corpse lay sprawled out on the floor outside the circle, lying facedown in a pool of dark red blood. The corpse of the mastermind, who had been Bill all along.

On the opposite side of the room sat a large, fancy throne, connected to the sixteen stands forming the circle. And on that throne sat a man.

“Ahaha, so this is truly over, huh?” The man chuckled to himself, his voice echoing throughout the empty room. His mischievous, glowing white eyes glanced over at the corpse. “You deserved it, buddy,” the man said to the dead body. “Taking over like that. Pff! We had a deal.”

The man stood up and got off the throne, brushing off his tuxedo. He strolled over to where the corpse lay and looked down at it. He could see the gap in the back of his dead accomplice from where he had shot him, and the feeling of satisfaction coursed through his body once more.

The man’s eyes narrowed as something caught his eye. There was something in the back pocket of Bill’s pants. The man eagerly bent down and snatched it. His eyes lit up when he saw what the object was.

“Oho! What do we have here?!” he chuckled to himself again. “Bill, my friend, you really want your despair to live on, don’t ya?”

The man slipped the item into the pocket of his own grey pants. “I’ll keep this safe for ya, not like you’ll be needing it anytime soon!”

The man chuckled again, strolled away from Bill’s corpse, and stopped once he was in the center of the circle.

“This mansion truly was a blast,” the man said aloud. “But, I was just the puppet, right? I was used, and therefore wasn’t able to enjoy everyone’s despair as much as I’d have liked...”

The man sighed, but after a few moments, a terrible grin spread across his face.

“Hahaha! But wait? Who said the fun had to end here?”

He stood up a little taller. “Who says we can’t do this again? Who says there’s hope restored to this world just yet?”

His grin grew wider with happiness. “Who says that the Mutual Killing ends here? The game isn’t always over forever!”

He gave a giddy laugh. “When the game’s over, you can always reset! Yes, reset this game of hope and despair! And this time...this time, I’ll be the one calling all the shots!”

He threw out his arms and laughed triumphantly. “I am Dimitris, and this time, I’ll be the true mastermind!”

Dimitris’ laughter echoed around the empty trial room as he was filled with joy at his new idea.

He was unaware of the transparent, lavender figure that silently listened from behind the throne.


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