Ocean haze

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This story is about a girl named Feather, she is a teenager with a normal life in a normal town. That is, until a murder happened. Everybody is scared for their lives, as they don’t know who it is. Feather does research on any other murders, and is surprised at what she sees. Could it be that one of her loved ones is a assassin that kills for money? Find out more in this suspenseful and mysterious book that you have in your hands, dear reader.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Ocean Haze

Feather woke up to the chirp of the birds outside on a pine branch, singing its heart out. She looked at the clear window that was cleaned by her parents. She blinked open her eyes and looked around her room. There was huge arched letters on the front of her door with a nice teal tint. It read FEATHER. She smiled as she got up from the bed, pulling the covers aside to reveal her dark purple pajamas. She yawned and opened up her door for breakfast. She moved quite briskly, stepping down the dark wooden stairs. She got a little tired at walking down the stairs but nonetheless walked to the table. The aroma of bacon and pancakes cooking hit her nose. Her stomach rumbled as she sat on a cushiony chair. Her father was reading the newspaper, his eyes droopy. He took a quick swig of the coffee on the table and muttered to himself as he read the newspaper. He was a strict businessman with slicked back hair and a thin, black mustache and beard.”Hello honey. Are you hungry?” A sweet voice asked from behind her as she whipped her head around and nodded eagerly to her mother. Her long brown hair was in a bun. She had a slim shape and a warm smile with a angeletic ascetic to her.”Breakfast will be ready soon. In the meantime, why don’t you play with your sister?” She hummed, gesturing a hand to Lily’s room.”Okay!” She was already racing away, planning to scare her awake. As soon as her room was in sight, she quietly crept inside, a smile peeling onto her face. Her bedroom was a mess, her clothes carelessly tossed and snacks littering the place. Didn’t she know how to clean up after herself? She asked in her mind as she scrunched up her nose in disgust at her older sisters messiness. She stalked up to her and waited a little, the only noise was her snoring. She leaped onto her, yelling,”WAKE UP LAZY!!” Lily’s eyes instantly shot open and she pushed her off. Her surprised face melted into a deathly stare as she got pushed off the bed, to which was patterned with stars. Oh she’s annoyed. She told herself, giggling uncontrollably. Her black hair stuck up like a hedgehog’s needles, pissed off.”You should have seen the look on your face!” She managed to tease before proceeding to laugh even harder.”Shut up!” She hissed, clearly in a bad mood.”Well, want breakfast, since your up?” Feather asked as she wiped off a shedded tear.”Well, yeah.” Lily had put a hand to her hip and practically towered over her.”Then cmon!” She called and darted off to the table. Her mother was singing to a tune, placing the piping hot food onto the table. For breakfast today was eggs, pancakes, bacon, and strawberries. She plopped herself down on a chair, stabbing a fork into her yellow scrambled eggs. Lily had caught up, sitting down and gobbling her food up like some starving animal. She scooped it up and shoveled it into her mouth. The flavor was buttery and savory as she swallowed. She noticed that her dad’s eyes practically popped from their sockets as he dropped his fork, in shock.”Whats wrong?” Feather asked as she stuffed fluffy pancakes into her mouth.”There’s been a murder.” He muttered. The room became quiet, the only sound being birds singing outside and people scuffling around. A tint of worry edged her mother’s vision as she nervously looked over the paper, her eyes wide as an owl’s.”Who would do such a thing?” She sounded horrified as her skin turned pale. Lily put a finger to her chin, tapping restlessly. Feather was too surprised to speak. Why? What’s so special about here that someone would want to kill these innocent people? She asked herself.”Who died...?” Lily asked before she could utter a word.”Some kid named Oliver Jones.” He replied as his gaze darkened. Her sister clapped her hands to her mouth, her eyes widening.”I knew that kid!” She gasped. Why would a murderer come to kill a kid? Maybe they’re waiting for the right moment... The thought lingered in her head ominously as she shook her head to try to clear it. Nothing more will happen....right?

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