The Killer In White

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Daniel is a college student who was living a normal life with his mother, sister and best friend, Isabella. Things was getting weird in his town. He investigates things on his own and finds out the shocking truth that would change his life upside down.

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Chapter one: The mystery

Three years ago, five people went missing from my town. There were no trace of them. After heavy investigations and searching, they found nothing. It reminded a mystery of who the killer was. It was like Jack the Ripper. About a year ago, they found corpses in an abandoned house in the woods. They were five exactly and assumed that they were the missing people. But their faces and bodies were distorted as they were unable to tell them from each other. After more investigations, they lost hope because nothing was leading to the true killer and closed the case. Till this day, it remains a mystery.

My curiosity got the best of me. I was always that kid who wants to know literally everything about a certain subject and I would keep ask questions about it. That's exactly what I'm doing to this day, as a 20 year old man. As a mystery lover, I decided to investigate things myself. I know it's completly wrong but I just can't hold myself from not knowing the truth.

At one night I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about many things about my life like my college and my best friend, Isabella. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking about the mysterious case. I didn't feel myself but get up from my bed, put on a random shirt and pants which were on the floor and a flashlight, besides my phone. So if something happened, I can call help and explain myself why I was in the woods at 1 AM.

I walked out of my house silently and made sure that my mother and sister are still asleep. Then I found a way to get out of the town and straight to the woods. It wasn't far but it took about 20 minutes to arrive there.

The old abandoned house looked very old. I heared that it was left in the woods for over 40 years. Some people witnessed ghsots in it but I don't think that it's true. I don't believe in ghosts and I'll never so that because it's all bull in all honesty.

I climbed the few steps leading to the door with a creak for obvious reasons. I took a deep breath and cleared my mind as my hand landed on the door knob and twisted it, opening it.

Things are weird from the beginning. The furniture seemed to be... New and clean. How's on earth new furniture is here when the house was inhabitant for whole 40 years? I didn't smell dust but I smelled a very horrible smell. It's like I am smelling death itself in what appeared to be the living room. I looked around the door as I took a couple of more steps in. A sofa, coffee table were placed there with a fireplace infront of them. But I immediately jumped when I caught a glimpse of blood on the white wall. I covered my hand on my mouth, I took a couple of steps towards it. Obviously it smelled horrible as well. But something was written in blood on the wall. I flashed the light at it and it said 'MICHEAL WAS HERE' Micheal! That's one of the victims. He's with me in my college and he was the popular guy between the other girls.

I was horrified already. It's the first time I get shivers down my spin like that. Who's the monster who did that to them?

But then I thought to myself: 'hey! Maybe the other rooms are going to be normal!' But I was wrong.

I went upstairs to the second floor of the house. It had a bathroom and two other bedrooms. I first checked the bathroom. It smelled horrible like the living room and this time something was written on the walls again' REST IN PEACE, EMMA' Emma used to bully me and Isabella for petty reasons. What a terrible fate she received. Yes I wanted her to die one time but not in this horrible and bad way.

I shook my head and cleared it before moving to the next bedroom. It seemed like all of them were like that. The walls had the following : 'ANGELINA DESERVED IT' The more I was reading these corrupted messages, the more and more it ached my heart. I don't know who Angelina is but I assume it was Emma's best friend but didn't bully me nor Isabella.

Now I was forcing myself to walk to the last room. Part of me wanted to just burn the house down and try to forget about it but the other part of me was still curious about what the heck had happened. As I stepped in, the first thing I looked at was the wall. It said : 'ADAM AND HARLEY... FOREVER TOGETHER.' I remember Adam and Harley were couples and I assume they were going to get engaged a year ago or something. I don't know anything else. I only know Adam a little because he was once Isabella's boyfriend but they broke up. I only know Micheal, Emma and Angelina.

My heart was pounding fast and hard in my chest as sweat dripped from my forehead. I was going to leave before something caught my eyes. A plain notebook on a desk. I was going to take it with me and leave that place but what if the Killer comes here every once in a while and finds out that the notebook is missing? Maybe it contains their secrets that might or would definitely expose them. I shook my head again and decided to open the notebook...

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