Hidden within

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the whole world is like a cage that you are hidden within, but Lyra never felt trapped- she was a survivor, a fighter, but once the world turned against her, leaving her with no one, she swear to make 'it' pay. She meets people, who disappeared, except for Lincoln, who knows something but keeps to himself. When the two really start examining the world, that's when dark secrets come out and they realise: silence is not always good. The world is only silent when you are hidden within.

Mystery / Scifi
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A dim light hovered above the precarious body of Lyra. Her shallow breathing and delicate framed seamed like it would disintegrate under touch. She was bruised and broken; internally and externally— nothing could mend her. She was slipping away from his grasp and he held her closed, tighter: like it would bring her back to life.

"Candace, do something!" He had lost his temper and nothing was going to calm him down. He couldn't lose Lyra, his sanity and life depended on her.

"I'm trying..." Candace was worn out— but she couldn't afford to lose Lyra either, she was the only one who understood her, the only person who saw deep into her soul and told her she wasn't evil. The tears that threaten to spill came out. "It's... not working..."

"Initiate phase one." All heads turned to face Olivia. "Candace, you lost your son, you know how it feels, you would do anything to bring him back regardless what Ekon said to you, I can't lose her too— you are her second mother in many ways. Please don't let her die... please."

"But it's not ready." He stuttered, "it could kill her."

"If there is any bit of me that understands my baby, then it would be the fact that she'd rather die trying to save Duncan. We can't let her die in vain. Please Candace, I know Lyra told you she believed it was ready, you have to trust her." Olivia was desperate, deep down she couldn't care less if that's how her daughter wanted to die. Lyra has always wanted to die with Ekon; she never understood how her father stood against her. Olivia was determined to bring Lyra back.


"You have to— wait, what? Did you just say Okay?" A smile crept up her visage and a warm feeling erupted in her chest.

"Yes, we are running out of time let's go..."

"I'm going in too." He bore his gaze into Candace, "we need two pods."

"But then I have to make her forget someone else... maybe me." Candace hated her self for mentioning it, Lyra couldn't forget her, who else would she have left, no one.

"No Candace, she doesn't have to remember me, I just want to be there to look after her, I can introduce my self to her, don't worry, I'll have a new beginning." He meant it, he smiled at Olivia, searching for her approval. She nodded.

"Candace, make that three."

"Ready?" Candace still wasn't convinced, will this save her son? Or will it just kill Lyra?

"Yes."He and Olivia assured Candace in unison.

"Initiating phase one."

It all went dark— the world was caved in endless black. Would light never come back?

"No" a wicked smile played upon her lips. "You fell for me again."

Dear readers, you can chose to make this the beginning of the story or even the end, I won't be dictating where it fits. But I will let you think about something: what does "initiate phase one" mean?

I made this short for a reason, I'll let you think why.

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