Bantering With A Dandy (Book 3)

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Chapter 26

“Mom. Mom. There are people at the door,” Colo said.

Banter rose from the kitchen table where she had been telling Bea about the club and what it had been used for.

“Get something cold to drink you two. You look hot,” she said.

Both boys looked a little flush. The dogs were panting.

It was late morning. Banter was planning on heading into work in a few minutes to help with the paperwork that she knew was stacking up from last night.

“Can I help you?” she said once she reached the door that the boys had left open.

There was a woman dressed in khaki slacks and a blue top. Banter hoped the woman wasn’t from a religious group looking for donations. However, there was a white van parked at the curb. There was a picture of a bloodhound on the side that caused her heart to jump.

“Hi. We heard about your bloodhound. We were wondering if she might be one we lost,” the woman said.

A man was coming up from the van.

“We found her at the pound,” Banter said.

“My dog,” Kyle said from behind her.

“Yes, we know. She went roaming, and we figured that is where she would end up. When we checked for her, we found you had adopted her already. We microchip all of our dogs, but they don’t always check it like they should.”

“I was told our dog had no chip.”

“Could we check? It takes a lot of expense to train a dog and this one we know was pretty good.”

The man reached them and handed the woman a scanner.

“Sure. No harm in looking. Patsy.”

“My dog,” Kyle said again.

“Where is your dog?”

Patsy appeared. The moment she saw the man, she commenced her growling.

“Tigger,” the man said.

The name just intensified Patsy’s growl. The hair on the back of her neck bristled.

“Let me,” Banter said.

She took the scanner and waved it over Patsy. The scanner beeped.

“She does have a chip,” Banter said with some surprise.

“My dog,” Kyle said again with conviction.

“His dog,” Banter said in support of Kyle.

“I understand, but…” the woman said.

Patsy lowered her head and deepened her growl.

“I think the dog has decided,” Banter said.

“Tigger, heel,” the man said in a gruff voice.

“She only knows hand commands,” Kyle said, making the heel sign.

Patsy heeled to Kyle while still growling.

“At the moment, Patsy is a police dog,” Banter said.

She flashed her ID long enough for both of them to see.

“I think possession is… what do they say… nine-tenths of the law? Patsy is Kyle’s dog.”

The man moved forward a step and Patsy snapped at him.


He threw up his hands and walked away.

“He said a bad word,” Kyle whispered.

“Well, Patsy said a bad word to him first.”

“If you have a local need, let us know. We will be willing to lend her out,” Banter said.

The woman looked back at the man then to Banter.

“Her original name was Tigger. She’s three years old. You have a card or phone number?”

Banter gave out her phone number.


The woman again glanced back at the man who was waiting by the van.

“I think this is the last dog he trains. He’s too...mean,” the woman said.

“Patsy has shown a dislike for men,” Banter said.

“Glad to see she has found a good home.”

“She’s family now,” Kyle said.

The woman smiled.

“Have a good day.”

She turned and walked back to the van.

“My dog,” Kyle said in a soft voice.

“No. Our dog,” Banter said.

Patsy ended her growl and wagged her tail.

The van pulled away but another car pulled up.

“Now who?”

She watched Jean leave the car and walk up to the house.

“Hi,” Jean said, looking a little shy. “Sorry to bother you but Corey said you were home.”

“Come on in.”

Jean stepped into the house.

“It’s too hot to be outside,” Banter said, closing the door. “How is Jed doing.”

Jean again gave a shy smile.

“He’s going to be okay.”

Banter knew that he had been grazed on his forehead by a bullet and took a few hits in the chest, but those were stopped by his bullet proof vest.

“I…I thought maybe you could help me.”

“Come on into the kitchen.”

Bea rose and knew to leave. The boys settled in the living room with their readers and the dogs.

“”What can I help you with?”

“I-I’d like to know if you can help me learn how to be a policeman’s wife.”

Banter smiled.

“I think you’re already on your way.”


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