Addicted to Murder

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Cleaner and Four times Jailed, April Smith has a lot to think about only the thing is She is addicted to murder. The taste of it.. The smell.. The fun it brings, She can't stop.. When She murders a famous lady.. April notices she has gone to far.. April runs away and meets some new friends and conquers her fear but should she be Running away from her identity .. from herself.. Read Addicted to Murder.

Mystery / Action
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April scrubs the floor of Mrs. May's Mansion. The house is huge and April feels like cinderella cleaning it all, It's not like April can get a better job. She has been jailed four times; going insane, murder, murder and you guessed it murder. April couldnt help it murder was her thing.

Her addiction.

"April.. Are you done? " Mrs. May yells as soon as April can find her voice again Mrs. May is standing infront of her. "Darling.. Can you come back tomorrow" Mrs May asks as She looks down at April. "Yeah.. Sure" April says, pushing her hair out of her face. To be honest April didn't have anything else to do.

"See Ya Tomarrow" Mrs. May says, smiling.

"Yeah.. Tomorrow " April says as She gathers up and heads out the door.. Letting it slam behind her.

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