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The Lost

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Chapter 2

Beep beep beep, my phone beeped with a loud hum. My vision went blue forming circles and circles of images. I felt like pulled away from the place. Pulled by a bright, heavenly light. Then, I was pushed into darkness, evil and dull. I was forced to open my eyes. I commanded my brain, within a second I was pulled back into my room. My bed, my bedspread was cold. My window hiding behind the curtains. Huh? Was it a dream?, I thought. My eyelids blinked several times. I touched my forehead, no, no sign of flowing blood, no scratches, just a poor headache. I touched my phone, no, the hand didn't went through it. I touched everything around me, this sent waves of joy through me, joy of having my sensory organs back, joy of being alive! This was all so good. My legs, pulled me to the window. I drew the curtains out. Time was 6:30, nearly dawn outside. I saw a man jogging out on the road. His pale Tshirt read: Old age Rocks!. "Hey Jane? Wont join me today?" He said. " Sorry, Mr. Berman, I'll see you in the evening." I said. "Okay" He said, moving ahead. Mr. Berman, a man of huge heart and youthful energy. He is my neighbour since a long era. I looked at the road, no car, no bloodshed, no me lying. What a nightmare to start a day!, I said, with a whoosh of air. My table stood beside the window, I couldn't resist, I pulled my sketching material and drew everything, everything I saw in my dream. My brain had really cooked well this time. It felt so real. The knife, the caped man, the stranger, everything I saw. I am not so good at sketching but I am an amateur.

No sooner, my attention was driven by the door bell. I ran down to invite the guest. It was Laura, waiting outside with her equipments. "Hey, Jane, Good morning." Laura said handing me the vaccum. "Morning. You early today?" I asked.

"Oh yes, I, i mean my sister, she is gonna arrive at the airport today. I just have to pick her up, so I'll leave at 10 today, would you mind?"

"No at all. Its completely your wish. But, my curiosity lands to know about your sister. Will you, feed it?"

"Oh, her, nothing much to know." She said.

"I dont remember you ever told about her. In fact, I am knowing that you have one today itself. But I'll stick to what I told you." I told her. Wave of silence spread across the room. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." I appologized. Laura, was a student, she had joined Home Inc. Co-operative company. They taught some, home science lessons and had project to work at people's houses. Laura, was the most hard working and kind girl of 19, I have ever meet. She is very punctual about her work, comes at eight and goes at 12. She was always a good friend of mine. Her youthful energy had no match. I was fond of her in a way. She never told me about her family, and I never asked. Whenever, I did, by myself, it made her cry. Today she took a word by herself, so I bothered.

Laura was wiping the floor. She was good at this. "My, sister was called Candice, in her teens." Finally she spoke with a sniff. " I never knew my family, but Candice told me that she was my only family member. She is now 28, but a lot young for her age. Candice has supported me for what ever I wished. Her face has always a smile but her inner side has many holes of sadness. Tomorrow is her Birthday and I need to surprise her with a warm gift." She ended, with a little drop of tear in her eye. She wiped it quickly ignoring my stare.

I just didn't know what to reply. She went to the kitchen to clean there. I sat on the couch thinking, thinking how much pain does this mortal world has in it. My thought was interrupted by the door bell. I swung the door open and saw James standing. "Hey, Jane. Good morning. N what's this? You haven't dressed up yet??" He spoke, coming inside. "Oh, I just woke up now. Anyways, you can sit in my room I'll join you soon." I said motioning him. James has frequently visited my house. He ran up to my room. I went to Laura, she was in the backyard watering the plants, "Laura, I am there upstairs in my room with James, I'll leave early for office today I guess. Call me when u leave." I said. " And yeah, Where's Ben? Did he arrive?" I asked her. "I dont know. Perhaps he's on the way." She said with a smile. I nodded n went to my room. James sat on my desk shuffle my sketches. He saw me coming in, "Hey, Jane. These are...... whoz?" He wondered. "Oh, not of your use. It's just like, I had a nightmare and it was about a murder just strange and this man see, do you know him he was murdered." Said I, pointing to the stranger. "Um...no. but your dreams are cool I guess." He said with a dry laugh. "Um, I guess you should laugh at this. Anyways, where are my documents, please give them I need to leave now." He said looking around the room. "Yeah they are in my drawers." I said. Those documents were about a murder, a man of 20, supposed to killed by his sister. "Oh thank you. So, see you at the office now. Bye." He said moving to the door. "And yes, it was just a dream, dont worry, about it." He said, looking the sketches still in my hand. "Yup, Bye." I said waving to him. I took a quick shower a d got dressed up.

20 minutes and I was down in the hallway. "Laura? Ben? Where are you?" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I had searched her all around the house but she was seen no where. Finally I called her. Her phone ringed from the kitchen. It was on the fridge. "Where is this girl?" I furrowed to myself. Backyard, Garage, attic, she was nowhere to find. I checked at the time it was still 8:30. She said she'll leave at 10. My phone rang in my hand. It was James. I picked the call, "Jane, where are you? Come quickly at the office. Boss needs you. Bye."he spoke."yeah, bu-" I never completed. He hung the phone. I sensed that something was wrong at office. I knew if I didn't show up I would be in danger.

I ran to my car shouting"Ben? Ben? I need to go. Where are you?" My shouts weren't heard I guess. Where is everyone lost?,I thought. I had no more time. I drove the vehicle at speed of 60kmph. 20 kilometers and I reached the office. I took the lift directly to the record room. Those two minutes seemed to take years. Finally the lift dropped me there. Everyone seemed to wait for me. Boss stood in the centre of the room. He shouted at me, "Oh, Jane, thank god you arrived, I thought we'd lose you." He spoke not so harsh. " Sorry, I am really sorry." I said clinching my teeth. Joseph took me to the dressing room and gave me scripts. " Good luck." He said closing the door. Joseph was my colleague but he was the most helpful one. He always dressed formally. He managed the script section for every one in the cell. Our head was Mr. Reed Brown. Not so rude but too strict. I pondered over my scripts for today.

They read:

1. President highlights railway services to be closed for one day due to technical problems.

2. A family of eight killed brutally.

3. Mr. Jameson killed in a car accident. Police got a knife buried in his chest. Was it a murder? Question arises.

The third news shook me a lot. Mr. Jameson? I looked at the picture given below. He was the same man as in my dream. Same car. Whom I saw dying. Getting stabbed in chest. Mr. Jameson called the voice from the cape. Was my dream true?, I thought. "No, no this cant happen" I said. I read the news ahead.:

Mr. Jameson the very renowned writer was found dead in his own car, while he was driving. Police also found a knife buried in his chest. His head lost a lot of blood which proved the cause of his death, said the doctors.

Huh???. What was this happening. I saw this man dying in my dream and it came true. How? Why? My head was spinning with questions. That's when the door flung open. I saw James in the door. I jumped in my seat. "James. See this, it's the same man, I- you saw his sketch. Tell me. How can my dream be so true??? Ja-" he didn't listen to me. Instead he pulled my out of the room. He pulled me and pulled, gripping my hand very tight. He took me to my car without uttering a word. He motioned me to sit in. "James what is this? Where are we going? Are you listening?? What about Reed? He'll kill us..." I said sitting inside the car. His expressions were grim. "Jane, listen. I told him that we are leaving at home. You are called there. Its urgent." He said shifting gears. "Oh, but why are we going at your place?"I asked.

"Oh not my it's yours."

"My place. But why? What happened?"

"You'll understand it, when we reach." He said.

"But what about this Jameson? You know the seriousness of this. He died in my dream a d it's TRUE. if this is so then even I might die. Cause he hit me with his car."

"I can understand. Okay. I read that news before you could. But for now this work is more important." He said gravely.

"Oh god will someone tell me what's happening?? Where are we going??" I asked, but James was concerned with his driving. He drove like a maniac. Within few minutes we reached my house. James didn't park the car inside. I saw a police van waiting outside my gate."What is this??" I couldn't resist. I saw a police woman standing in the doorway calling someone. Mr. Berman stood in my garden. When he saw me he ran up to me and said,"Jane are you okay? What is this Jane?" "I- I dont know." I stammered. Many neighbours had gathered around in my house. I couldn't see what was happening inside. The police woman who stood in the doorway looked at me in confusion, "Excuse me? Who are you?" She asked. "Huh? I-I am Jane. Jane Austen. I am the owner of this house." I said in perpexltion. "Oh, I am Richard Dawkins. Head of crime department." She said, Finally revealing her identity. I just nodded to her. My eyes were on the floor of my house. Something was there, something which people were hiding. "I am James Kirsby. Her friend and colleague. Would you mind if we go inside?" James asked over my shoulder. "Um, yeah sure. Come I'll escort." Richard said motioning me to follow her. James was close behind me. We reached the centre of the room. Two dead bodies lay on the floor covered with thin blanket. Blood spread on the white floor. "What is this?" I frowned. "Jane, these two dead bodies were found in your garden, behind the car park. It's a supposition that you-" I interrupted her. " who are they?" I asked. "Oh, yeah. Here show her the hostages." Richard said to a policeman. The man pulled the blanket slowly up till the necks of the two. There faces came into view as the police man moved aside. I recognised them. One was a lady and other a man, namely Laura and Ben............ Yes, the bodies were of Laura and Ben, the one who came at my house in the morning but never went back. Their necks were cut brutally with a sharp thing. "La-" I gasped. Suddenly my head felt light. I couldn't take my eyes off from the two. I tumbled back. James caught me in mid air. My vision was blur and my head felt so light, I knew I was fainting. James took the unbalancing me to a sofa. "Water, water." James called out loud. A man brought water in a glass. James gave the glass to me. I drank and drank. "Are you okay?" James asked. I nodded and looked at Richard. She caught my glare and said, looking at a file in her hand, "I am sorry, Jane. I never thought I would ask you this but.......... Why did you kill Laura and Ben??????.......

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