Bloody Justice ( Vexa Book 1 )

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High school student by day, serial killer by night Vexa behaves as a normal sixteen-year-old student during the day. However, she has another identity unknown to everyone. At night, she discreetly terminates her fellow students such as the bullies, rapists, drug addicts, killers, and many others having bad records. As the authorities found dead bodies dumped in Tuson's River, the school administration decided to cooperate in finding the suspect. As the investigation continues, Vexa's hidden identity becomes threatened more than ever.

Mystery / Thriller
Eon Rowe
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“I said let go of me!”

A teenage woman, around fifteen years of age, was struggling from the tight grip of her boyfriend who was a year older than her. Her body landed on a thin and dirty mattress while her boyfriend laid on top of her, giving her a heavy weight that made her a hard time in getting off from him.

The man ripped off her thin tank top and her round and soft breasts showed up.

The girl sobbed. “I didn’t give you any consent! I am not ready for this!”

The guy glared at her. His eyes were red and full of excitement especially after he saw her naked body. “I thought that you’re my girlfriend? Why don’t you want to have sex with me?” he shouted.

“Because I told you that I am not ready!” she cried.

He ripped off the girl’s panties. “I don’t care!”

“Please . . . I’m begging you . . . ” the girl begged as tears fell out from her eyes.

The guy smiled sadistically and was about to penetrate her when he heard someone knocked on the wooden door. He turned his head and then it followed another three knocks. Suddenly, his heart sunk then he held his breath.

“Somebody help—” The woman was about to shout when the guy slapped her face, hard enough to lose her consciousness.

He picked up the ripped cloth from the girl’s clothes and stuffed it into her mouth. His sweat slid through his face while he was having shallow, fast breaths. He tried composing himself as he buttoned his uniform polo shirt, went to the wooden door then opened it. A 4′8 feet tall woman who have a scarf wrapped around her face stood in front of him. She was also wearing dark-colored long sleeves and jeans with rain boots. She was staring at him with her emotionless jet black eyes.

The guy furrowed his eyebrows while staring at the mysterious woman. “Who are you? We are Roman Catholics—”

His words were cut off when the woman suddenly stabbed him with a syringe on his neck, liquid gushed through his body that made him closed his eyes and lost his balance.

He woke up and the first thing that he saw was a bright light above him that made him have a hard time in opening his eyes. He heard knives being sharpened together that raised his skin hair. It was a sound that he haven’t heard before that made his naked body trembled.

He wiggled his body then he realized that it was wrapped with plastic sheets, preventing him to make movements besides his head. He looked around while he released rapid, short breaths and saw that he was surrounded by the hospital curtain with darkness around in the room.

A girl came out from the shadows while she was sharpening the knives together. She was the same girl that he saw earlier at the door.

His eyes widened as his body began shaking. The girl placed the knives on the table then picked up the recording gadget. She placed it in front of her mouth and pressed the small button on its side.

“Johnwell Lucio. Sixteen years old from Villa Rinne High School. Section Willis in fourth year highschool. Social status—low. Reason to be executed—rape. Signed by V. R. S.”

She placed the recording gadget back on the table then she aggressively stripped the duct tape off from Johnwell’s mouth. He let out a groan. “Please! Let me go! I don’t have drugs!”

The girl picked up a knife that was lined up on a table along with the other different shapes of knives. She stared at its shiny surface and it reflected her round eyes that were full of excitement. She couldn’t wait to land it into the human’s flesh.

“I didn’t hurt somebody! Please have mercy!” Johnwell begged while his tears fell through his cheeks.

“You did hurt someone,” the girl said in a monotonous tone. Then she glanced at the unconscious girl lying on the thin mattress.

She glanced back at him. “Any last words?”

Johnwell’s breathing slowed down as he met the girl’s gaze at him. It was every shade the sky possessed from dawn until dusk, in death they were black. Her pupils have exploded to fill so much of her eye. He have never felt this scared in his whole life and it was the first time that he saw someone’s eyes staring at him like that.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Johnwell said in almost a whisper.

The girl raised the knife above him, aiming on his chest. “My name’s Vexa Rennicha Suarez and I’m here to execute bad guys like you.” Then she struck the knife straight to Johnwell’s heart.

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