The Silver Cross

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Back at school again, everything seemed so surreal. I spoke to Karina at lunchtime and she agreed with what I had been thinking, which was that I wanted to go to college in September instead of back to school, and make a fresh start somewhere else where I could concentrate on my studies instead of being the centre of attention. I mean, it seemed like everybody was now looking into their family tree and hoping they could sue the Council. And some people had also found out that they were related to other people at school. It was the number one topic of conversation. One girl even asked me, “Lacy, is it true that somebody tried to kill you?” to which I just replied that I didn’t want to talk about it, but where they got that information from I don’t know, and Karina swore she hadn’t said anything.

I just had to try and block everything out because my exams were now only a few weeks away, and my revising hadn’t gone too well so far. I couldn’t wait to get home and see Julian again after school because I knew that I would feel much better just talking to him about it all, and he would calm me down. When I got home I found Mum waiting for me with a big smile on face.

“Barry dropped this round for you,” she said, showing me a battered little blue book with the words ‘Diary’ on the front.

“Oh thanks!” I exclaimed, and was just to take it and run upstairs when she stopped me.

“And there’s something else.”

She took out of her purse a set of keys on a keyring with the number 25 on it, and dangled them in front of me.

“What! How?” I exclaimed, my eyes wide in amazement.

“The Mayor came round to see me this afternoon. He apologised on behalf of the Council for everything that had happened, because the Police had spoken to them and explained about Terence Duncan. He said that if my DNA matched that of Carol’s then they would be happy to give us the keys to the house. I said, ‘Well that’s good, because I’ve got the evidence here’, and showed him the DNA results which came back today. So I went with him to the Council offices and he gave me these!”

I shouted, “Hooray, we’ve done it!” and Mum gave me the biggest bear hug ever and swung me round until we were both laughing hysterically.

“Tom’s coming over tonight and we’re going out to celebrate,” Mum continued, when we both got our breath back, “so how about we pick you and Julian up from the restaurant and we’ll all go for a drink?”

“Sounds great!” I agreed, because it was definitely time to party.

Then I flew upstairs with the diary and flicked through it until I came to the last entry, which was dated 14 March, 1944.

“Sorting out shed as may be gone for a while. Have to leave diary and cross behind because going under cover in France, so little Maggie has a new toy. When it’s all over I hope to take her and Cathy to Canada to show her off. Until then, my dears, God keep thee well.”

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