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Secrets. Those things can keep you together or break you. They can cut off relations or sometimes mend them. Just like that Nora's entire life revolves around the secrets she buried five years ago. She's been working at ungodly hours just to make ends meet and other jobs to blend in. But her secrets don't stay buried six feet as she meets the hot Keith Wellis, an upcoming actor. Her guards are down and she finally decides to trust someone. But opening her heart means being forced into the world of beauty, glam and luxury. Nothing that she hasn't seen before. But everything she wants to run away from. What lengths would she go to keep her secrets buried? Two lives. Two souls. Two bonds. Two sacrifices. Two love stories. Two choices. All this and only one question remains. Will Nora Haven let her heart fall in love One More Time? Disclaimer: This book contains swear words, violence, abuse and certain explicit scenes.

Mystery / Romance
Caron Jennifer
Age Rating:


Hey guys!

Just a heads up before you dive into this book.

This is a very light story, but has a bit of swear words, violence, abuse and very few explicit scenes.

If you are sensitive to violence and abuse themes, a disclaimer will be given at the begining of such a chapter.

You can skip that chapter, read the summary in the next one and continue reading.

If anyone wants to talk about violence and abuse or anything else for that matter, you can drop me a text anytime. I will definitely reply and be happy to help with anything you have to say, within reasonable time (considering the time differences).

Thank you.

Happy reading!

CJ ❤️

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