End of the world

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Its about me and my friends had a fun night and suddenly something happen.. Glasors came out of the sky, earthquakes, and thunderstorns but the the worst evil alien dogs chased me and and my fruends then i met a girl with superpowers.......

Mystery / Romance
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End of the world

Chapter 1

It was lovely summers night when me and my friends had a sleepover.. We watch movies when we suddenly heard explosions.!Me and my friends went outside to look whats wrong then we saw glasors coming out of the sky!The city was on fire.. Me and my friends rushed to wake up my mom but when we saw she wasn't there, just a letter sayin i am going to the city.. I thought for myself my mom is already gone. We try calling my friends parents but still no one answers. Then the glasers stopped! But still it wasn't save. Me and my friends went to the tree house hiding in there it was a couple of miles from my house.. Everything began to shake and it was a big earthquake.. Me and my friends climed under our pillows and we were so scared.

The earthquake stopped. The next morning we went out of the tree house and saw the whole city is burned down. Me and my friends walked into the woods to the highest point of the city when i saw the most beautiful girl in my whole life.. I asked her name and she said her name is eleven.. But i call her ell.

She said the aliens is going to take the world over and i though for myself is she crazy or what? The black clouds came over us and the where lot of lightning striking near us. El she was weird. She said look then we saw she had superpowers because she build a shelter for us out of trees to protect us

Me and my friends was shocked. We didn't know what to say or what to do. Me and ell started to talk a lot and then i just kiss her.. When i stopped kissing her she crab me and started kiss me.. I was so in love with her.. My friends think it was not cool to do that...It was night and i woke up hearding strange noise.. When i look outside it was a alien Dog.

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