There will be blood

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It was the perfect year were dreams would have come true things would have been different, lives would have been changed; but there was one more adventure to go on one more mystery to be solved,once again the students of stone wall high was dragged into the dark secrets and mysteries of there small town.fighting mentally and physically with themselves and the people they love the most. it was the starting of a new month for everyone at stone wall high but for the seniors it was the beginning to their ending days at their beloved high school,they made memories and cherished old ones for they have yet to know the struggles and dangers that they ought to face. It was a early Monday morning in the small town of stone wall were the rain was showering without end and homes were being lit up by mothers,fathers,students ready to start another day awaiting the mysteries the day might or might not bring to them.

Mystery / Horror
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It was just like any normal day for Jenny where her mother would just burst into her room without the consideration of Jenny's privacy. But this did not bother Jenny anymore, for it was only the last month of her senior year. As she stared into the cold air, all she could dream about was leaving for college. “Wake up it's time for school” Jenny's mother said as she burst right into Jenny’s room. But only to her surprise to have found Jenny wide awake day dreaming without a care in the world. “Jenny!” She yelled, “What are you doing, you have to start getting ready for school”. her mother said, “Yeah,yeah I know”. Jenny said as she plunged out of her bed flopping unto the floor as if she had just been thrown. “Jenny!, you could of hurt yourself, are you okay?” Jenny’s mom said, as she rushes to pick her up. “Yeah i'm fine mom, i'm not a kid anymore i'm eighteen”. “Alice!” a raspy voice shouted from the kitchen, “Where is my medicine, I think i'm coming down with something again.” “I’m coming Robert!”, Alice shouted as she rushes down stairs to help her husband. “Finally” Jenny whispered as she watched her mom rushed downstairs to help her father. Now that Jenny was all alone once more, she started to wonder off back into her imaginations,waiting for the last month of senior year to be over. Now that Jenny was wide awake,she walked over to her nightstand to pick up her phone, to get an update on what her friends had been doing in the past hours. “Wow! what the hell?” Jenny said, as she saw her childhood crush Evan Blossom was dating her childhood enemy Katy Keen. “This can’t be happening, When did they even started dating?” Jenny said as she scrolled through Evan’s Instagram feed, pictures filled with him and katy, snuggling up to each other. “Jennifer,it’s time for school!” her mom yelled “I’ll be down in a bit” said Jenny. As she grabbed her school bag and rushed down stairs, where her mother and father would be talking at the top of their lungs. “Bye mom, bye dad, later dorks!” Jenny said beforing rushing to meet her best friend Veronica Chimes. “Veronica!” Yelled Jenny “Hey Veronica, Wait up!” as Jenny approached her beloved best friend, all she felt was the pouring rain running down her face. “Omg Jennifer Andrews, are you insane it is pouring out here where is your umbrella?!.” Veronica said, as she pulled Jenny under her umbrella. “Oh yeah, I forgot it was even raining out here”. “Never to fear your favorite gal pal is here, as always to your rescue. Veronica said, as she handed Jenny an extra pair of gloves. As they walked in the pouring rain one foot infront of the other,as a cherry red Chevrolet Impala convertible pulled up beside them. “Want a ride girls?, said Katy Keen. as they turnt around to look away from the path infront of them, and only to their surprise it was their common enemy “Katy Keen”. They both whispered as they looked at her with so much hate in there eyes, as if eyes could kill. “Oh come on guys aren’t we in high school, now for God sakes get in, it’s pouring out here”. As Jennifer got in the car the only thing that ran through her mind was the thought of her childhood enemy dating her childhood crush. As Veronica got in the car she saw the look Jenny gave Katy, as if she was ready to quarrel. “ Hey don’t think about it, for all we know they’re not gonna last very long, it’s only a stunt” Veronica whispered into Jenny’s ear. Jenny smiled as if she felt more comfort from what she had just heard. As they drove down maple road it was only dead silence in a car full of enemies. “So Katy I heard your dating Evan know” Veronica said as she tries to make conversation. “ heard or seen my dearest” Katy say’s as she smirks. “ As you and the rest of my classmates have seen on Instagram I am all over his timeline”, “well yeah” Veronica said as she rolled her eyes. Once more it was silence, for the only thing you could hear was the breeze as they sped. not a word was uttered from anyone’s lips, As they approached stone wall high the rain began to settle, making it a more suitable weather for Anyone to walk in. “We’re here!” Katy shouted, “now get out of my car you two, I can’t be seen with you well Atleast not you Jenny”. As Jenny rushes to exit Katy’s car, filled with anger and rage she quickly headed for school. “Jenny!” Veronica shouted as she ran to catch up to her speeding best friend, “Don’t let her get to you, that’s just how she is mean and cruel”. “Yeah I know, it’s just the fact that she’s going out with Evan you know”. “Yeah but look this is the last month of our senior year, you have to have some type of fun” Veronica exaggerted as she shrugged Jenny. “Why don’t you forget about Evan for one minute, deal?”. “Sure why not”, Jenny said as she promised Veronica, smiling after words as if to give confirmation to they’re deal. But Veronica knew, for the only thing on Jenny’s mind was to get revenge on Katy. As they approached the school, Jenny wished she was still home in her bed for she knows with the last days of school was approaching there was only chaos a head.

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