Anna Reddy and the Vizards; The Treasure Hunt

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This is a story of a girl who goes for her higher studies in a university of Vizards. Her adventurous and wonderful journey . The magic floating in the air all around. The hidden secrets of the University that is slowly unveiling.. There is love, friendship and revenge. And the best part , the Treasure Hunt, that is informative and at the same time interesting . You can be a part of this magical journey and the treasure hunt. The story is moving very quickly . I hope you can keep up the pace!

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This story is taking place in the early 1990’s. It was during this time the stories related to magic and wizards became really famous all around the world. The idea of wizards, witches and magic became really popular that many people started to buy more of such interesting stories. While everyone were interested reading the book, one man started to search if there was anything true about it.

He searched all possible ways he could. He travelled through different countries. He learned different languages. He talked to thousands of people. He read books about witches and wizards.

After searching for years he finally found what he was searching for. He found a University hidden in the mountains of Scotland where vizards were believed to be studying. He went there pretending to be one among them and found all the secrets hidden within the walls. Soon someone there realised this and informed about this to the higher authority of the University. They started to search for the man. But he had already escaped from there. The Cosmos University became a head news for all the newspapers next day.

The news spread all around the world like a fire. Many people started to come in search of the University. Some people spread rumours that something really bad was going on there, and that’s why the University was kept all a secret and humans weren’t allowed to get admission there. Finally after all this conspiracy, the university had to allow permission for some humans to study there. Read on to know what happened later…..when humans came there to study.

It was a beautiful morning, the chirping of the birds were heard from a distance. There is a two storied building which has a beautiful garden in front of it . The soil was wet and the leaves were holding drops of water on it. It was cold outside because it rained the previous night. Everyone were busy in their own daily activities. A lady who was living in the nearby house is rushing to her office, while her two children in their school uniform were standing outside their house waiting for the school bus. Mr. Reddy, a man of about sixty, was sitting in his courtyard and reading newspaper. There was news about the University of Cosmos which had recently completed admissions for that year and news was as follows,’ Cosmos to a new beginning, five humans going to start their higher studies in the great university, classes beginning next week.’ Mr. Reddy was a famous business man of his city. He was living in the Bangalore city with his only daughter Anna. His wife Alexie died when Anna was only months old. Alexie was from Canada, which was when she met handsome Dev Reddy. Alexie had a special love towards India because her mother was from India. It was during his higher education, they got married and moved to India.

Now there was a school bus stopped in front of Anna’s house, and the sound of horn was heard.”Aavo beta, jaldi aa” Mr. Reddy shouted.” Mei aathi hoom , paappa” there was a reply from inside. And suddenly there appeared a beautiful girl in her school uniform. The uniform was dark blue skirt and white shirt with a blue coat. She had long golden black hair which was flying around when she jumped out of the yard. Her wide beautiful eyes were admitted by others and often told that she had the eyes of a fish. Everyone around her loved her a lot because of her caring and courteous nature. She was also brilliant in her studies. Every teachers liked her a lot. Anna was now studying in Twelfth standard and currently her board exams were going on.

Anna ran through their beautiful garden which was filled with the fragrance of the newly bloomed flowers. The black polished shoes which she was wearing was now half covered with dirt and mud from the garden. Her skirt also got wet from the raindrops which was stuck on the plants as she ran through them. There was few drops falling from the trees on her forehead, but nothing mattered her as she was in a rush . Anna got in the bus and screamed aloud” bye, bye, paappa”. Mr. Reddy was waving his hands and said aloud “Write your exam well”. Soon the bus moved out of his sight very fast and he continued to read his paper.

Anna was now sitting in a window seat. She was trying to get her breathing back to normal as she was taking a book from her bag. She took it out and turned the pages very fast so she could do a fast revision of important topics before exam. Some others who had exam too now were going through the notes they had prepared. Some who weren’t much bothered about the exam were sitting simply and looking at her beautiful hair which flowed down to her shoulders.

Soon they reached the school and Anna hurried to her examination hall. She was little nervous as it was her last exam of the year and every teachers had great expectations about her. She prayed to God before the question paper was distributed,” Please God, please help me in this exam. I will do whatever you want afterwards. “ Soon a bell sound was heard and the teachers started to distribute the question papers. Anna could hear her heart beating louder and faster as she received the question paper. The only sound she could hear now was that of the ceiling fan which was above her . It was really old and was making squeaking sounds that she was having feeling that it may fall on her anytime. Anna was really tensed in the first hour but then she got an extraordinary confidence and she started to remember everything very quickly. Everything went well and Anna had an easy paper as usual. She was really happy when she got out of the examination hall. As soon as she got out of the hall she ran towards her friends who were busy discussing the answers of the questions in the question paper. Anna hated this habit of her friends and asked them to stop thinking about what is over and start thinking of what to do next. Everyone became silent for a minute as the exam was not so easy for them as they expected. One girl suddenly asked ”So what is your plan?. Which course are you taking for higher studies? . You haven’t told us yet. Always told us you wanted to do something different , not very common. You were also telling us that your father had some plans about your future studies. What is it , Anna, won’t you tell us?” Anna was speechless for a moment as she had to face this question many times from her friends and teachers and she never had a clear answer for it. Her father always told her to wait till the exams were over. She told her friends that even she would be knowing about it on that day and will soon inform them. She also added,” You guys know already that I like to be a doctor. But my father always tell me that I should do something different . He asks to me to think differently .I really don’t know what to do. I hope he has a better plan than what I am thinking “. They talked for sometime and then hugged each other and went back to their homes. Some even cried realising that they won’t get back those old school days that they enjoyed the most. There were a lot of students in different corners of the school, some in the playground, some in the empty classrooms , and some who had completely lost their control and were crying like small children , and all of them wanted to have some more time together. They walked through the school corridors which were filled with memories of their good old days . There were some promises made , that they would come back there again to see each other and spent some time with each other. Some young couples who had enjoyed a great time together hugged each other and parted their way in tears promising each other they will make phone calls and write letters very soon. The class teacher who was watching all this thought about her old school days in the same school. She remembered the promises which were made to her beloved those days , a lot of them actually unfulfilled. She knew , the promises which are made were easily forgotten when everyone starts thinking about themselves and starts to live their own lives.

Anna never turned back to see all this nor to look at her friends walking away . For Anna who had no siblings , her friends were like her own family. She wanted to believe that they will meet again, but she never realised that , it was the very last opportunity for her to see them, and they were walking away from her life forever. She was in great excitement as she wanted to ask her father about his plans.

As soon as Anna got back home she ran to her father , sat beside him on the floor and told him the exam was easy. It was evening and it was getting dark outside very fast. Mr. Reddy sat down slowly on a chair nearby and poured some coffee from the teapot to a cup which was placed on a small round table beside him. He saw the excitement in her eyes as he handed over the cup to her. She kept the cup aside and moved closer to him and asked” paappa, you were telling about some plans you had about my higher studies. Something really different from the usual courses. Tell me paappa, it was always you who told me to do something different when I always wanted to become a doctor. I can’t wait anymore, tell me about your plans now itself, and if I don’t like it, I must start preparing for my entrance exam for which we have already applied as our second option. Paappa tell me now, so I can decide soon.” Mr. Reddy started to smile. He said” Betta, you are always in a hurry and can’t wait for anything. Just give me some time so I can have some coffee.” Telling this he poured some more coffee to his cup from which he was drinking while Anna arrived. Now he sat back on his chair and asked her” Betta, have you heard of Cosmos University?”. Anna thought for sometime and said” Cosmos University, is that the one which was in the newspaper last day? My friends were talking about it yesterday too.. But it was about some admission which was opened there. But we are not allowed to apply there , only some kind of people with a special degree could apply for it. And such people were called the Vizards. I think they must have won some quiz competition to get such a name. And so why are you telling me about it. I don’t have that degree . Or, can I get it from somewhere?” Anna went on continuously when suddenly her father interrupted her and told her” Calm down, Betta, let me tell you. Whatever you have heard and read are true except some corrections. The Cosmos University have opened admission for few selected human students.” Anna was surprised hearing this and soon she asked” Humans? So those who are studying there are not Humans!” “ Betta let me complete. They are Humans but with some special powers. They are called Vizards not because of some special degree but because in reality they have the powers of a real wizard. They are the protectors of our Universe and there are various Universities were they study. They usually never reveal their identity and lead a normal life among the general public. They are respected by humans once identified as they have a great role in maintaining the balance of our whole world.” He stopped for a moment and continued, “ Now I want you to patiently listen to me. The University of Cosmos are now taking admissions exclusively for five human students. And, as you know that I have been planning for your higher studies very early itself I had applied admission for you there. And luckily you are one among the five to get selected. Betta, I want you to think well before you make some decision.” ” What are they teaching in the University. Is it something about magic or about some magical spells.” Anna was telling this thinking about all the story books she had read “ I am not a wizard. Why should I choose such a university.” She asked. Mr. Reddy explained” It’s not anything magic they are going to teach you there. It’s all about our world and the universe as a whole. You will also learn about the cultures and historical background of different places. And your favourite topic, science too is there in your syllabus. You will be learning about trees, animals and their habitat.” “ Paa , you have done a whole research on the University. But I still have a doubt . Which job do you think I can choose after this course?” Anna asked.” Beta , you can do any job. You can work with NASA or with the forest department, or you may even choose your favourite job, you can be a teacher.” “ Ok, I understand. But the thing I don’t understand now is that, why the vizards should learn here. They must be learning some magic tricks, to fly on a broom or to make some potion?” Reddy never expected this question even though he had prepared so much with the help of his friend Mr. William, who was the teacher of culture in the University. It was his wife Alexie who introduced Mr. William to her husband and that day onwards Mr. Reddy was a great friend of him. Another important thing about Mr. William’s was that it was his idea to take admissions from humans too that year. He cared for Anna a lot and wanted her to study there. He easily convinced his idea to the principal saying that this would reduce the doubts some humans had about the University and also increase the publicity of the college. And finally they chose the best five among which ,one was Anna.

“Beta, you know that, right.” Reddy was speechless.” What paappa, are you telling that they must know everything about universe because they protect it.” Anna said.” Yes Betta , I meant the same. They must be good in knowing the earth and it’s creatures before protecting it. You are absolutely right. So are all your doubts cleared now. What do you say now . Ready to go to University?.” He asked.

Anna was really excited and at the same time very confused but she always knew that her father would choose the best for her. She then replied” Paappa, I know you are the best and you will only choose the best. Aapka decision mera bhi decision hai. Ab bolo, what should I do now. Wait for my results? They might want my results before selecting me, right. “ Mr. Reddy now replied in a low voice” You don’t have to wait till your results are out. They have already completed the admission procedures based on your previous performances. But, you must leave for Scotland soon as your classes will be starting next week. I have made arrangements for your passport with special permission from senior authorities.” Anna didn’t expect this long trip so early and she was not at all prepared for it. So she told “ Paappa, there isn’t much time for this. Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” “ I know, you are not prepared for this. But I never wanted you to have any distractions during the exam time. That’s why, I couldn’t tell you about this earlier. Sorry dear, I know how hard it is for you to stay away from your home” he told her seeing how disappointed she was. Anna realised that it was going to be really hard for her to stay away from the place and people she loved the most. It was a really tough decision she had to make, she thought about it the whole night and finally decided to join the Cosmos University since she valued her father more than anyone in her life. He was her role model and her biggest dream was to full fill his dreams which he had given away in his long run to look after her. Anna called up her friends and told them about this . They all encouraged her to join there. She talked to them and finally decided to listen to her father.

She told him this when they had their dinner. He was happy and blessed her and said” Betta, you may not be like the vizards there ,but you are the best student that university is ever going to have. You don’t have to worry if they call you a human, remember what I have always told you. ‘ you are special and so be proud of it.’” Mr. Reddy couldn’t hold back his tears now. He went back to his room , lying to her that he was feeling very sleepy. He cried a lot that his pillow was now wet and cold with his tears. He could feel the cold pillow cover as he pulled it close to him more tightly to hide his face from the mirror which was beside him in which he could see himself weeping as though he had lost something very precious. He soon became tired and fall into sleep.

Anna had never stayed away from Mr. Reddy and so the thought of going away far made her really uncomfortable. Tears slowly rolled out of her eyes and she quickly wiped them out. She prayed to God,” I had never thought of going away from my father. I always wanted him near me. I know how difficult it is for him too . I don’t know why he is asking me to go and study in a distant place. I am really worried about him. But, I know he will do everything for my better life. And that was why he gave up his job in Delhi and came here. I am really thankful to you for giving me a wonderful father like him. And please take care of him while I am away.”

Anna felt very difficult to sleep that night. Her father had told her to sleep early as they had to go to buy things for her journey early morning. Anna opened an old album in which there were photos of her childhood. She was stuck in one photo at last and it was the family photo where there was Anna, her parents, her mother’s sister and her husband. This was the last photo captured by Reddy’s camera before his wife died. Tears flowed out of her eyes as she closed the album , turned off the light and slept.

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