Don’t trust everything you see

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Who would know? We wonder how the behavior and trust can change our perception. Every clue will lead you to a mystery, try to guess it! This story is divided in separate days so you can live every moment intensely.

Mystery / Thriller
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Day one

It all started in 2018. Pauly and Ely were two friends and they started their studies in the same school. Once they graduated, Pauly and Ely worked in the same area, they are detectives. At the beginning, they didn’t know they had something in common. Actually, Pauly and Ely were both interrested in investigating. So one day, Pauly asked Ely if she wanted to investigate something private but on one condition. Ely had to be prepared for all the circonstances and be willing to find the truth.

Pauly: “First, let me explain it to you. I know it can be surprising to a certain extent, but I really want you to know that I need you for this investigation. This is not about our work but it’s something personal, I want to find the truth. Will you help me to find it? Well, to be honest, I have to tell to you that, if you accept this mission, you have to know that your living conditions are prone to change. I know you are married like me, with children, but we have to make concessions if we do it. Will you accept the deal? Can I trust you to respect the rules I will give you?”

Ely: “What do you mean about changing my living conditions? Wait, I cannot give you an answer this early without further details... I have a family and want to be there for them. I guess it’s the same for you, but well... Can you give me more details, please?”

Pauly: “In fact, it’s just a matter of time, I cannot spend my time giving you explanations. What is your choice? Following me, or not?”

Ely: “Okay so I think I will stay with my questions... I don’t want to disappoint you but I can’t accept a deal without knowing what it is about... Let me out of this, it’s none of my business!”

Pauly :”Alright then, let it be. My door is always open if you need something. See you later.”

Ely saw on Pauly’s face that something wrong was happening. She started to think about Pauly’s proposal. She was in trouble because she didn’t want to let her friend in such a situation. She went out of the detective agency to call her husband to have some news. Without telling him Pauly’s proposal, she asked him some questions like “what would you say if I were not at home during a certain period of time?”. With all these kinds of questions, she finally came to a decision. She walked from the agency to Pauly’s office and started the conversation.

Ely: “Well... Sorry for last time. I was in trouble and you know I am tired so I overreacted. I needed more time to think deeper about your deal. I was quite surprised by this announcement. However, it seems so important to you that I commit myself to do what is necessary to change the situation and to help you .”

Pauly: “I was sure you were going to accept the deal. That is why I chose you. Also because you are part of the story. I wanted to know if you would be very involved and determined. Thank you for this. I can tell you that it’s crucial not to listen to other people, even your family. You will have to investigate with me why Elpo, a guy enrolled in our school, sent me letters in which it is stipulated “don’t worry, days always look differents, we just have to wait until we really see the change”.

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