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Don’t trust everything you see

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Day two

Ultimatum: “don’t worry, days always look different, we just have to wait until we really see the change”. This was the letter Pauly received from Elpo yesterday.

Pauly thought it was a threat but she started to take the situation seriously. Today, in the morning, she didn’t feel good because she thought about the letter, and she questionned herself about its purpose. The letter couldn’t be send at her address because Elpo didn’t know were she lived. Hence, she received it by mail, online.

While she was about to take her breakfast, she suddenly heard someone knocking at her door. Her heart started to beat faster and faster. She was stressed because she wondered who could be knocking this early... She came straight in front of the door, with a slow approach. She was holding her breath. She had a look at the eyecup and then she released her breath. It was Ely.

Ely: “Hey! Sorry to bother you at this time... I wanted to know what you think about that. I saw this teddy bear in front of my door while I was taking the trash out. I’m wondering why it has something written on his tummy: “Be careful”. Moreover it seems to be written with blood... I’m quite scared and I wanted to know if it has something to do with you?”

Pauly: “Please... I don’t know what is happening. I’m in the same situation. Maybe it is related to Elpo but I don’t know more yet.”

This guy used to be one of Pauly and Ely’s important friend. He was part of their team and when Pauly and Ely got married they didn’t keep in touch with the guy. Plus, they moved from Paris to London because Ely had an opportunity and she almost forced her friend Pauly to go with her. It was Ely’s idea and she convinced Pauly to go there because she was oppressed with her Parisian life. She wanted to move to another city and she did everything to convince Pauly. So at the end, she accepted. It became quite difficult to communicate with Elpo and even his brother Poel because the two girls never said where they were going to. They severed all contact with him because Ely said to Pauly that they didn’t want to say goodbye, were really rude and almost injuring her. So Pauly had listened to Ely and never talked to them anymore. They changed their life so they were more busy and devoted their time to their family and work.

After 2 years spent having no news, he seemed to show up. Problem is, he is trying to say something that needs attention. Elpo was someone devoted to others, always joyful and here to support people. He lost his parents when he was young and grew up with his brother. He never talked about it but Pauly and Ely knew it thanks to his brother, Poel.

Ely: “I hope this has nothing to do with my family... It’s my daughter’s teddy bear. I can’t tell her what’s happening. I will have to hide it. Can I put it on your house please? It’s better to keep all the keys so that we can relate them.”

Pauly: “Sure, no problem, I have an unnocupied place in my house, I will put all of the clues inside. Well, if you have other tracks, give it to me. It’s crucial to stay informed. Tomorrow, we will investigate on it because Now it’s too much for me... I had a scary night. I had a nightmare in which everything was planned to hurt me, everyone was against me... I can tell you that I started to be paranoiac. I’m sure it’s only my imagination and I just forgot it but I thought I locked up my home but when I opened the door to let you enter, I realized that it wasn’t.”

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