The Buzz

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After a puzzling sound reverberates throughout the city, it is a few Runners' task to find the source of the buzz and shut it down. But could the buzz be more than just a sound...?

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

I walked along the streets, my shoulders holding up the heavy backpack weighing me down, searching for the source of the loud buzz pounding in my ears. With a single recorder strapped to my head, I felt certain I could make it. My brain was washed away, devoid of all once memories that were stored and now forgotten. The city was dull in the gray mist, and I wrapped my jacket around me, closing the cold wind seeping through the openings. Out of all things I don't remember, I only remember this: I'm a Runner. Find the source of the buzz and shut it down.

As I walked down the road until dusk arrived, I rarely took breaks unless I was stopping to eat or relieve myself, which I did at vacant gas stations. Signs that held gas prices blinked on and off to their pleasure, and other signs were torn and ripped to shreds. Only a little could you make out the year written on a few: 2075. The streets that was once roamed by millions of people was now an eerie silence, and I seemed to be the only one around in the vicinity.

When the moon lit the dark sky, I rested at an old apartment complex and entered the lobby. I set my backpack down and closed my eyes. I let the vibrations surround me and dove in deeper in my thoughts. The now soft hum was a melancholic melody, soothing but creepy in the vast silence. I slowly unzipped my backpack and smiled at the sight of the fresh supply of water. I lifted the bottle onto my lips and sipped. A sigh escaped my mouth and I enjoyed the sensation.

Then, coming to my senses, I grabbed my blanket from the bag and snuggled up on a couch in the lobby. I didn't want to risk being face to face with anyone who dared to inhabit the old building, so I stayed on ground level. Others could be anywhere.

Listening to the music swelling around me, I drifted off into deep sleep. The lullaby hushed my worries of others, and I soon felt peace.

I woke up, the earth shaking violently. The ground beneath me roared as if to say, "You have made it too far, go back!" But that was key, I had made it too far, I couldn't turn around now. I hurriedly grabbed my bag and rushed out of the apartment complex's door. Around me the sky was a pale gray, a hint of blue if you looked closely. I made sure the camera was in place, and ran across the sidewalks that were now rising in the air from the impact. It had to be an earthquake.

Although I had seen about three earthquakes in my whole life, every time it occurs it feels brand new again and shook up my thoughts and replaced them with slight fear.

The loud cracks and pops around me tuned out the buzz in the background. Was that what caused it?

With a sudden cross of urgency, I ran down the road, the only road in the city, and continued to run until I saw a skyscraper of an unknown business start to tumble over in the direction I was running. If it blocked the road, there would be no way to go around it, and my journey would soon be completely worthless.

What would happen if I couldn't make it past Level 1, City of Doom?With time ticking down, I sprinted for the clear about fifty yards away, but could feel the world getting dark as the shadow consumed me. With about 5 yards left to go, I felt a thud on my head, and all that I remembered was once again forgotten. I had failed as a Runner.

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