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Scarlett Bailey

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This book follows the life of Scarlett Bailey, a normal teenage girl but her life turns upside when her sister is murdered by an unknown killer. She feels it's her job to find the killer having the help of new girl Katie and ex-con Patrick. Secrets began to unravel

Mystery / Thriller
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October 31st, 2018 was the night that destroyed her, the night she will never forget. It was meant to be a night that she could spend time with her sister before she left for university. It was 11 pm and attending the party was both sisters. 1 hour later and Scarlett was drunk. Tumbling over trying to find her sister but it was no luck. Trying to text her but no reply. She was offered a ride home by her friend Lucy, she accepted the ride, went home, and slept it off. She woke from a dreadful hangover and slumped out of bed. Dragging herself downstairs, she heard another pair of voices. Slowly sneaking downstairs, it was two police officers. “What’s happening” she confusedly and croakily said. What happened after changed her life forever.

Three months later

It was dark and rainy, her heart was racing and she was on her knees covered in mud. In the distance appeared a shadow. Disoriented and perplexed, she slowly picked herself and made her way towards the shadow. Picking up the pace, she felt like she wasn’t moving. She began running as fast as she could, almost reaching the shadow.

Beep beep beep

Lazily opening her eyes and slamming the alarm clock. Lying in bed with a pool of her sweat, contemplating to herself about what the dream meant and why she had it for the last week.


Sighing, slumping out of bed, and quickly changing her clothes. Entering the kitchen, saying goodbye to her dad as he leaves for work, eating her breakfast with her mum. Not having an appetite, she excused herself ignoring her mum. Preparing for her first day back to school, she lingered past her sister’s room not having entered in there since everything happened. Leaving the house, putting in her earbuds, and walking to school. But still, in the back of her head, she will still try to figure out what the dream meant.

Standing in front of the school doors not wanting to enter since everyone would give her pity talks and she just wasn’t feeling it.

“Screw it,”

She said entering the school. Felt the eyes stare at her, the muttering began but she knew what they were gossiping about. Her best friend, Clare, in which she knew from the age of 10 sprung up on her “Hey” she positively said, “how are you doing”.

“Great,” replied in a sarcastic tone.

Another voice also sprung of Scarlett, “Hey, how are you” said in a soft-spoken manner.

She could recognize that voice anywhere. Letting a heavy sigh and turning around. “Hi” replying upon an uninterested way.

It was Kimmy, a girl Scarlett despised. However, under the thick layer of hatred that she had for Kimmy, she was also jealous as she was rich, pretty, and had everything but was also a nightmare. “What do you want” Scarlett hissed.

“Oh, just want to know if you need any…”

Cutting her off instantly saying ” Ok, thanks”, while walking away dragging Clare away. Linking their arms and laughing about their previous encounter. Surprisingly that was the first time Scarlett laughed in a very long time.

Time passed and the day seems to be drawn out. Drowning the sound of her history teacher with her thoughts. Suddenly, she began feeling the presence of something dragging her, trying to pick her off her seat. It felt like it was trying to lead her somewhere, trying to tell her something. All of sudden, it felt like time stopped, the voices began to overtake her. Feeling trapped and nowhere to go. Tears streaming down her face, screaming but no one hearing.

Ring, ring, ring.

Opening her eyes, wiping the drool and realized she was dreaming, a dream that was so terrifying, a dream that was so real, a dream that she thought she was going to die.

Immediately, she began shoving her books in her bag as she bolted out of the classroom. Not knowing exactly what happens, she headed to the bathroom and tried to fix herself. Trying to persuade herself that what just happened was a dream and not real.

Leaving the bathroom and bumping into Clare. “Hey, everything alright” while wrapping her arm around Scarlett.

Science class rolls up and the only thought that rushed through Scarlett’s mind is what happened in history even though she tried to persuade herself to forget but couldn’t do it. She had a million questions but no answers. Was it a message? Did it link with the dream I have been having for the last week? Why me?

Having no answers, she decided to go to the library after class and read books on the paranormal even though she didn’t believe in ghosts, she needed an answer. An hour later and she found no answer but the only logical answer she could think of was stress and knowing that her sister’s killer is lurking out there.

After having a crazy day, it was only about to get crazier. While walking home from school, she felt an unusual presence like someone was following her, turning her head and seeing a tall, slim man. Being creeped out, she began speeding up, making a sharp turn. Realizing, she is still being followed, she began sprinting, running out of breath. Slowing down, looking around and thinking she lost him. Turning around and there he was with his long black coat, untucked shirt, and trainers. Taking his hat off to reveal his unkempt hair. But the only thing she will always remember is his smile. It was a peculiar smile.

“Hello, sorry to freak you out,” he said in a deep thick accent which was difficult to understand at times. “I’m a journalist,” he said in a casual tone while handing me his card. ” I would like to write an article about your sister”.

“Why,” she said confusedly.

“Because…um...it will be an interesting story…you know to spread awareness for your sister…uh…did they find the murderer”

“No” she replied weakly.

“Oh…um…I’m sorry for your… loss, I’m sure…ahem… they’ll find him. In case you change your mind you have my card, give me a call”

“O…k” she replied in a…… while walking away. Trying to shake off what just happened, she continued her journey home.

Front door slams

“I’m home,” she said in a dreariness way.

Not hearing a response, she made her way to the kitchen, while getting a drink for herself, she saw a note on the fridge saying: dad is stuck at the office till late and I’m helping Mrs. Ainsley, be home at 6 pm. Love you.

Most girls would take this opportunity and going out but not for Scarlett, she hopped in her pj’s and jumped in her bed. Within minutes of shutting her eyes, she felt the eerie presence lie on top of her holding her down. Her head cemented to the pillow. Opening her eyes and seeing only darkness, unable to move her eyes so she shut them. The more she panicked, the harder it was to breathe. She tried letting out a loud howl but no word came out. Minutes felt like hours.

Car door slam

Hearing the car door slam, she began turning and shifting, screaming for her parents to hear.

Door slam

“Honey, I’m home,” her mum said while walking up the stairs, slowly entering Scarlett’s room, walking towards her, and kissing her goodnight.

Opening her eyes, breathing heavily, and still feeling the pressure on her chest.

“Are you ok” she worryingly asked while receiving a hug from Scarlett.

Clearing her throat “yeah … um, mum, I had a nightmare”

“Oh, do you want to talk about it”, while touching her head, “you’re burning up”

“I’m fine mom, just a bit hot, I just want to go back to sleep”

“Ok, honey goodnight, I’ll just open your window”

Alone with her thoughts, she began to lose her mind. Questions began circulating her mind. Being too afraid to sleep, she decided to take a shower and change her bedsheets as it was soaking with sweat. Sitting on the shower floor and hugging her knees, slowly rocking herself. Softy crying to herself and questioning herself on what was happening.

Four days later

It was Friday and the week was finally over. After 3 nightmares, shadows and whispers, she decided to go to psychic. Trying to get this day over.

Clare positively jumped on Scarlett “hey, how do you think the test was, it was…”

Whispers began showing up and becoming louder, overtaking Clare’s voice. “Ugh... Ayah...” while touching her head.

“Are you ok” she worryingly said while comforting her.

“Uhm…yeah sorry I just have a headache.”

Stomping towards them and interrupting, Kimmy came along. “Hi” in a high-pitched voice. “It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m having a party, you can come if you want” while handing an invitation.

Clare taking the card and positively saying “happy birthday, maybe.”

“Ok, bye maybe I’ll see you there,” Kimmy said while walking off.

“Are you serious,” Scarlett said while smiling faintly

“What,” with a confused look

“Happy birthday” mocking her and both of them laughing. “We’re not going, I have plans.”

“What plans, better than going to a party in a mansion.”


“Come on, please, it will be fun,” she said while dragging her and rocking her.

“mmmhhhh,” Scarlett mumbled while deciding if she wants to go or not.


“Fine, you owe me, what time is it.”

“It’s at 7, should I pick you up.”

“No, it’s fine I’ll meet you there.”

Bell rings

“Ok, bye”

“Bye, see you tomorrow,” she said while walking off to class.

It was finally the end of the school, rushing out the front door and going to the nearest psychic. Entering the shop with skulls, drawings, symbols, and candles. When entering the shop, she felt sick to the stomach, ignoring it and continued to explore the shop. “Hello, is anyone there” she yelled with curiosity filling her.

From the backroom, appeared an elderly woman covered in necklaces and a large orange amulet rings on every finger and an unusual outfit.

“Hello, can I help you.”

“I don’t know, I’m not sure why I’m here.”

“How about reading just for you?” She asked directing her to the back of the room.


Following her to the back of the room, sitting on a tall fancy chair. Asking her to drink a cup of tea to read her leaves.

After reading her tea leaves for mere seconds, she began to have a look on her face that made her tremble with fear.

“Is everything ok?” she said in a small panicky voice.

“Umm” looking at me in the eye “Uhm…has someone close to you died”

Lost for words as she didn’t believe in psychics but her sister’s death wasn’t exactly private.

“Yes, Uhm…my sister. she was murdered a few months ago”

“I’m sorry about your loss, I’m assuming the killer hasn’t been found”

“No” feeling

“It looks like she tried contacting you, have you had any contact recently”

“mmmhhhh… yes, I have been having nightmares but what does that have to do with my sister”

“She wants you to know who killed her, she has been trying to tell you”

Receiving a text message from Clare: Hey, what are you going to wear

“Oh shit, I have to go” rushing out

“I’m not finished, tell me more about these nightmares, I can…” grabbing her arm

Cutting her off

“I need to go”

An hour later, Scarlett arrives at the party wearing the same outfit. Entering through the door and feeling…

Trying to find Clare but came up with no luck. Deciding she deserved a break, she poured a shot decided to party.

Thirty minutes later Jumping up and down, swaying around and yelling. Scarlett was intoxicated.

Clare came across Scarlett. “Hey, where have you been, I have been looking for you”

“Hey, come dance with me ” Scarlett panted while slurring her words

“Your drunk, time to go home,” Clare informed her while leading her towards the door

“Nooo… I don’t wanna go home,” she persistently whispered

“Come on, I’ll drive you, I didn’t drink much”

Putting her in the car and driving her home.

“I’ll take you to my place, I know your parents would kill you”

“Thanks,” Scarlett mumbled.

Arriving at Clare’s place, helping Scarlett out of the car and placing her in her bed.

It was 10 am, lazily opening her eyes with her bedhead. Groaning while steadily getting out of bed. Clare bursting through the door with breakfast.

“Morning, you’re finally awake.” Clare walking in with a plate full of breakfast.

“Urghh…” while sniveling and touching her head

“Just take this and drink water. Also, take a shower” she insisted while walking out

Scarlett mainly spent the entire day in bed, shopping and chilling Clare.

Monday morning

Escaping her bed and putting herself in a better mood. She decided to finally enter Ashely’s room, she slowly opened her door and memories began flooding back, holding herself back from crying. Going through her jewelry box, she saw a beautiful silver butterfly necklace which Ashley adored, she wore it every day and never took it off, she decided to wear it. She made her way to the kitchen.

“Morning mum”, “morning dad, “she enthusiastically said while kissing them both on the cheeks.

Confused as they haven’t seen a smile on her face for months. “Morning”, they replied, “you’re in a good mood”.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be”.

“That’s a beautiful necklace, is that Ashley’s,” her mum asked.

“Yeah, decided to wear it” while looking at the necklace and twisting it. “I’m going to go to school” she enthusiastically said, while grabbing a slice of toast.

“But, it’s still early”

“Yeah, I’m going to head to the library,” she informed them

“Are you our daughter” her dad jokingly replied.

“Bye” laughing and heading out.

Collecting books from her locker. An unfamiliar face approached her.

“Hi, sorry to bother you. Do you know where the principle’s office is”

“Yeah, it’s just down the hall and to the left,” she stated while pointing and giving directions

“Thanks. I’m Katie. Katie smith”

“Hi, Scarlett Bailey”

Bell rings

“See you around” Katie

“Yeah, bye” Scarlett

Entering history class, the teacher’s voice making Scarlett doze off. Not paying attention, causing the teacher to realize.

“Scarlett, can you tell how many died in the revolutionary war”

“Uhm…3000,” she stated with uncertainty in her voice “Incorrect, pay attention please, can someone else tell me”

The rest of the day was timid but Scarlett tried to change it around, she had fun with her friends and participated in class. It was the end of the day and she left the school with a smile on her face, cycling home listening to music.

Entering the house and hearing another voice, recognizing the voice she followed the sound, leading her to the kitchen. To her surprise, she saw her parents drinking tea and laughing with the journalist. He was sitting there with the same clothes she last saw him in. The only difference was his tucked shirt and brushed hair.

“Oh, hi honey,” her mum greeting her.

“Hey, what’s going on,” Scarlett acted with uncertainty

“Oh, sorry maybe I should introduce myself, my name is Carl Davis, nice to meet you,” he said while shaking her hand.

“Umm.. nice to meet you,” shaking his hand still confused about the whole situation.

“Mr. Davis wants to make an article on your sister,” her mum informed her.


“Well, maybe I should get going, I’ll let you discuss it”

“I’ll walk you out,” he stated while showing him out

“What just happened, is he going to do the article” demanding to know the answer while rushing to take a seat.

“Well, me and your father should discuss it ”

“Don’t I get a say in this”

" Well, I would if I didn’t know your answer”

“Then why are you still doing it,” she stated while slightly raising her voice.

“Lower your voice, I didn’t say I was, we need to think about”

Father walks in

“What’s going on”

“Are you going to let him write the article,” she asked him

“Maybe, your mother and I should talk about it, are you going to keep doing this to every journalist”

“YES” yelling loudly

“I said lower your voice”

“Urghh” while storming out

Storming up the stairs and slamming the door, she slid down the door and questioned herself and why didn’t he recognize her, getting up and searching for the card to prove herself she wasn’t losing her mind. Finding the card and seeing his office address. She decided she had enough of this and needed to take some action. Grabbing her black hoodie and trainers and sneaking out the backdoor. Grabbing her bike and cycling to the office. Entering the baronial building, walking towards the security and asking for Mr. Davis.

“Oh, he’s not here yet. You can wait in his office.” She politely informed while pointing towards his office

“Thank you”

While sitting in his office, she felt weird. The smell of coffee and tobacco lingered across the room. Without thinking, she began to rummage through his belongings. Trying to log in to his computer but failing. Continuing to look around in case anyone saw her or if anyone was coming. Finding a post-it note in the bin with numbers. Typing that in the computer with a devious smile. Looking through and finding anything. Finding his personal information and uncovering his address. Without thinking, she wrote his address and left.

“Oh, you’re leaving, he will be in a few minutes”

“Never mind, it’s not important,” she informed her while quickly leaving

Hopping on her bike and pausing. Deciding if this was a good idea or not.

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