One Of Six

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Life had taken a drastic turn for Rosell Stone and her group of friends after what happened a year ago. They were bonded by the secret they all wanted kept. But a very dangerous and manipulative man knows what they don’t want revealed and uses it against them. As they struggle with the path that their lives had taken, they each look back on what their lives used to be and all hope for a better future. Join the Six as they all embark on their own personal journeys and share their stories

Mystery / Romance
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There was a fire. And she was still inside. The flames were so strong that anyone in their right mind would know that there was no way that whoever was inside would make it. Yet here he was, running towards the flames.

“Jake! What are you doing?!” Craig ran after his friend, trying to stop him. But Jake couldn’t hear him. His task was to go inside and save her. He owed her that much. Craig finally caught up to him and tackled him to the ground.

“Jake, what the hell, man? I wanna go in there as much as you do but you gotta be practical man. Think. If you go in there, you’re gonna die. Is that what you want?” Craig shouted, trying to get through to his friend.

“She doesn’t deserve this! She doesn’t deserve any of it. It should be me. I should be the one in there right now man. I gotta go save her.” Jake was crying. Actual tears and trying to push Craig off of him with no success. Just then, the flames got worse and the last shred of hope that Jake had went up into flames as well. All that could be heard was the sound of the sirens in the distance. They had to get out of there but they were immobile, overwhelmed with shock and sadness. Craig, the strong man that he was, finally let a tear drop.

She’s gone. And there was no way of saving her.

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