SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Nine


Michael Ray was shouting in the backseat of Fletchers car. He turned up the music to drown out the noise Michael was making.

Fletcher ran his hand through his dark blonde hair. He stared at the traffic ahead of them, hoping it would move quicker. Michael was now kicking the back of Fletchers seat. He couldn’t take anymore, so he slammed his fists on the steering wheel.

“Will you shut the fuck up.”

Michael didn’t say anything. He stared at Fletcher, who was glaring at him in his rear-view mirror. Michael kept his mouth shut for the rest of the journey, which surprised Fletcher.

The silence was nice, but they have arrived back to the station. Fletcher got out of the car and rushed around to yank Michael from the backseat. He marched him inside the building, where Robert was already waiting for them.

“Where is DS Scott?”

“While we were in pursuit for our suspect Michael Ray, he assisted arrest and he beat the crap out of Addison.” Fletcher explained.

“Is she ok? Where is she?” Robert exploded.

“She’s fine. I called her an ambulance and she’s being checked over. Her nose wouldn’t stop bleeding.” Fletcher chuckled. Robert rolled his eyes and grabbed Michael by the cuffs, dragging him inside the building.

“Lay off will you, these cuffs are tight.” Michael yelped.

“Shut up, you’re a big boy.” Fletcher said from behind them. Robert pushed him against the booking counter and patted him down, emptying his pockets onto the side. The uniformed officer behind the counter started putting in Michael Ray’s details.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her.” Michael told Robert.

“Her? Do you mean DS Scott?” Fletcher leant on the counter.

“The police girl, she was chasing me and fell into the wall.” Michael told them. Fletcher laughed out loud and glanced at Robert.

“Are you kidding me? That’s your excuse?” Robert pushed him harder against the counter.

“This is assault. Are you seeing this?” Michael addressed the officer behind the counter. The officer didn’t even make eye contact and carried on typing away on the computer.

“What have you taken?” Robert glanced into Michaels eyes.

“I’ve taken nothing.”

“Well we will be taking blood tests and fingerprints, so it doesn’t really matter to us.” Fletcher said. Robert pushed Michael into an empty cell and closed the door on him, while he was shouting nonsense.

“I ain’t done nothing. That bitch is lying.”

“We will interview him once Addison comes back.” Robert told Fletcher.

“I’m going to get her from the hospital now, I promised her I’ll be back.” Fletcher said.

“It’s ok, I can go.”

Robert left Fletcher standing there not knowing what to do. He glanced around the hallway and back to the door that Robert just left through. He went over to the door and looked out of the window. Robert was getting into his black Mercedes. Fletcher glanced down at his phone, wondering if he should let Addison know that Robert is coming. He smirked and put his phone into his pocket. She will have a go at him, but it will be worth it.

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