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Chapter Twelve


Addison stood outside Robert’s office. She peeked through the window and noticed he wasn’t there. She put her report back on her desk to hand to him once he arrives, but for now, she went down to the cafeteria to grab herself a cup of tea. Including her usual three sugars. Fletcher was sitting alone at a table, scoffing down a bacon sarnie, tomato ketchup dripping onto his plate. He took another bite and sauce dropped onto his tie. She heard him curse loudly, picking up a tissue and wiped it, a stain was now visible. She laughed and he finally noticed her.

“How’s your nose?” He asked her. She sat opposite him. Her nose wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday, the swelling had gone down and she looked more like she had a nose job.

“They’ve given me painkillers which are working a treat. People keep looking at me like I’ve had a nose job. I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” Addison said. A small grin appeared on Fletcher’s lips, knowing exactly where this was going. “Robert? Why on earth did you send him to collect me?”

“He wanted to pick you up. I didn’t send him anywhere. It was all his decision, which was very sweet of him.” Fletcher chuckled.

“Oh yeah, how sweet.” She kneed him under the table. She looked up to see Robert heading towards their table. “Shit, he’s coming.”

“Come on you two, I want results today, so let’s get a move on please.” Robert told them. Addison watched as he went over the counter to order himself something to eat. He turned to see them both still sitting at the table. “NOW.”

Addison and Fletcher both jumped up from their seats and headed up into the department, feeling like naughty school children. As they went through the double doors, Robert was right behind them with a small brown bag in his hand, his breakfast.

“I’ve got Michael Rays in the interrogation room. We will interview him as soon as possible. Fletcher and I will run the show and Addison; you can watch for now.” Robert said as he walked by them. “Thank you for the report Addison.” Then he disappeared into his office.

“Why have I got to watch? I’m perfectly capable of interviewing our suspect. It was my arrest.” Addison moaned. Fletcher shrugged his shoulders and headed for the interrogation room while Addison fell in line behind him. They stood outside waiting for Robert to arrive, which he eventually did.

Robert and Fletcher both took their seats in front of the suspect. Addison slipped in and stood in the back, where she was almost out of sight. Michael Rays could still see her standing at the back. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of her. He started to fidget in his seat while Robert places all the files on the desk in front of him. He was taking his time.

“How did you know Wendy Willis?” Fletcher started. Addison watched as Robert sat back in his chair putting his hands behind his head.

“I can’t believe she still used his name. I knew her as Wendy Phillips.” Michael told them. Fletcher checked the file in front of him to double check that her maiden name was correct, which it was.

“How did you know Wendy Phillips?” Fletcher asked again.

“I’ve known her years, 18 years to be exact.” Michael sat back with his arms crossed. “She was the love of my life.” He replied as a matter of fact.

“Where were you on the night of the sixth of April?” Fletcher asked.

“I didn’t kill her. I would never do that, no matter what the differences.” Michael sat forward placing his arms on the table in front of him. He glanced up at Addison who stood at the back quietly. “I was at home with my ma, she was sick, and I looked after her. It should be Carl you should be questioning.” He told them.

“Why should we be questioning him?” Robert finally spoke.

“Carl divorced Wendy when he found out about Anna. She’s my daughter and he got angry with Wendy for not telling him. He got a new bird quick enough though, he wasn’t good for Wendy.” Michael explained.

Addison let out a snort and was shocked when everyone turned to face her. Michael furrowed his brow. “You are a bitch. Why are you even in here? You’ve already made your mind up about me.” Michael raised his voice. Robert got up from his chair and gestured for Addison to follow him out of the room. Addison hung her head, knowing she was going to be scolded like a school girl, again.

“Do you want to take over? I can’t have you standing at the back if you are going to interfere. I have noticed that Michael doesn’t like you, I think you should take over for now and see where this goes.” Robert explained. She wasn’t quite sure if she was being told off or he’s letting her take over the interview. He nodded for her to enter and he followed behind her. She took the seat beside Fletcher, he looked at her as she sat down. Michael wasn’t impressed. He glanced up at Robert who was now standing where Addison stood before.

“You were arrested for many accounts of domestic abuse towards Wendy Willis.” Addison told him what he already knew.

“That doesn’t make me a killer.” He shrugged.

“It makes you one hell of a suspect though.”

“You are a bitch, fuck off.”

Addison smiled. “Unfortunately, no, answer my questions and I will be out of your face.” Michael sucked in his top lip and glanced back up to Robert again.


“How did you find out about Anna being your daughter?” Addison started. Michael let out a long sigh.

“Wendy ran away from me. I promised her that I would stop the abuse, but I couldn’t help it. So, she ran away, she had enough. When I finally found her again, she had a new family. I hung around and watched for a while.” Michael explained. He sucked in a breath and lent back in his chair, looking up to the ceiling. He glanced back to Addison again. “Then I saw her, Anna. I knew she was mine. There was a little boy, but I knew he wasn’t mine. But Anna, she was for sure. I broke into the house and stole her hairbrush. I did a DNA test to be sure.”

“How long was you watching their house before you broke in?” Addison asked.

“A few months.”

“When you found out she was your daughter, which Wendy never told you about, did you plan to confront her about it?” Fletcher jumped in. He started to understand Addison’s strategy.

“That is exactly what I did. She tried to get rid of me because she didn’t want Carl to find out. But he did and I didn’t care. Anna is my daughter. Carl attacked me, the bastard. Wendy threw us both out of the house and I hadn’t heard from here for a little while.”

“When was the next time you spoke to her after that?” Fletcher asked.

“She called me up, she wanted to talk and tell me the truth. Anna is my daughter. Carl had disappeared and she didn’t know where he went. We made an agreement that she would tell Anna the truth and that I’m her father. She could see me if that was what she decided. I accepted that.”

“All happy families,” Addison laughed.

“Fuck you,”

“What happened next? Did Anna agree to see you?” Addison asked.

“Carl had come back a few weeks later. He threatened Wendy that he would take Jake away. Anna got involved into the argument to protect her mother, but Carl hit her, and he hit her hard. The moment he raised his hand to Anna, Wendy attacked him.”

“And you happened to see all of this did you?” Addison raised her eyebrows.

“No, she called me that night. Carl had left and she wanted me to come over. Anna had a black eye and Wendy had scratches on her face. I helped them and they never heard from Carl again.” Michael looked up at Robert.

“That’s it for now.” Robert said from behind them. Addison rolled her eyes and glanced at Fletcher who shrugged his shoulders. She got up from her seat and glanced at Michael who was watching her. “You can take him back to his cell for now.” Addison told the uniformed officer who was waiting outside of the room.

Robert waited for them both outside the room. He pointed his finger at Addison first. “You meet me in my office in five.” And then his finger moved to Fletcher. “Set Michael on bail pending further investigation.” Fletcher nodded his head and went down to the cells. Addison followed Robert down the corridor, watching as he took long strides with his lanky long legs. She found it hard to keep up with him.

She went back to her desk as Robert went into his office. She sat down trying to build up her courage to go and see Robert. She knew he was going to tell her off for what happened in the interview room.

Robert opened his door and she saw him waiting for her. She got up and went inside his office and he slammed the door behind her.

“Before you took over, don’t you EVER show any kind of personal response to our suspect again. That was unprofessional and childish.” He pointed in her face. Addison straightened her back and held her head high.

“Sir, I wanted to be the one to interview Michael. He was my arrest and I wanted to conduct the interview with him.” Addison finally said it. Robert moved around his desk and stepped in front of Addison. She could smell his minty breath sweep across her face as he spoke.

“You did, didn’t you?”

“Eventually, yes,”

Robert watched her poker face as she answered him back. He sucked in his lips trying to keep himself calm with her. He stepped away and sat on his chair, he put his feet up on his desk as he watched her intently.

“We will go and talk to Carl. I want to know everything about this woman.” Robert said. Addison nodded and headed out of his office. She sat down at her desk, starting to write up her report about the interview.

Robert left his office. He stopped by Addison and looked over her shoulder. She finished up the last bit of her report and turned to face him.

“Grab your coat, I’ll wait for you in the car park.” Robert told her and walked off. Addison grabbed her jacket and her things and rushed out after him. She bumped into Fletcher on the way out of the department.

“He’s finally recognised you as his partner then.” Fletcher smiled.

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing. He probably thinks of me as a liability.” Addison told him.

“Don’t be silly, I think he was impressed with your interviewing skills. You stayed calm in there and you got a lot from Michael.”


“Whatever you need, I’m just a call away.” Fletcher patted her shoulder as he walked away. She carried on down the corridor and out into the car park. Robert was standing by the railing, puffing away on his cigarette. He ruffled the inside of his jacket and pulled out his car keys. “There is one thing I want to make clear,” Addison nodded for him to continue. “I do the interviewing from now on.” He warned. Right now, she knew she didn’t want to be on Robert’s bad side; especially now he’s considering her as a partner.

“Yes sir,” she nodded.

“Good. Let’s go and get ourselves a suspect.” He smiled and stubbed out his cigarette. It’s the first time she saw him smile and she thought it looked attractive.

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